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Being a worship leader is hard. There’s an ongoing spiritual and musical responsibility that is not to be taken on by the faint of heart. The purpose behind this podcast is to empower, equip, and journey with worship leaders and musicians by uncovering the heart behind worship and how to best serve the local church. In these weekly episodes, we’ll discover new ideas, tips, and ways to encourage your team to be the best.


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Spontaneous Worship: What We’ve Gotten Wrong & What We’ve Gotten Right. (Some of These are Pretty Cringe!) with Vineyard Worship USA

Ever had that moment where it feels like you suddenly know nothing about something you once felt well versed in?  Welcome to my relationship with spontaneous worship over the last 15 years. In today’s episode with Kyle from Vineyard...



Lindy Cofer: The Most Common Reason Ministry Leaders Lose Their Heart for Worship & The Lord

Losing your heart for worship and ministry is so incredibly easy to do!  I believe it often comes down to 1 major shift in our lives.  Today, Lindy Cofer shares the very thing that’s allowed her to stay on fire for the Lord and what...



The Secrets to Next Level Dynamic Worship Leading with David Dennis

What if the way you lead is the reason your church isn’t engaging in worship like you wish they would?  There’s two types of Worship Leaders: those that sing songs & those that lead rooms.  The things present in a worship leader...



How to Prioritize Family & Volunteers without Sacrificing God’s Vision for Your Worship Team with Thrive Worship

Are you struggling to balance your relationships with family & volunteers and your responsibilities at church?  Today our friends from Bayside Church’s Thrive Worship share what they’ve learned about prioritizing relationship without...



The 3 Unspiritual Keys to Staying Healthy in Ministry When You Have a Busy Life with River Valley Worship

Do you feel like you're constantly running on empty or close to burn out?  You're not alone! A lot of people in ministry feel this way.   We think there’s a way to change that, so you can sustain all that God’s called you...


 2022-07-08  35m

One of the Easiest Ways to Create a Contagious Family Culture on Your Worship Team with ICF Worship

Do you want to create a contagious family culture on your worship team?  A lot of people think that culture just happens, but it doesn’t. Culture is something that is intentionally created.   We believe the best way to do that is...


 2022-07-01  35m

Are You Leading People to Yourself or Jesus with John Wilds

The tension of being a Kingdom leader is creating a community where people feel like they belong, but don’t elevate you to the same level as the Lord; placing their hope and value in you.  We see instances of this all throughout history &...


 2022-06-25  37m

Finding Your Worth in What You Do Gets Results & Feels Amazing. So Why Stop? with Local Sound

One of the greatest difficulties in life is detaching our self-worth from what we do, achieve, & who we are.  Although it’s unhealthy, sometimes it feels good to live from this place.  So, if it can feel good and sometimes even...


 2022-06-17  36m

How Bryan & Katie Torwalt Conquer Comparison & Jealousy (Leading Alongside Talented People)

Envy, jealousy, and comparison can be ugly emotions and they are so easy to sneak in - especially when it comes to our talents and giftings.  They can make us feel small, threatened, and unworthy.  It's easy to look at other people's...


 2022-06-10  44m

The Belonging Co: 4 Key Elements Every Worship Leader Needs to Thrive at Their Job

Are you a leader who feels like you're constantly on the brink of burning out or wish you were thriving in your role? You’re not alone!  In today’s episode, we'll explore four key things that every leader needs to sustain and thrive in...


 2022-06-03  35m