Worst Friends Forever

A weekly tipsy podcast where 3 long distance best friends discuss pop culture--from books to current events and everything in between. Original music by Stephen Valentine (soundcloud.com/Stephen-Valentine)


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episode 267: Episode 267 - Becoming: "It Was a Great Hour and a Half for Me"

This week we watched the Michelle Obama Netflix documentary Becoming. We don't know if it was that good, but we thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.



episode 266: Episode 266 - WFF Quiz Show: "Here Goes Something"

It's that time again! Time for the WFF Quiz Show. We're going head to head to find out which one of us is actually the worst.



episode 265: Episode 265 - Never Have I Ever: "I Want Her to be Okay"

This week we're talking about the new Netflix series from Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Never Have I Ever. We were gonna watch 3 eps and then all watched the whole thing, so spoilers abound.



episode 264: Episode 264 - The Bad Things We Love: "We Don’t Care About Objectivity"

This week we're discussing things that are objectively bad...that we love anyway. From Glee to disaster movies to Angels in the Outfield, we're talking about it all.



episode 263: Episode 263 - Habits: "Nature Hasn’t Reached Me Yet"

This week we're discussing habits, how ours have changed because of COVID, and which ones bring us comfort.



episode 262: Episode 262 - Sorting Disney Characters: "Don't Apologize for Us"

This week we're doing nonsense. Allegedly we sort Disney characters into Hogwarts houses but honestly, this is us getting tipsy and falling into quarantine delusions.  Alt Titles: "I Can't Believe I Used to Wear Shoes"  "A Pretty Decent...


 2020-04-23  1h6m

episode 261: Episode 261 - Philadelphia: "Tricking the Straights"

This week we decided to watch the movie that earned Tom Hanks his first Oscar, Philadelphia. Because 1) It was pretty weird none of us had seen it and 2) We think it would be funny if every time we were stuck on a topic we picked something to do with...


 2020-04-16  59m

episode 260: Episode 260 - Frozen II: "Their Eyes are ENORMOUS"

We watched Frozen II, and it went pretty much as you'd expect.


 2020-04-09  52m

episode 259: Episode 259 - Coronavirus: "I Got My Plants"

We're talking about our reactions to the pandemic, what we're doing, and what we're eating. Hope you're safe!


 2020-04-02  1h18m

episode 258: Episode 258 - Next in Fashion: "I Don't Know Why I'm Speaking On This"

This week we're discussing the Netflix reality competition series Next In Fashion and Emily K is comparing it to Project Runway a lot. Wash your hands.


 2020-03-26  54m