Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)




      episode 154: Episode 154 - A Wrinkle in Time: “We Could’ve Lost a Couple Minutes of Leaf Action”

      This episode is all about Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time. We discuss our relationships with the book, glitter lipstick, and why Reese Whitherspoon turned into a leaf at one point. Spoiler galore!



      episode 153: Episode 153 - Female Athletes: "The Ladies Who Like To Do The Sports"

      This week on WFF we're talking about female athletes: how they're treated, how they're paid, and how they're (not) respected.



      episode 151: Episode 152 - 2 Dope Queens: "We Don't Trust the Public"

      We're kicking off a month of female-focused episodes (Which is different than normal because we say so. Just go with it.) with an episode on 2 Dope Queens and their HBO specials. We watched the first 3 because that's what was out at the time of recording. 



      episode 151: Episode 151 - Award Shows: “At 10pm I Have to Go to Bed”

      This week we're discussing award season--Do we watch? Do we care? Who is best dressed? Should these awards carry any weight at all?



      episode 150: Episode 150 - End of the F**king World: "I’m Just Nervous That I’m Dead Inside"

      This week we're chatting about the Channel 4/Netflix show, End of the F**king World. We have...thoughts.



      episode 149: Episode 149 - Talents: "Why is Everything So Difficult?"

      In this episode we're discussing talents we wish we had (and some that we do). We talk about if we could have these talents, why we don't, and if we'll ever do anything about it. Tell us about yours @wffpodcast



      episode 148: Episode 148 - My Next Guest Needs No Introduction: “I Thought He Was Retired”

      This week we're discussing David Letterman's new series with Netflix, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction. We'll be looking that the first episode with President Barack Obama, pining for articulate leaders, and trying to figure out if we really need to still hear from David Letterman. Let us know what you think @wffpodcast



      episode 147: Episode 147 - 'Stan' Culture: "I'm an Internet Grandma"

      This week we're discussing that makes us feel pretty freaking old: 'stan' culture. What is it? Why does it exist? Is it harmless? What crosses the line from "Fan" to "Superfan" to "Stan"?  Honestly we don't know, please tell us. 



      episode 146: Episode 146 - The Post: “What a Legacy of Uncovering Shit”

      This week we're talking about Steven Spielberg's new movie The Post about The Washington Post's decision to publish The Pentagon Papers, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. We talk about John Williams, Superman, and moveable type. Let us know what you think @wffpodcast.



      Episode 145 - Board Games: "You Haven't Eaten, or Gone to the Bathroom, or Looked at Sunlight..."

      This week is all about board and table top games! We talk about our favorites--from Trivial Pursuit to Stratego to Scrabble! What are your favorite games? Who do you like to play with?