Yeast Radio with Madge Weinstein

Lesbian LGBTQ podcast. One of the first queer podcasts, running since November of 2004. Sometimes it's a roundtable of transgressive characters. At other times, It's Madge Weinstein's stream of consciousness.

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YR1524 Turd! Turd! Turd! (To Everything There is a Season)

Nice letters from Roger Smalls and Madge's surgeon. Then Madge disgusts current events such as, Trump's ratings replacement, headline dissonance, Cheney's censure, The Squad crying, #medicareforall #m4a, Stimulus, #bitcoin, Israel cures covid?,



YR1523 Back

Madge is back and talks with Hagatha and Grizelda.



 2021-01-12  9m

YR1521 Geeking Out with Debbie

Madge and Debbie have a nice geek fest talking about consumer tech such as Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, 4K, and all that. Also how much Trump sucks at vaccinations.


 2021-01-05  1h30m

YR1520 New Year Grum

Happy 2021! Madge brings in the new year with some listenturd feedback from Emily, Rogers Malls and TDYLN. Also "Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts," side one. Album art by John Werner


 2021-01-01  58m

YR1519 2020 Holiday Turd

Gigatigga, Hathaturd, and a new old friend from Ireland joins Madge for a festive holiday grum.


 2020-12-30  2h11m

YR1518 FedExing Semen

Nice girl talk with Hagatha, Tampon Tammy, and Debra Wilkerson. Hagatha talks about her masturbatory fantasies and lucid dreams, Tammy cries literally. Debra helps Madge buy a TV. Also Myron Cohen discusses boiled beef in side one of his album.


 2020-12-21  1h29m

YR1517 The Dead Baby Printer

Long chat with Tammy. Nice talk.


 2020-12-15  1h16m

YR1516 The Brown New Deal

Hagatha introduces a way to solve the climate crisis. An update from Tampon Tammy about her fab life. Grizelda eats and is fat.


 2020-12-08  2h14m