Yeast Radio with Madge Weinstein

Lesbian LGBTQ podcast. One of the first queer podcasts, running since November of 2004. Sometimes it's a roundtable of transgressive characters. At other times, It's Madge Weinstein's stream of consciousness.

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YR1593 The Festiny of Fenitrius

Solo grum then side one of "The Yiddish Dream." Album Art by The Borg



YR1592 Another Worthless Grum

Featuring Hagathurd. It stinks. Also side two of Mame starring BeaBury. Right, right.



YR1591 Solo Blow Out

Madge disgusts her colonoscopy. It's riveting. Then she reads a letter from Roger about The KWEEN. Finally, side one of Angela and Bea in Mame. Album Art by John Werner



YR1590 Double Header of Yeast

First, another terrible chat with Guthurd. Then, a solo grum from Labor day. Album Ark by John Werner



YR1589 Artificial Dumb

Madge reads a letter from Roger and talks to Hag followed by side two of Pat Cooper. Huge mess. Album Art by John Werner


 2022-09-05  1h34m

YR1588 Under Duress

Madge and Ragan have a long discussion about the Inflation Reduction Act then listen to 52 minutes of unabridged Thorek Hospital voice mails from the 1990's.


 2022-08-22  2h37m

YR1587 Melting Drag Queens and Compounding Fat

Grizelda joins Madge for an obesity update followed by a roach update from Hagatha. Finally, Side 1 of "Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights" by Pat Cooper. Album Art by John Werner


 2022-08-15  1h22m

YR1586 Pride 48 Live Grum 2022

The Hag joins Madge for the annual Pride48 live stream. They discuss Hagatha's roach friends as well as many other fascinating topics. Afterwards, hear side 2 of "Sing Along with JFK."


 2022-08-08  1h42m

YR1585 Roach Trailer

Hagatha joins Madge for a long discussion of various unimportant topics followed by side one of "Sing Along with JFK."


 2022-07-25  2h4m

YR1584 Mostly

Conversations with Griselda and Hagatha followed by side 4 of The Golden Age of Comedy Volume 1


 2022-07-05  1h50m