Worstcase Scenario

A degenerate discussion about current events, pop culture, and depravity that takes place weekly on a porch in West Asheville, North Carolina with your host, the Foul Mouth Jerk, and his sidekicks, Adam Strange and Bird.




Worstcase Scenario ep. 159 “Sour Cream & Onion Merlot”

Cultural appropriation and Wall-Mart hi-jinx because it’s just another day in America. We answer the question- “does wine taste better out of a Pringles can”. Let’s get Worstcase.



Worstcase Scenario ep. 158 “The Half-Witting Pawn”

Did you know that R. Kelly has an apartment in Trump Tower? Because of course he does. The government just broke a record for shutting down, it’s the Worstcase……



Worstcase Scenario ep. 157 “Live From The BBQ Meets The Year In Orifice Review”

Ok, we start out at a BBQ with Robot as a special guest and then end up at Jerk’s place talking about what everybody stuck up their butt this year. Good times, good times, it’s the Worstcase…..



Worstcase Scenario ep. 156 “Darth Vader’s Creepy Grandson”

It’s not the year in review, I can’t stress that enough. This is just two guys talking about nothing for an hour. It’s the Worstcase…..



Worstcase Scenario ep. 155 “A True Crime X-Mas with Kurt Russell”

The gang talks about crimes and christmas music. We somehow detour towards Walt Disney’s last words. Bird dates a grandparent murderer and more on the Worstcase X-mas Episode.



Worstcase Scenario ep. 154 “The Sexophanist and the Rib”

Putin is about to take over russian Hip-Hop ( #freeHusky ) and Jerk broke a rib, it’s the Worstcase.


 2018-12-18  1h0m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 153 “Monkey Herpes Kills”

What is going on with monkeys in Florida? What is going on at the Seven Spa in Asheville? The answer to one of these questions is probably hand-jobs, it’s the worstcase.


 2018-11-27  57m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 152 “Porpicide Vs. Shittaker”

Somebody shot a dolphin? Was it self defense? Was it a stand your ground scenario? Find out on a new episode of Worstcase….


 2018-11-21  1h11m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 151 “Pueblo Hospital and the Zero G McDonalds”

Tune in for a very special episode of Worstcase. We dive deep into a personal story of injury and recovery and get a little understanding into the meaning of life. Join us for a journey of discovery, it’s the Worstcase….


 2018-11-13  1h1m

Worstcase Scenario ep. 150 “A Chaplin with a Soul Patch”

Historical trends in facial hair styles and false allegations against Mueller. We have a couple guests and dogs barking in the background while we casually drink Bhramari Beer. Good times, it’s the Worstcase


 2018-11-06  1h3m