Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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episode 235: Episode 235 - The Godfather: " It’s Really About Customer Service"

Emily K and Taylor, long-time lovers of The Godfather, talk to Emily V, a first-time viewer.  How is it so long, yet also so rushed? 



episode 234: Episode 234 - A 4-Day Workweek: "We Were Not Born to Work and Then Die"

This week we're talking about the AFL-CIO's recommendation that we move to a 4-day workweek. Would it work? Do we like the idea? Would people truly benefit?



episode 233: Episode 233 = Brittnay Runs a Marathon: "Let’s Talk About True Friendship"

This week we're discussing the new movie Brittnay Runs a Marathon. We talk about the movie, body image, and how it handles relationships. Listen now andtel us what you think!



episode 232: Episode 232 - Fall: "So Ready for Plaid"

This week we're discussing the change of the seasons — and why Fall is the best. Candles! Apples! Coziness! 



episode 231: Episode 231- The Kitchen: "Did I Enjoy It? Or Am I Just Happy I Had the Day Off?"

We're talking about The Kitchen, which is a movie that happened. People wrote it, other people acted in it, we watched it, then we talked about all of that.



episode 230: Episode 230 - The Good Place: "Flying Shrampies It is!"

Emily and Emily discuss The Good Place seasons 1-3, what they think is to come in season 4, why this show is so good, and also there is about a 7-minute tangent where they Google the locations of Popeye's in Columbus, Ohio.


 2019-09-12  58m

episode 229: Episode 299 - Influencers: "Emily, No"

This week Emily and Emily have a Taylor-less chat about influencers while Taylor is in Italy *not* becoming a travel influencer for some reason???


 2019-09-05  57m

episode 228: Episode 228 - Vacation: " I Want To Do Nothing"

This week we're discussing vacation: taking it, unplugging, taking time away from work, and why it's so hard!


 2019-08-29  1h1m

episode 227: Episode 227- Four Weddings and a Funeral: "I Truly Trust Mindy Kaling"

This week we're discussing the new Hulu Limited Series Four Weddings and Funeral! We watched the original 90's movie and then the first 4 episodes of the new series – and we have thoughts.


 2019-08-22  1h3m

episode 226: Episode 226 - The Women of Harry Potter: "What it Inhumane? Sure."

This week we're taking inspiration from Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and talking about the women of Harry Potter! Listen as we discuss our favorites and their habits of trapping humans in jars. 


 2019-08-15  59m