Your Mom's House with Christina P. and Tom Segura

Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura are comedians who are also married. They are the Mommies and they welcome you to join them. Dental updates! Dudes! Stories! Wiping!

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ED Is Cap w/ Stavros Halkias | Your Mom's House Ep. 711

On this week’s episode of Your Mom’s House, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss the stakes of the upcoming basketball game between YMH staffers Enny and Ryan, watch a clip of Garth Brooks discussing marketing, and discuss Tom’s new special “Sledgehammer,” his VRT combat, and whether or not erectile dysfunction is cap...



Breaking Beds w/ Steph Tolev | Your Mom's House Ep. 710

JEANS UP!! On this week’s episode, Tom and Christina recap their time in Europe, look at one of the coolest guys they’ve ever found who was featured on the Humans of New York Instagram page, who is utilizing the Rub Rub Rub Guy’s techniques, get an update about the Enny vs. Ryan basketball game, and discuss Tom's new soundboard. They watch videos of a 56 year old virgin, a cool Swedish sex guy, and an update from Dan Pena...



YMH Hunger Games | Your Mom's House Ep. 709

It’s a main mommies ONLY episode of YMH with Tom Segura and Christina P! They discuss some Hunger Games scenarios with the YMH staff that gets Tim upset, Bryan Johnson the anti aging doctor, and celebrity women who age gracefully. We do Horrible or Hilarious, watch sink hole clips, watch a wild dude with his pet bear, and talk about going out with bigger ladies.



Return Of The Roach w/ Josh Potter | Your Mom's House Ep. 708

It's an instant classic episode of YMH with Tim Segura and Christine P! We start off hot with some J stuff, wild movies that couldn't be made today, and Christina wonders if she could take a ho year on a military ship for a year. We review a medical quack's tweet about Pig Norm Summerton, give an update on the Enny VS Ryan basketball game, and hair transplants...



Busted Selling Cartel Drugs w/ Johnny Mitchell | Your Mom's House Ep. 707

On this week’s episode of YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Christina’s flossing habits, whether or not color blindness is cap, Tom’s VR game, developing countries, and more! They watch videos of a dude crawling through a cave, a cool girl explaining how she got strep throat from licking brown, and another cool girl revealing her man gets to nut 7 times a day...



Tom Saves America w/ Chris Porter | Your Mom's House Ep. 706

Watch Chris Porter’s new YouTube special “There’s No Money In Babies”  available now: Tom Segura and Christina P are so incredibly excited for the Enny VS Ryan basketball game! Tom’s new soundboard is officially up and running, Christina shares some spoiler alerts, and shares things that made you laugh growing up that still make you laugh. Tom continues the fight for our country in virtual reality and the mommies discuss body inclusivity...


 2023-05-03  1h49m

Raising The Stakes | Your Mom's House Ep. 705

Tom Segura and Christina P...


 2023-04-26  1h55m

Dating Apps w/ Jay Larson | Your Mom's House Ep. 704

PULL YOUR JEANS UP!! On this week’s episode of Your Mom’s House, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Tom’s plan to come in space, the possibility of another basketball game between two YMH staffers, and Tom’s new favorite activity: farting in front of and winking at Nadav. They watch some “Barista I Love You” videos sent in from friends of the show, as well as an update from the Dating Advice Cool Guy on “narcissistic game...


 2023-04-19  1h53m

Is YMH Garbage? w/ H. Foley & Kevin Ryan | Your Mom's House Ep. 703

Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! We open with a clip of our favorite drunk guy, we talk about how hard it is to be a drunk, drugs, NASCAR and Joe Rogan's new Austin comedy club The Comedy Mothership. We revisit Blind Bob, watch Dr. Now yell at some big patients, talk about one of the pickiest eaters they've encountered, and share stories of their wild kids. Then, we welcome comedians and co-hosts of the podcast Are You Garbage, H...


 2023-04-12  1h57m

Bathroom Stunts w/ Ryan Sickler | Your Mom's House Ep. 702

Pull those jeans all the way over your head, because Tom Segura is coming everywhere and it might get on you. We check in on Unk Shine, follow up on coming with your dad, Lady Gaga and watch another batch of "Barista, I Love You" videos.We then welcome podcaster, standup comedian and oldschool YMH favorite, Ryan Sickler! He tells us about his recent medical flare up, we introduce him to Blind Bob, we have some brown talk, and take a look at a WILD batch of horrible or hilarious clips...


 2023-04-05  1h54m