Worstcase Scenario

A degenerate discussion about current events, pop culture, and depravity that takes place weekly on a porch in West Asheville, North Carolina with your host, the Foul Mouth Jerk, and his sidekicks, Adam Strange and Bird.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h1m. Bisher sind 145 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast


Worstcase Scenario ep. 167 “Live At The Cookout “

A mob boss dies, a tragedy in New Zealand, Trump still sucks, and it’s an overall bad news week. Lucky for us one of the Spice Girls shot lasers into her vagina. It’s the Worstcase.



Worstcase Scenario ep. 166 “Get it Together Belgium”

In a world with no Jan-Michael Vincents, we discuss the 80’s trend of having helicopters in your tv shows. This is the unauthorized biography of Stringfellow Hawke. Also, Trump gets buddy-buddy with a lady that runs a rub & tug empire, all this



Worstcase Scenario ep. 165 “You Can’t Un-Eat That Pube”

If we have learned anything this week it’s that you always tip your food delivery person well if you plan to order again and don’t want to taste crotch, it’s the worstcase……



Worstcase Scenario ep. 164 “Opiod Crisis Actors”

R Kelly is going down, and this time it’s not on an under-aged girl, it’s in real court with actual charges! The owner of the New England Patriots doesn’t wanna pay too much for a handy. This world just gets more stupid every day. It



Worstcase Scenario ep. 163 “Bathroom Etiquette: Fixin’ To Blow It Up In Here”

Should your crime boss pay for your breakfast? Do people really need to announce how bad a bowel movement is about to be when using a public toilet? It’s the Worstcase…..


 2019-02-19  1h10m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 162 “Cheating Death is a Matter of Perspective”

Oh, Virginia just keeps on giving. It’s not just for lovers, it’s also got a lot of 80s era blackface. We also talk about how much Australia and spiders suck. We get near death on this week’s Worstcase.


 2019-02-12  1h1m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 161 “Moonwalking Towards Equality”

A Democrat in blackface won’t resign, instead he doubles down and almost moonwalks. The white privilege is strong in this one. Welcome to the Super Bowl episode of Worstcase……


 2019-02-05  1h3m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 160 “White Privilege Conspiracy by Email “

Roger Stone got popped. I hope his cell mate likes looking at Nixon, it’s the Worstcase. (sorry ’bout the audio quality)


 2019-01-29  1h7m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 159 “Sour Cream & Onion Merlot”

Cultural appropriation and Wall-Mart hi-jinx because it’s just another day in America. We answer the question- “does wine taste better out of a Pringles can”. Let’s get Worstcase.


 2019-01-22  1h6m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 158 “The Half-Witting Pawn”

Did you know that R. Kelly has an apartment in Trump Tower? Because of course he does. The government just broke a record for shutting down, it’s the Worstcase……


 2019-01-15  1h3m