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episode 31: Episode 31: Wrestling With The nWo

This week the guys remember the rise and fall of the nWo as they experienced it as viewers in high school. They fondly remember the faction's beginnings, its impact on the Monday Night Wars, the many iterations the group spawned, and ultimately trace its decline with that of World Championship Wrestling. Strap in.... FOR LIIIIIFE!

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 2021-07-29  1h3m

episode 30: Episode 30: Wrestling With Hollywood Hunk Ryan Nemeth

This week AEW's Hollywood Hunk Ryan Nemeth joins the guys to talk growing up in a family of wrestling fans, repping DX as a kid on a playground full of nWo fans, and his horror movie-inspired Being The Elite segments...


 2021-07-22  1h6m

episode 29: Episode 29: Wrestling With Chaos

This week the boys make a new wrestling friend as poet tchaositself joins them for an amazing (and hilarious) conversation about his recent viral poem “The ‘F’ Word”, writing, AJ Styles, Curryman, ROH, the DMV region’s Indy scene, Netflix & Image Comics’s Invincible, video games and more! Plus, Good News/Bad News brings both good and bad things. Finally, Ethan Wall brings us a TRADEMARK UPDATE, closing out a story from earlier in the year with a semi-happy ending...


 2021-07-08  1h7m

episode 28: Episode 28: Wrestling With Dave!

Finally finishing up our spotlight on the host, the first half of this episode is a Dave Kushner Q & A. Learn Dave's earliest wrestling memories, his favorite moves, his least favorite gimmick and more about the host with the most. Then, we do a news dive, discussing Summer Slam, the declining health of some beloved superstars and more...


 2021-06-24  1h1m

episode 27: Episode 27: Wrestling With Vaxx Life

The dudes are back, all vaxxed up, and they’ve got a lot to catch up on! In wrestling, the dust is settling on the WWE’s massive round of wrestler releases, and the gang has a lot to say about the financial choices behind them. Plus, Dave compares the new season of Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring with WWE’s A&E Biography series...


 2021-06-17  1h9m

episode 26: Episode 26: Wrestling With the Four Horsemen

This week the crew rides with the Four Horsemen. We discuss this group of legendary road buddies and their massive legacy in the history of wrestling. We talk about the group's origin, our favorite moments, spend a reasonable amount of time lovingly goofing on Mongo McMichael, and doing Ric Flair WHOOOOO!!!'s. Perhaps most importantly, we settle once and for all which founding Horseman is which gal from Sex and the City...


 2021-02-18  1h6m

episode 25: Episode 25: Wrestling With Ethan

In which the guys interview one of their own, again. This time, Ethan Wall is in the hot seat! We learn about his early days in Long Island, his introduction to wrestling, his favorite wrestlers and more! Plus, Dave's shirt of the week... is a HAT?!?!

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 2021-02-10  53m

episode 24: Episode 24: Wrestling with Shawn

This week is our chance to get to know our pal/co- host Shawn DePasquale's (ScreenRant, Galaxys for Hire from Devil's Due Comics, Macaulay Culkin's BunnyEars Podcast) and his love of pro wrestling. Learn how it connected generations in his family as Shawn recounts his earliest memories watching Wrestlemania 2 with his old school, Gorgeous-George-Killer-Kowalski-heel-loving great-grandfather...


 2021-01-21  1h15m

episode 23: Episode 23: The Road To The Road To Wrestlemania

This week starts the short road to the longer road to Wrestlemania. The guys are back in a new year to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble, trash talk Hulk Hogan, get the scoop on New Japan and much more! Plus, we've found a new home on anchor.fm/wwfpod so if you enjoy the show please check us out there. 

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 2021-01-06  1h2m

Episode 22: Wrestling with 2020

In which Dave, Ethan and Shawn look back on the worst, weirdest, and possible most depressing year in the collective history of the planet. It's not all bad though, as we reflect on the best times in wrestling, say goodbye to some giants, and no-sell Dave on his "wrestling New Year resolutions" bit. Come end the shit year with your best wrestling friends! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor...


 2020-12-30  1h19m