Zombies Ate My Podcast

Zombies Ate My Podcast is a weekly podcast focused on all things zombies! Each episode Ryan and Lou break down the zombie news, discuss zombie movies both old and new, and spoil the living dead out of The Walking Dead.


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ZAMP 300 – Zomemories 2

We celebrate ZAMP 300 with a bit of a throwback by revisiting our ZAMP 1 Zomemories discussion. But to kick off the show, and keeping our throwback theme, we give our initial thoughts for You Will Die Here Tonight,


 November 13, 2023  1h18m

ZAMP 299 – Daryl’s European Adventure

Daryl Dixon has made his way to France on the latest Walking Dead spin-off, and Ryan and Lou are ready to share their thoughts. Plus a confirmation of a certain someone starring in Season 2! But before we check our French to English translation guide,


 October 20, 2023  1h20m

ZAMP 298 – Ada Wong To The Rescue

In a record turn around, we have Resident Evil back on the podcast to discuss the Separate Ways DLC for the Resident Evil 4 Remake. But before the video game talk, we have video game news to go over! Breaking an age old ZAMP rule,


 September 29, 2023  51m

ZAMP 297 – Resident Evil… ASSEMBLE!

We've got Resident Evil on the brain thanks to the latest CG film Death Island. Also CAPCOM announced a few new exciting Resident Evil projects that we highlight in the news section of the show. But before that,


 September 17, 2023  1h4m

ZAMP 296 – Rise of the Evil Dead

Evil Dead Rise is up this week as we dive into some zombie movie discussions before returning to The Walking Dead. But before the latest deadite avoiding adventure, we catch up on zombie news from the past few weeks.


 September 5, 2023  1h28m

ZAMP 295 – Return of Maggie and Negan

Maggie and Negan return in The Walking Dead: Dead City, plus we have a month's worth of zombie news to catch up on! First up in zombie news, Twilight of the Dead appears to be moving forward, then we move over to the incredible Resident Evil Humble Bun...


 August 14, 2023  1h14m

ZAMP 294 – Morgan Jones Back On The Road

We're ready to wrap up the first half of Fear The Walking Dead's final season, but before that we have some zombie news to catch up on! In a will they/won't they situation, Melissa McBride WILL BE starring in the Daryl Dixon spin off after all,


 July 14, 2023  56m

ZAMP 293 – Humans, Zombies, Vampires, MORE

We have a fun zombie movie for you this week with Freaks of Nature (2015)! But before we get to the zombies, vampires, aliens, AND MORE, we have some zombie news to go over. Thanks to Summer Game Fest we have our first look at John Carpenter's Toxic Co...


 June 16, 2023  52m

ZAMP 292 – I Feel Great Mark

Ryan and Lou have another zombie movie discussion for this week, going a bit outside the traditional zombie genre with Mayhem. But before we get to the movie, we have a good helping of zombie news to discuss!


 June 2, 2023  50m

ZAMP 291 – Beginning of the End for Fear

We kick start the show wondering where all the zombie news has gone, but likely the wait for San-Diego Comic-Con is to blame. But that being said, after chatting about maybe picking up some zombie games on sale,


 May 19, 2023  44m