Zombies Ate My Podcast

Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each episode Ryan and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.


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Episode 9 – Big Mouth Noise Grenades

Zombies Ate My Podcast - Listen, Like Your Life Depends On It


 November 18, 2012  53m

Episode 8 – We Want Our Weapons Back

The survivors are finally back together again and with four of them being there, as always, things get weird.


 November 10, 2012  1h8m

Episode 7 – Zombies Grazing

The Survivors are back at it again and yet another member is missing!!!!


 November 3, 2012  1h2m

Episode 6 – The Scissor Lift Debacle

Zombie Weddings, Subway Zombies, Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 2 spoilers and reviews, The Weapon of Choice, and a Dead Decision!!


 October 25, 2012  1h2m

Where Is Bob?!?!?

They thought he would be back… they thought he survived… turns out, they were dead wrong. Bob has tried checking in with the ZAMP crew and all they have found is the voice message below.


 October 23, 2012  n/a

Episode 5 – The Walking Dead is Back!

The Walking Dead has returned to AMC and the ZAMP crew is here to give you a spoiler filled discussion.


 October 22, 2012  1h2m

Episode 4 – Tougher Than A Couch Cushion

Have you ever stopped to think, "What if zombie busts in my house while I'm sitting typing a post for a podcast in my living room, what weapon do I grab?".


 October 11, 2012  1h3m

Episode 3 – How Big’s Your Maglite?

Ever stop and think... Hey, being a computer programmer in an office building probably doesn't set me up to be the best zombie killer.


 October 2, 2012  51m

Episode 2 – Patient Zero

This week our topic focuses on Zombie History, where did the legend of the zombie start?


 September 25, 2012  47m

Episode 1 – Zomemories

Welcome to the very first episode of Zombies Ate My Podcast!


 September 18, 2012  48m