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    Building steppingstones to a better future
    2021-11-26 (duration 1h10m)
    1:06:48 Know Facebook, or just or just Google you.
    23:24 A really not helpful vicar or celebrant they're going to call that my my birth name or my dead name at my funeral which is going to upset everybody.
    03:54 A year or so ago, did I see you on TV today.
    Equality is not just a ‘nice to have’, it is a must
    2021-11-18 (duration 1h0m)
    25:10 And yeah or we tokenize tokenistic or we want you want to bring you.
    54:19 The cultures of the civilizations and and I said how how do you think it feels if you're a black or a brown person walking down the street and all you see are colonial ancestors or or colonial messages or or celebration of whiteness again that that's a kind of a yes exactly? yes.
    44:12 Often Think when when you're applying applying for a role or a job with the cv you want that cv to sell you and then what what we're doing now is we're we're we're blind or we're we're anonymizing Cvs we're removing all these details so people are just becoming almost like cold facts and that. Almost stifles. The people's ability to sell which is a very human nature when you're trying to go for roles. But then we often end up hiring the best salesperson. Not the best manager or leader or technician if you're not careful.
    Escaping the echo chamber of D&I lingo
    2021-11-11 (duration 1h1m)
    37:37 create some modernized view of the world, or do we really need to separate it and say, well, this is our view from this territories of even this territory or how do we kind of extract that.
    57:37 people get hold of you i'm sure that it is on LinkedIn or something or house.
    29:37 And really ask yourself how much of the working landscape, have we redesigned or redeveloped or disrupted, to make sure it's that.
    Stretching imaginations to achieve what's possible
    2021-11-04 (duration 1h1m)
    31:22 Tackling the issues we're trying to work out what my title is what my job is and it's very inward and and when're not actually going out and solving the problem we're trying to define our own place in the world by being a a culture officer or a dni officer or whatever we want to call ourselves.
    28:42 You think it's a distraction because I hear this all the time where people say oh it's equity. It's not equality is this is this just distraction that we being up people just trying to be Clever. You could you could say equality is around giving people equity as Well. Or we just or people just trying to be clever by going Actually no, it's not equality. It's equity we need or do you think there is a real distinction in.
    40:47 Is that because often managers think coaching is telling isn't because coaching is asking questions isn't it and people aren't good at asking questions. They want to share their view or their knowledge. What.
    It's the Brain Stupid
    2020-02-09 (duration 1h1m)
    37:15 social construct, he sees his place in the world, how we can influence it, how it gets influenced, and then the end flies over the city looking down at the world or the construct of the world. And I
    1:01:14 or That's me.
    06:50 Is that a truism? Or is that just
    Launch Your Podcasting Career with Twila Dang
    2021-11-26 (duration 1h7m)
    1:03:38 coffee, or the machinery or the
    12:01 or cat? It's yes or no, right?
    51:33 or, you know, or who are sharing
    80 Pro Podcasting Tips + When To Monetize Your Podcast
    2021-11-19 (duration 38m)
    33:58 to pursue or experiment with or
    38:01 different announcements or
    09:29 or possible suggestions. All
    Spotify Launches Video Podcasts + Facebook Podcasts Stats and Submission Process
    2021-11-05 (duration 59m)
    08:17 audio grams, or links or
    41:26 know being bent or wrapped or
    41:43 soldering or into that or that's
    Why Apple Podcasts Automatically Downloads Your Episodes
    2021-10-22 (duration 43m)
    41:10 interviews or promo swaps or
    38:29 I'm driving, or I'm running or
    31:45 bad or terrible, or the end of
    Facebook Podcasts Update + Listener Q&A
    2021-10-08 (duration 47m)
    19:57 or Google or whatever India
    04:29 use Facebook or Instagram.
    05:45 business or audience that's
    Podcasting 2.0 with Dave Jones + Video Buzzcast Update
    2021-08-27 (duration 1h0m)
    51:49 podcast or or TV show or
    22:25 directory or your own API or
    37:33 Spotify, or Apple?
    Branded Podcasts and Getting Featured in Apple with Fatima Zaidi
    2021-08-20 (duration 1h2m)
    54:35 or opinionated or assertive. And
    57:13 simple phrase or quote or
    48:11 or on Twitter or on Instagram,
    Podcast Movement 2021 Recap + Apple's Woes Continue
    2021-08-13 (duration 53m)
    43:17 pocket casts or overcast or
    22:00 week or every month, or however
    26:35 seen the bloopers or outtakes or
    Spotify Launches Open Access Monetization + Dynamic Content 2.0
    2021-07-30 (duration 59m)
    41:35 overcast or pocket casts, or
    51:41 using pocket casts, or, or
    07:08 just to retweet or to share or a
    Is Audacity spying on you?? + The truth about Podcast SEO
    2021-07-16 (duration 50m)
    37:47 scripts, or GarageBand, or
    44:45 or Bing or DuckDuckGo.
    18:56 I'm listening or not, or
    Lessons From 17 Years of Podcasting with Evo Terra
    2021-07-09 (duration 1h8m)
    27:31 world now, or the music world.
    33:28 medium than blogs, or Twitter or
    36:17 or a mites game or anything
    Will Facebook be good for podcasting? + Amazon buys Art19
    2021-07-02 (duration 56m)
    44:32 or having everything change or
    32:00 we go all in or Spotify or
    45:30 blog, or a Twitter account, or a
    Creating Change Through Podcasting with Espree Devora
    2021-06-25 (duration 46m)
    19:38 famous or something.
    43:09 someone's appearance or
    28:30 or anything. So there's
    Create Premium Content in Apple Podcasts + Growing a Niche Audience
    2021-06-18 (duration 50m)
    41:48 advice in the world or telling
    23:44 can post images or videos or
    07:14 or listen to the latest one, or
    It's a Buzzcast Takeover!
    2021-06-04 (duration 44m)
    25:14 validating or complaints or the
    37:34 inconvenient, or somewhat
    05:26 podcasters, or anybody that's
    Is Clubhouse Dead? + Apple Podcasts Update
    2021-05-21 (duration 49m)
    02:43 or know how to use Photoshop or
    09:43 promotional like picture or
    09:50 it's like handwritten or
    How I Built This: Buzzsprout
    2021-05-10 (duration 43m)
    05:12 features or, or do something
    17:11 stereo? Or 120 8k? stereo? Or
    36:09 and this many weeks or months or
    How to become a Full-Time Podcaster with Courtney Fretwell
    2021-04-16 (duration 41m)
    30:15 case? Or, or you know, people
    38:19 account or a stock market or
    22:57 it's a product or a service or
    Spotify just passed Apple Podcasts (and why it matters)
    2021-04-09 (duration 38m)
    35:12 have missed one or two, or we've
    17:21 think the app is good or bad, or
    07:12 contractors or technical teams
    How to Succeed in Podcasting with Pat Flynn
    2021-04-02 (duration 1h3m)
    34:36 pavilion or something? Or are
    26:44 then they go 312 or 321 or 213,
    13:13 whatever problem or circumstance
    Big changes coming to Apple Podcasts and Spotify?
    2021-03-26 (duration 53m)
    22:49 to give them $1 or two, or you
    04:42 different. Or you're just
    49:54 they're teaching or they're
    How to Get Sponsors with Agnes Kozera
    2021-03-19 (duration 39m)
    36:19 instagram or Tiktok, or, or
    25:47 or products you're loving, or
    31:10 it that way. Or, or perhaps you
    Dynamic Descriptions + Making an NPR Podcast in Just 3 Days
    2021-03-12 (duration 54m)
    36:52 character mature or change or
    05:36 giving feedback or raising my
    05:36 hand or other people are
    The Day Podcasts Stopped
    2021-02-26 (duration 31m)
    10:35 shows or have put out or
    00:48 customers podcasts or personal
    05:42 their episodes or scheduled
    How to Start a Podcast in 2021 + Buzzsprout's New Import Stats Tool
    2021-02-12 (duration 48m)
    26:17 World, or is about Spain, or
    07:49 something or is this nothing? or
    28:46 scene or the sports scene or the
    How to Grow a Podcast to 6 Million Downloads + An Update from Lake Stevens, Washington
    2021-01-29 (duration 1h2m)
    20:32 podcasting masterclasses or
    05:38 Buzzsprout, or they were
    08:59 person or whatever. In
    How serious should podcasters be about Clubhouse? + December Stats (feat. Krystal Proffitt)
    2021-01-15 (duration 56m)
    28:13 effect or correlation or
    52:36 Instagram, or Tiktok, or
    30:41 or licensing or the rights that
    Dynamic Content is Here + Everything Buzzsprout Did in 2020
    2021-01-01 (duration 50m)
    38:46 criticism or their input or
    36:33 whether it's high or low, or
    02:06 or Instagram pages, mentioned
    Proven Growth Tactics with Jordan Harbinger
    2020-12-25 (duration 56m)
    08:40 engaged or whatever, or dating
    03:40 or something like that. Or quad
    36:10 headliner, or a wave or a
    The Top 3 Stories in Podcasting This Year
    2020-12-18 (duration 36m)
    07:02 Android, or Windows phones or
    00:14 or avoid it completely
    07:40 or avoid it completely
    Unraveling a Podcast Mystery in Lake Stevens, Washington + What Happened To Apple Podcasts?
    2020-12-04 (duration 40m)
    20:42 or conspiracy or
    05:36 Comcast, or xfinity or
    05:36 brighthouse, or spectrum, or
    The Average Podcast Episode Gets This Many Downloads in the First 7 Days (feat. Tom Buck)
    2020-11-20 (duration 1h4m)
    23:12 or whatever. Or they're
    09:53 podcast or YouTube or anything
    19:47 Safari or Chrome or whatever you
    2021 Podcast Predictions + Visual Soundbites Just Got a Whole Lot Better
    2020-11-06 (duration 58m)
    13:17 host or guest or producer or
    13:33 capture, or pocket casts or
    21:20 out walking or driving or
    The Future of Podcasting with Adam Curry
    2020-10-23 (duration 1h0m)
    17:53 think or or Gosh, maybe it's
    25:57 dinner, or in the evening, or
    29:06 zonked out or crazy or whatever,
    Buzzcast Q&A - Fan Question Edition
    2020-10-09 (duration 55m)
    14:57 be Facebook or YouTube or
    50:37 or an unreleased episode or
    13:37 or write the names or write any
    Podcasters React to "The Social Dilemma" + IAB Certified Stats
    2020-09-25 (duration 46m)
    24:27 or press release or something
    16:55 you're curious about, or
    17:45 search engine optimization or
    Find Out If You're In The Top 50% Of Buzzsprout Podcasts
    2020-08-28 (duration 44m)
    37:01 actually downloaded or some or
    17:13 down or, you know, or other
    36:16 point 2% or down point 1%? Or
    Spotify Finally Fixed Your Show Notes + Buzzsprout's Custom Brand Mentions
    2020-08-14 (duration 48m)
    18:27 GarageBand or something
    42:05 mentioned ConvertKit, or stream
    42:20 different affiliate programs or
    BONUS - 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started a Podcast
    2020-08-13 (duration 14m)
    10:17 You may think that the best strategy is to put your entire episode up on a social media platform. But actually you want to create teaser content and teaser content gives them a little sound bite, just a little snippet that wets their appetite to want to go listen to the rest of the episode wherever they listen on Apple podcasts or Spotify or what have you. So we're going to talk about what three things are included in every good social media post, the first thing that you need is a visual element. Right? So people are scrolling, they're reading whatever, if you post a picture that causes them to stop, and the idea is that they stopped, they listen, they read, they engage, and the picture of visual element helps them do that. So this can be a graphic, it could be a headshot of your guest. It could be an audiogram The second thing that you need is a good hook. Think about what can I say to make Someone want to continue listening to go check out the full episode. It could be a crazy stat, it could be a really good quote, it can be a couple of bullet points that summarize the high points of the episode, whatever that thing is, put that in the caption to help encourage people to go check out the full episode. And finally a link, you want to include a direct link to that specific podcast episode in your post. If you nail all three of these elements, you'll not only intrigue, new listeners, you'll also encourage existing subscribers to share your posts as well.
    00:53 Creating good audio is really key to keeping your podcast listeners engaged because no matter how good the content is. If your audio quality isn't good, it's unfortunately just going to turn them away. I know what you're thinking is you probably think you have to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or rent a podcasting studio just to make sure everything sounds great. And I'm here to tell you that's not true at all. I have created some pretty good audio from mics that cost less than $100. And I've also recorded in places like in my home office, even in the closet, yes, no one's going to see you unless you're recording video like this one. Wherever you can, just to muffle the sound is going to be really make that difference between quality and good quality.
    03:39 So is there an ideal podcast length? Short answer? Nope. Joe Rogan has some episodes that are three hours long. But then there are other podcasts that do just fine and are very successful at 10 minutes or less. The reality is we love podcasts because of the content that they're presenting. And so if it takes you 10 minutes to get out great glorious content. Amazing. You have some podcast episodes that are on the longer end, maybe up to three hours. That's okay too, people come to the podcast to get the content to get what you say weekly. And to be honest, there are times when we need just a quick little something to listen to. And there are times when we have a lot of space in our day to listen to something. It really just depends on what you're trying to accomplish and what you're trying to get across.
    3x Ways to Monetize Your Podcast with Buzzsprout
    2020-07-31 (duration 41m)
    20:16 Yeah, it just, it just feels like I'm just gonna open a box of beats or something.
    20:34 they're starting or whatever. I remember we're going off the rails. I remember at one point, I was
    20:06 It's either a branding Miss, or it's the bullseye and everyone who's in their ideal target audience is like, yes. Finally, someone appreciates routes like I do.
    Spotify Introduces Podcast Charts + Stitcher Sells For $325 Million
    2020-07-17 (duration 40m)
    03:36 Yeah, are watching, chopped or master chef and imagining what it'd be like if you actually were good at cooking.
    19:01 So, I mean, that's a great podcast to listen to, if you want to hear about how good YouTube is at discovering your likes, or what you'd be interested in and keep you locked into the platform and increase your watch time by just bringing you down these rabbit holes of content. Same thing happens with Spotify very effectively in the music world. Again, it's not as concerning because it's just like this song. If you like the song, you might like this one. It's not necessarily Oh, if you have a tendency to believe this conspiracy theory, then you'll like this conspiracy theory. So it's not necessarily as concerning or dangerous. But applying that in the podcasting world is something that has been a struggle, right, it's a slightly different nut to crack because it's it's not that interests don't align as much in the podcasting world is that podcasts are long form content. And so if you see like Netflix struggles with this, because Netflix is more long form content. In order for me to kind of get hooked into something, it's very easy in the YouTube world when the vast majority of videos are like five to 10 minutes. Less, even with music again, like if I listen to a song and it doesn't happen to be something that I love right away? Well, songs are like three minutes, it's not that big of a deal. When you're recommending a TV show, or a movie, or a podcast, you're talking about a much bigger commitment. And so while I might like podcasts x, so then the algorithm thinks I'm gonna like podcast Why? I might not like podcast why in the first two or three minutes, and therefore I'm not willing to sit through 45 minutes to figure out if I really like it or not. And so discoverability in the podcast world is a much tougher nut to crack. I'm interested to see what Spotify can do it, but it's been a struggle. As long as podcasts have been around and get Netflix has the same problem in the, you know, recommending TV shows or movies. You might really like a TV series that Netflix keeps recommending to you. But it doesn't get good until episode three or four. And it's like I'm not gonna sit through three episodes to figure out why Netflix thinks I'm gonna like this.
    30:40 had that Alban bump going for it. So we internally don't even see charts as like a milestone to vet whether we should keep doing something or not, or whether something was successful or not. Because it's just not something that you can predict. It's not something that you can count on. And even if you hit the charts one day, it doesn't mean That that is going to lead to ultimate sustained success, the hundred, the thousand true fan model, really serving your core audience. That is what consistently has turned out to be the better focus and the better strategy for independent podcasters.
    India's Newest Podcast App + Magic Mastering Update!
    2020-07-03 (duration 38m)
    20:53 you're either gonna get a vacation to Bermuda or you're not depending on How you doing on this next quest
    37:16 ne. And if you're looking for any content next week, be sure to check out flip it or sell it on
    25:12 now what's what's what are the odds of being struck by lightning? Is it greater or less than that? I am really cur
    SiriusXM Buys A Podcast Host, Spotify Signs Kim Kardashian, and Ximalaya Threatens Chinese Podcasters
    2020-06-19 (duration 46m)
    30:54 that it's not like it is not the official opinion of Buzzsprout or its subsidiaries, nearly quoting a public figure, right?
    41:17 Feels like 1001. Example 1001. Let's talk about example. 1002 because this is a nice transition into the podcast that we teased earlier, which we've all started listening to the rabbit hole, which is a New York Times podcast, it's been going on for like eight or 10 weeks or something like that. But I think are they finished now with episode eight? Was that their final?
    30:21 It's very much like a mob Shakedown. It's like, Oh, do you want us to protect your business from unscrupulous characters who may or may not want to harm you and your family will take our collection now, you know, it definitely feels like right.
    Amazon Podcasts? + Buzzsprout's New Descript Integration
    2020-06-05 (duration 57m)
    39:04 So all that to say the article does go on to talk about other? I don't know if any of this is confirmed or not, or just speculation, but the idea that Amazon would be potentially adding podcasts to other apps or something, is that right album, what does it say?
    02:52 Well, first of all, while you were on your your hiatus, did you come to any like life changing breakthroughs or revelations that you can share with the rest of the class. Last
    42:10 Well, according to the Bloomberg it is that they would be adding it into the amazon music podcast app, or they'd add podcasts into that music app. So it seems more of that Spotify type play.
    Joe Rogan Moves To Spotify (And What It Means For Independent Podcasters)
    2020-05-22 (duration 59m)
    58:07 All right, so this week, or last week, there was the outlier podcast festival. A lot of these festivals have gone online that they used to do things on purpose or in person.
    20:41 Yeah. What happens when these platforms come in and put themselves as a middleman or like a gatekeeper between the content that you want to consume and the actual consumer is that the content becomes very devalued? Because they start to learn who's interested in listening to the Joe Rogan experience podcast, right. And then even if that podcast leaves, we still know all the people that match the demographic profile for listening to that show. And they're listening to other shows or they're listening to other music. So we can still target them the same way. So if an advertiser is willing to pay 30, or $40, CPM to advertise on the Joe Rogan experience podcast, it's not the message that Joe's delivering that the advertisers are interested in his demographic profile of the person who's listening to that. And as long as Spotify has the data to be able to target those same people, even if they're listening different shows, they can sell that same ad at that same CPM to target the same people, even if they're listening different shows, it's the exact same thing that Google has done. And Facebook has done. I mean, Facebook and Google are ad businesses. Right? And if we look back to the late 90s, early 2000s, when independent blogging was exploding, and there was lots of independent publishers like newspapers and you know, journalism journalists who were doing private blogs and stuff. They were creating this amazing content. And they were either selling their own ads, or they were these independent ad networks that would sell ads on behalf of multiple blogs. Right? That's very similar to what we have in the podcasting space right now. We might create content, we put it out on a podcast host, it gets distributed. And then we can work ourselves. We can work affiliate deals, we can contact advertisers, who we think might be a good fit for our show. Or we can partner up with companies like, you know, mid roll, or 19 or somebody who would sell ads, just based on like the number of downloads that we get or specific information about our show. And then they take a cut. But there's these different silos of people who work in these independent spaces in the podcasting industry. And it's exactly what it looked like, in the early 2000s. With blogging, then Facebook comes along and Google comes along and they start saying, Hey, why are you spending $5,000 on that ad on the New York Times website, when I can target the same exact people for you and sell it to For $1, click, wouldn't it be better? And people are like, Yeah, I don't want to spend $5,000 for that ad, if I can just pay you $1 a clinic. That is what has kind of destroyed independent blogs, and the whole advertising space around independent content websites, like in the blogging world, all those people now consume content on Facebook, and they find it through Google. And those people have taken all the revenue. So the people who create the content are not getting the value out of it that they used to, they used to get paid for the work, and they really don't anymore, they get paid pennies on the dollar. Who gets all the money, Facebook, Instagram. They're the same company, Google. Yeah, it's like these conglomerates that come together. And they say it's not they their models devalue the content and devalue the content creator. Because at the end of the day, all that content is doing is attracting certain people. And if somebody comes along and says I can target those same people for you for a lot less money than where the average Because we're gonna spend their money with the people who can get the same ad in front of those same people for less,
    34:12 Right. So Travis kind of laid out the nutshell version of what we've been struggling with for the past year and a half or so. And it's come, it's snapped into focus in the past six months, as soon as Tammy raised their prices significantly, it used to be 10 cents a minute, another 25 cents a minute. So that's not a little price hike. That's pretty massive price hike is like, what 250% you have 250% but just crazy, you know. And so we were losing our minds tried to work with them for a long time about you can't just raise your prices that much overnight. they disagreed. And so we decided to shift our focus and figure out how we can make Buzzsprout more flexible to work with different transcription service providers, cuz there's a lot of them and Tommy's a good one, but they the way that they think They're customers for that. I mean, I don't want to rip on them too much. But that's not a nice way to treat your customers is that the more and more customers that were coming to them and finding them, and then they they've raised their prices like that. So there's the good news is that there's other great options out there. And otter was one that really stood out to us. They're machine learning technology. And I guess they actually cut like, technically they call it just speech to text technology was was really great. It was on par or better in most cases of most of our tests than me. Their editor was a nicer editing experience. But again, that the question becomes, are we going to create an integration that locks a bunch of Buzzsprout customers into one solution? And so we want to try to figure out a way like how can we work with the best of breed transcription services, because things are changing so fast, like there's better ones coming out all the time. And if somebody starts, you know, has a breakthrough in technology at leaps ahead of Tammy or otter or whoever else we integrate with. We want our customers to be able to switch to that pretty quickly as well. So and we've had conversations with a couple of these companies. They're all fantastic people and try and do the best work. But it is they're doing a lot of r&d. And so that stuff's expensive. And I get all that. Anyway, where we landed was the idea that you could use whatever service that you want to the integration is still built in. And then we also built in the ability to import audio files. So if you decide otters are the best solution for you right now, we also have a discount code that they offered Buzzsprout users, when you log into your Buzzsprout account, click on Resources, you'll see it on the right sidebar. If you want to sign up for auto for a year, you get 20% off. And then you can use their transcription service for your audio. And then when you're done export a file a txt file and you upload that to Buzzsprout will format it perfectly, it'll look wonderful and your Buzzsprout account, you can then copy and paste that into your blog or anywhere else. And then what building the system has let us do is that anybody else who comes out like who's gonna be the next breakout star in the transcription world, I don't know. It might be transcript to let's say, transcript. whoever they are, they start killing it. No, it's not a real company. Don't Don't try to Google that. But fictional company transcript do launches next month, and they have great files, well, we can just adapt an importer so that you can import their files as well. And so that's the solution that we leaned on for Buzzsprout was that we want it to be super flexible. We believe in transcripts, we believe they're really helpful for your podcast. And we believe that they're important to provide from an accessibility issue, first and foremost. And then as a side benefit of making sure your podcast is accessible, you might also see some better SEO benefits as well. But again, we would encourage you to use transcripts for the accessibility. That's first and foremost. So whether you get an SEO bumper or not, we still think it's important. Now, that said, we understand that a lot of people podcast as a hobby, or as a, you know, something they just do on the side, and finances are tight, and transcripts do cost money. And so you know, don't feel bad if you can't pay for them. And so what we've also added is the ability to manually Create your own transcript. And then you can just copy and paste it in. So you can just open up a word processor and type out whatever you want. Or if you have a friend or somebody on fiber or somebody, if you can find a way just to get your transcripts written out, you can now just copy and paste them into Buzzsprout will display them as transcripts as well. So those are all the reasons that we love it. We think that transcripts are a responsible way to present audio content, like put a transcript behind it, because people who are hearing disabled like that's, that's such that's a bummer, right? Like they want to consume your content, you're creating good content, but we have a disability, they can't consume it. transcripts are the solution to that. And so we think they're really important, we really do believe in them. And we're trying to provide you all the tools so that you have all the options in the world to be able to get a transcript attached to your podcast.
    Google Podcasts Manager + Alban Makes An Appearance On The "Smart Passive Income" Podcast
    2020-05-08 (duration 41m)
    04:07 And you can is it just pushing your computer audio? Is that the audio that it's using? Or is it something else?
    12:22 Yeah. So this is something that I struggled with because I publish directly when I do an episode I struggle I push straight from Hindenburg using the Publish feature as well. Travis, have you locked in on the settings that you use from Hindenburg because you can publish it as a as an mp3 is a WAV with all these different file formats. And you can have Hindenburg do some loudness, normalisation before it publishes or you can just leave it alone. And so up, here's a little test. I'll tell you what I did. And then Travis being the audio engineer of the group, he'll tell me if I got it right or wrong. So what I did is I set it to export A WAV file, I set it to mono, just to save on bandwidth because I figured it didn't matter if I did mono or stereo so I just chose monitor to make the upload faster. And then I left where it said loudness normalisation. I just said, Don't worry, like do nothing. Because I know magic mastering does that. So why do it twice? So I just basically just a wave in mono didn't change. The sample rate didn't change anything else. And I think I had, I've done a couple episodes like that, but the biggest one was like an hour long episode, it took about five or 10 minutes upload from my home internet connection, and then about 10 minutes to process them to hit Buzzsprout and it sounded perfect. So how'd I do on my settings?
    04:16 Yes, it's pushing the system audio right now is the way that I have it set. So I could probably set it so that it's I have a road caster pro sitting on my desk. I could probably set it so that it pushes that audio out on the on the live stream. But I was afraid that there might be some latency there that it might not line up with the video. It's kind of like when you're recording with a camera and you have an external mic. So let's say you're using like a DSLR to film some stuff and you have like a boom arm mic, right? If you run that boom or mic straight into the camera, the camera will do a job of syncing up the audio and video. But if you capture the audio separately onto like a zoom h6 or something like that, then you have to manually And if you don't, it's going to be off a little bit. And so that's why I'm running system audio. So every now and then you might hear I should probably come through loud and clear most of the time Travis and Albin might get a little bit of that robotic, you know, bandwidth. glitch Enos on the audio once in a while, because that's just pushing out whatever I hear it's not pushing out their dedicated recordings that they're doing, or the squad cast high quality recordings that are happening in the background. Again, this is super, super technical. It's taking me like I said, we've been working on it for a couple weeks and playing with it. Video is crazy difficult compared to podcasting, podcasting seems so much easier. So don't I would encourage you if you feel like you still have a lot to learn in podcasting, don't even think about video. This is crazy. And I and if you're in our Facebook community a lot or on our YouTube page, you might see or have noticed that we've gone live for a few seconds over the past couple weeks unintentionally as I was trying to technology I keep keep starting these live broadcasts. And it's just me sitting on my desk and I'm like, oh my gosh. being live streamed on the internet and turn it off quick.
    Alban's Secret News + Why We Can't Measure Podcast Subscribers
    2019-09-27 (duration 47m)
    00:35 or
    01:32 or
    02:16 or
    The Best Podcast Microphones + Where Are My Spotify Stats?!?
    2019-09-13 (duration 42m)
    00:51 or
    06:48 or
    08:13 or
    YouTube Podcast Case Study + How to Measure Success
    2019-08-09 (duration 42m)
    01:17 or
    03:23 or
    03:33 or
    Buzzsprout Sierra Update + Social Media Tips
    2019-07-05 (duration 36m)
    01:28 or
    03:11 or
    03:57 or
    Big Money and Spotify Concerns
    2019-07-04 (duration 34m)
    01:13 or
    01:20 or
    01:42 or
    What Makes a Good Podcast?
    2019-07-03 (duration 51m)
    01:11 or
    01:15 or
    01:28 or
    Apple Podcasts News from WWDC
    2019-07-02 (duration 38m)
    01:19 or
    01:31 or
    01:46 or
    Buzzcast 2.0
    2019-07-01 (duration 6m)
    00:53 or
    04:46 or
    06:01 or
    Steward Ownership: Exiting Your Business with Employee Ownership - The Journey of Alison Lingane
    2021-11-25 (duration 54m)
    20:32 option, that's five or eight or
    03:29 ownership or other alternative
    18:48 trust, or Perpetual Purpose
    Steward Ownership: Maintaining Balance Between Ownership, Governance, and Finance - The Journey of Camille Cannon
    2021-11-18 (duration 29m)
    01:37 track to IPO, or selling, or
    22:39 or failing.
    19:08 Or is it different?
    Steward Ownership: Unlocking the Power of Employee Ownership - The Journey of Amanda Bybee
    2021-11-11 (duration 1h0m)
    31:49 corporation or a or one that's
    48:10 control, or sharingsharing
    09:12 becoming or taking this
    Steward Ownership: The Basics of Cooperatives: Types, Financial Models, Funding Options, and Legal Formations – The Journey of Linda Phillips
    2021-11-04 (duration 52m)
    48:10 control, or sharingsharing
    09:12 becoming or taking this
    09:23 small corporation or personal
    Steward Ownership: Ownership Diversification Through The Cooperative Model - The Journey of Corey Kohn
    2021-10-28 (duration 41m)
    40:33 or deciding whether or not to
    15:10 or nay vote.
    38:04 York, wherever, or Montreal
    Steward Ownership: The Perpetual Trust Model - The Journey of Natalie Reitman-White
    2021-10-21 (duration 1h7m)
    56:43 or an organic food company, or
    31:00 squeeze vendor relationships, or
    33:33 cooperative, or a consumer
    Steward Ownership: A Method for Preserving Business Owner’s Legacy and Purpose - The Journey of Sarah Joannides
    2021-10-14 (duration 59m)
    25:03 like producers or wholesalers or
    48:56 environment or their workers or
    06:38 or priorities arose.
    Her CFO Tips: 4 Steps in Planning Your Debt Financing Repayment and Achieving Long-Term Profitability
    2021-10-07 (duration 9m)
    02:48 constructing or creating a
    03:06 outstanding debt or possible
    03:47 reconciliation or DUNS. Accurate
    Her CFO Tips: How To Find Out If Your Business Can Afford Debt Financing
    2021-09-30 (duration 9m)
    07:04 1.25 or above?
    01:43 goods or services from
    01:50 or even 45 days.
    Her CFO Tips: Financing Strategy Based on Short-Term versus Long-Term Capital Needs
    2021-09-23 (duration 11m)
    04:09 will say net 10 or net 15 or net
    02:27 operating or working capital
    03:14 lenders or investors. Debt
    Assert Your Business Identity: Why It’s Important to Trademark a Name - The Journey of Cynthia Mason (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-09-16 (duration 50m)
    23:13 the province or, or what have
    18:01 sometimes framework or
    32:54 deficiencies or objections,
    Scaling Your Business and Attracting Investors: How IP-Backed Financing Can be Your Growth Strategy for Business - The Journey of Lesley Gouldie (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-09-09 (duration 32m)
    07:01 eliminating or substantially
    29:04 commercialization or further
    09:20 secrets or methodologies that
    Growing Your Business with IP-Backed Financing - The Journey of Lally Rementilla (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-09-02 (duration 55m)
    31:41 or not?
    12:43 manufacturing sector or
    16:05 monopolies, or given monopoly.
    Unlocking Financing Opportunities with IP: How to Patent an Idea — The Journey of Susan Blanchet (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-08-26 (duration 29m)
    22:04 businesses or female founders or
    15:49 expertise with plants or
    26:55 or formally trained with
    Build Your Business Reputation: Learn How to Protect Intellectual Property and Use IP Strategies with Cassandra Derham (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-08-19 (duration 46m)
    16:28 or is, or whether it's being
    26:06 around or to partner or these
    41:27 idea, or around your brand, or
    Demystifying Intellectual Property: IP as a Tool for Protection and Growth — The Journey of Patent Lawyer Isi Caulder (Intellectual Properties Series)
    2021-08-12 (duration 36m)
    19:09 patents or designs or
    30:46 or patents, or trademarks, you
    09:39 or you have a chair, or you have
    Her CFO Tips: How To Use Bootstrapping as a Financing Strategy During Your Business’s Growth Stage
    2021-08-05 (duration 12m)
    06:00 traditional lender or
    06:09 warehouse, or purchasing
    00:18 additional products, or maybe
    Changing the Future of Business: Slow Growth and Sound Financial Planning are the Secrets - The Journey of Badger (Business for Good Series)
    2021-07-29 (duration 48m)
    47:37 on Instagram, or
    06:56 products industry, or making
    11:23 product development, or supply
    Getting Lean: Reduce Waste and Production Costs through Lean Manufacturing - The Journey of Meliora Cleaning Products (Business for Good Series)
    2021-07-22 (duration 34m)
    33:33 product development or
    00:13 allergies or other issues.
    09:04 cleaning products or gateway
    The Circular Approach: Decreasing Plastic Waste with a Sustainable Business — The Journey of Plaine Products (Business for Good Series)
    2021-07-15 (duration 38m)
    28:34 huge marketing choices, or to
    31:40 eliminated or replaced. So we're
    35:54 won't take them seriously. Or
    Her CFO Tips: The Role of a Chief Financial Officer and 5 Benefits They Bring
    2021-07-08 (duration 8m)
    00:29 founder believe, or ready to
    03:44 looking for new opportunities or
    00:33 officer or a CFO can lower
    Her CFO Tips: 3 Steps to Impressing Your Investors with a Mid-Year Financial Review
    2021-07-01 (duration 5m)
    00:02 or early this year. Normally,
    03:14 or perhaps your investor can
    03:56 customer or client to pay you,
    Funding Your Business: When Should You Bootstrap or Raise Capital Externally? - The Journey of Michelle Eichner
    2021-06-24 (duration 52m)
    13:57 strategy or the competitive
    00:54 special purpose vehicle or SPV.
    16:23 inbox, a spam folder, or
    Special Purpose Vehicles and You: Navigating the Legalities Surrounding SPVs - The Journey of McCall Harris
    2021-06-17 (duration 46m)
    26:59 carry or no management fee, or
    13:06 operating agreement, or a
    17:43 legal documents or agreement
    Ensure Your Startup Growth: Tips on Capital Raising Using Special Purpose Vehicle and Strategic Deployment - The Journey of Tara Spalding
    2021-06-10 (duration 1h1m)
    14:39 in Asia, or Africa, or Canada
    37:41 work out or not?" Or they give
    53:33 contracts or these
    Using a Special Purpose Vehicle as an Option for Capital Raising - The Journey of Katie Neilson (Alternative Capital Raising Series)
    2021-06-03 (duration 34m)
    19:08 or or groups. I'll give an
    05:35 special purpose vehicle or
    10:51 distribution, or there's some
    Her CFO Tips: Thinking of Capital Raising? Address These 5 Business Finance Misconceptions First
    2021-05-27 (duration 24m)
    00:13 focus on gender equal world, or
    11:03 those costly or unnecessary
    22:52 factors, like recession or
    Her CFO Tips: Identify the Financial Story Behind Your Marketing Campaigns
    2021-05-20 (duration 13m)
    04:51 client, or maybe a combination
    05:09 country or by state. That's
    06:37 client or a customer? Again,
    Growing Your Business through an Accessible and Sustainable Website - The Journey of Alisa Herr (Growth Marketing Series)
    2021-05-13 (duration 44m)
    17:07 or have disability.
    21:37 disability, or accessibility
    26:33 friendly competitors or
    Be unapologetically yourself. Nicholas Holman's story on becoming a successful artist by being his true self.
    2021-11-23 (duration 1h18m)
    47:34 Or
    1:06:48 job or a new career or like,
    25:53 eyes, or
    8 Ways We Can Be Honest With Ourselves
    2021-11-16 (duration 36m)
    04:17 or I was angry or I always come
    06:01 kind of insecurities, or
    07:59 too judgmental or critical.
    Lose everything that is holding you back. Weight Loss Coach Jon McLernon's amazing story of his own journey and how he turned his compassion to helping others.
    2021-11-09 (duration 1h33m)
    05:37 listeners, or clients, or
    11:51 service or front desk or things
    1:17:08 things down or notebook, or if
    The secrets to effective parenting. Parenting Coach Drew Tupper shares his greatest tips and advice.
    2021-11-02 (duration 1h15m)
    52:41 it's silly or trite or stupid,
    18:26 or two or three year olds, so
    58:25 real quickly, or
    Build your brand by being you. Britney Crosson's story on becoming a social media expert by just being herself.
    2021-10-27 (duration 1h15m)
    18:17 themselves or their business or
    03:41 treadmill or her spin bike, or
    57:57 or not
    How to choose a career that you love. Sarah's story on using loss as motivation to go after the career she always wanted.
    2021-10-19 (duration 1h1m)
    09:53 for business or for pleasure or
    22:15 slowly and slowly or slowly or
    57:37 friend, or an ex colleague, or
    How we can break the silence. Nenia's story of freeing herself from domestic violence and using her experience to educate others.
    2021-10-12 (duration 1h26m)
    18:57 or your collarbone or
    17:15 friends or his family or
    18:29 or abuse or anything like that
    How to forigve so you can be at peace. Kate Vrastak's story on choosing forgiveness to heal and love herself fully.
    2021-09-28 (duration 1h40m)
    36:55 or those around me, or really
    51:38 father or my mother like me, or
    1:32:02 hyperventilating, or they're
    Finding hope after loss. Beverly's story on healing after losing her son in a drunk driving accident, and then her husband to suicide.
    2021-09-21 (duration 1h4m)
    39:43 churches or the schools or you
    59:01 or father or whoever, and kind
    33:26 suffered from depression, or
    Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of The Bright Side of Life Part 1
    2021-09-14 (duration 16m)
    11:15 or with snow days, or whatever
    00:32 different episodes or Yeah, a
    08:52 has an opportunity, or every
    Infertility journey to happiness. Anna's story of her and her husband's ten year journey of trying to become parents.
    2021-09-08 (duration 1h31m)
    10:42 children or even having pain or
    37:05 normal, I guess eggs or, or
    10:48 symptoms? Or is or is this just
    How to fix attachment issues. Adam Lane Smith's story on attachment.
    2021-08-31 (duration 1h13m)
    25:18 disapproval, or, or being
    12:13 reactive attachment disorder, or
    40:39 or eight specific targeted
    Tips and tricks on dating with Relationship Coach Jennifer Hurvitz.
    2021-08-24 (duration 1h14m)
    1:04:11 human in the world, or, you
    38:49 match or smore or filter off or
    18:27 be specialists, or coaches, or
    How grief counseling can help after loss. Martika's story on her path to heal others that grieve.
    2021-08-05 (duration 1h19m)
    31:18 coffee, or go take a shower, or
    1:13:03 have a group or a page or
    57:17 it, or sit with it, or do the
    Becoming the highest version of yourself. Kim and Tara's story of their own spirtual journey's and how it allowed them to find their purpose of serving.
    2021-07-27 (duration 1h45m)
    21:25 or happiness or rest, that
    22:19 does not feel seen or heard or
    51:29 off or like freaked out or like,
    Victim to survivor. Ginn's story on healing from sexual abuse.
    2021-07-13 (duration 1h3m)
    03:52 myself or the world. And I just
    27:04 therapy or anything yet? Or was
    22:19 masking a pain or covering up or
    Mel’s Mental Health Must Haves
    2021-07-07 (duration 57m)
    22:58 patience or becoming angry or
    48:34 or around or below your pain,
    23:03 getting really sensitive or
    Rapid Transformational Therapy. My vulnerable RTT session with Lauren Jean.
    2021-06-22 (duration 1h24m)
    1:20:53 or tomorrow?
    09:39 scene? Five or six.
    39:45 was a voice or
    Trusting yourself. Tim's story on walking out of hell from Long Haulers.
    2021-06-15 (duration 1h26m)
    1:20:43 or left out or struggle or
    1:19:43 elevator or show respect or
    1:19:39 smile, or happy or hold the
    Igniting your inner voice and intuition. Lauren Jean's story on Inner Voice Facilitation and Rapid Transformational Therapy.
    2021-06-08 (duration 1h7m)
    54:31 world where we're so open, or
    49:38 beanbags or resistance or kind
    1:02:43 interview or a consultation, or
    Self love and healthy relationships. Brianne Davis's story on stepping into her truth and surrendering to her sex and love addiction.
    2021-05-26 (duration 1h8m)
    58:47 or intrigue or flirt is abusive,
    1:01:22 love or be loved or allow
    1:05:13 Amazon or Barnes and Noble or
    Purpose driven. Joe Delagrave's story on turning obstacles into miracles.
    2021-05-18 (duration 1h13m)
    45:26 of a win or a loss or, or
    05:26 water logs or sticks, or you
    14:39 get some feeling or or movement
    Becoming better. Luke's story on his weight loss journey, and his road to becoming a better person.
    2021-05-11 (duration 1h13m)
    46:57 guilty or feeling guilty or
    06:20 cookie or that snack cake, or
    19:18 that count, or that message, or
    Helping others heal. Stacey's story on healing through her son's heroin addiction and finding her higher purpose.
    2021-05-04 (duration 1h15m)
    1:08:56 Cipro or cephalexin or whatever
    07:31 like not or not Mormon
    08:20 have three or four kids.
    Finding the silver lining. Positive Change Expert and Author, Rick Ornelas shares his story, along with giving tips on how we can become positive change experts in our own lives.
    2021-04-20 (duration 1h7m)
    22:07 sparked, or, or, you know,
    59:22 Goodreads or Ingram spark or
    32:44 lost a parent or, or whatever,
    How to get over abandonment issues. Jackie's story of her father's paranoid schizophrenia and what she has learned from it.
    2021-04-13 (duration 1h11m)
    1:01:55 dad or your family or you or
    58:48 head or he was confused or
    53:26 it's a memory or a thought, or
    Connie Neal's story: Transforming traumas into dreams come true.
    2021-04-06 (duration 1h27m)
    20:10 wasn't religious or anything,
    1:14:49 any particular church or
    1:26:24 small children or grandchildren,
    Happily divorced. Laura's story of an amicable separation and divorce that she successfully negotiated through with three young children involved.
    2021-03-23 (duration 46m)
    08:36 or two weeks, or I didn't really
    04:48 certain events that happened? Or
    09:38 things weren't right or wasn't
    84: The Over-Scheduled Millennial
    2021-11-23 (duration 28m)
    01:23 realization or when life knock
    22:11 whatever? Or do you want
    08:12 have to choose between family or
    83: Building WordPress Websites With AI
    2021-11-16 (duration 33m)
    22:03 Yoast or WP cache or some of
    01:04 subscribe or follow button
    04:14 business or entrepreneur out
    82: How to Get an Angel Investor to Invest with Jeff Saling
    2021-11-09 (duration 44m)
    18:08 define it as win or fail or, you
    38:51 or the founding
    16:09 financial professionals or the
    81: How to Prevent Team Burnout with Marquis Murray
    2021-11-02 (duration 30m)
    23:41 processes or answer questions or
    23:47 or something or send an email,
    15:28 this? Or where do I find this or
    17 Strategies To Finish The Year Strong
    2021-11-01 (duration 18m)
    08:09 different strategy, pivoting or
    02:03 year strong and or build
    12:00 personal life working week, or
    80: How to Hold Successful Meetings with Caterina Kostoula
    2021-10-26 (duration 51m)
    25:21 people, or 10 people or 100
    45:49 years or seven or 10 years ish
    22:42 frustrated, or sometimes
    76: The 7 Laws of Mindful Living with Vernon Foster II
    2021-09-28 (duration 39m)
    16:29 or don't hit that metric, or
    17:21 north or do Southwest, or I
    20:31 on to or believe, or, you know,
    75: How to Change Careers over 50 with John Tarnoff
    2021-09-21 (duration 41m)
    02:26 or a business challenge. Or if I
    11:36 fight or flight creatures
    40:27 whether it's voluntary or
    74: How to Scale A Consulting Business with Alzay Calhoun
    2021-09-14 (duration 53m)
    35:14 world of consulting or coaching.
    19:11 this customer or in the world of
    47:18 person or the agency or buying
    72: Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence with Irvine Nugent
    2021-08-31 (duration 34m)
    27:02 the world would be or at least
    00:19 from childhood, adolescence, or
    01:02 inspiration to realization or
    71: The Power of Storytelling to Attract Your Audience with Dennis Morrison
    2021-08-24 (duration 49m)
    16:32 grow, or to launch or to
    01:11 inspiration to realization or
    36:30 recipe or something recipes.
    68: Practical Principles to Overcome Procrastination with Eric Twiggs
    2021-08-03 (duration 48m)
    01:48 Instagram, @MrDarrellEvans, or
    19:06 distinguishing characteristic or
    07:11 you were procrastinating or
    65: Male Abandonment with Damon Jones
    2021-07-13 (duration 35m)
    17:22 essentially cause or create or
    09:17 follower, when or where or what
    02:03 Instagram @MrDarrellEvans, or
    63: How to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Taryell Simmons
    2021-06-29 (duration 53m)
    06:54 world, humanity or whatever.
    02:17 subscribe or follow button
    05:55 tech startup competition, or
    60: Attorney Asha Wilkerson on Building a Business and Leaving a Legacy
    2021-06-08 (duration 49m)
    42:20 world when I've been sued, or
    41:18 and or coaching or communities
    02:16 subscribe or follow button
    59: Art Bell, Comedy Central Founder on The Belief That Changed Comedy
    2021-06-01 (duration 51m)
    08:12 tests, or, or, or quizzes, or
    27:51 or CBS or wherever, again, was
    01:12 inspiration to realization or
    58: How Interim Executives Can Help You Grow with Kristen McAlister
    2021-05-25 (duration 48m)
    42:35 consulting or executive
    00:59 inspiration to realization or
    02:46 leader or executive, the
    57: Time Management for Entrepreneurs with Abigail Barnes
    2021-05-18 (duration 43m)
    00:56 realization or when life knock
    09:57 transport or your own vehicle
    21:57 or three common challenges that
    56: Real Estate Cash Flow Secrets with Willie Mandrell
    2021-05-11 (duration 52m)
    10:32 rock solid or leaf bags or
    14:20 money or you know, or approve
    20:20 positive way or, or if I decide
    55: Unmasking Leadership with Eddie Campa
    2021-05-04 (duration 1h0m)
    31:44 managers or mayors or the hiring
    43:51 or molded, or guided into that
    21:07 deputy or the chief, or as a
    54: Marketing is an Investment, Not an Expense with Johnson Emmanuel
    2021-04-27 (duration 51m)
    06:41 world, people why failed, or
    24:26 whatever, or consultant come
    38:40 shivering or stuttering, right
    The Genesis of the 3DO
    2021-11-20 (duration 2m)
    02:43 or
    02:16 world
    The Orphan Train Riders
    2021-11-10 (duration 34m)
    03:18 Or I'm losing
    08:22 illness or addiction.
    05:48 abandoned, or homeless children
    SpookySZN (Special Episode #1) - The Salem Witch Trials
    2021-10-06 (duration 41m)
    13:21 Or was it
    10:17 boredom, or even something
    36:02 internment camps or McCarthyism
    Ep 25: Finding your niche and focus with Magnus Ström, Ström Architects
    2021-10-29 (duration 29m)
    23:37 magazine, or, Wallpaper or
    14:20 grand or something like that. Or
    12:43 of it, or the place of it or
    Ep. 24 - Marketing and Business Development Fundamentals, Iben Falconer, SOM
    2021-10-15 (duration 38m)
    32:49 or half an hour or half a day,
    16:56 Or neighbourhood.
    11:17 things like that, or
    Ep 23, PT 2, Strategy, Purpose, Data and Events Danielle Regan and Dave Hendy, Mace
    2021-09-24 (duration 32m)
    23:19 or diversity, inclusion, or
    10:07 What's going on there? Or? Or
    21:56 recognise colleagues or, you
    Ep 23, PT 1, Strategy, COVID 19 Response and Elevating The Role of Marketing, Danielle Regan and Dave Hendy, Mace
    2021-09-24 (duration 27m)
    05:58 Were there particular things? Or
    06:38 planning space. Or really trying
    20:48 teams, or marcomms teams can
    Ep 22: Events, Career Development and Employee Ownership, Vivi Koroma Kala, Jestico + Whiles
    2021-07-16 (duration 26m)
    13:30 more people or?
    17:52 known for? Or,
    24:10 clients or stakeholders, how
    Ep 21: People, Projects and Digital Technology with Stephen Melville and James Solly, Format Engineers
    2021-07-02 (duration 28m)
    24:08 person or with James or with
    00:34 on Apple podcasts, or Castbox.
    03:07 or at least not traditional
    Ep 20: Communications, Reputation, and Being A Responsible Business with Rebecca Snow - Stiff + Trevillion
    2021-06-22 (duration 35m)
    33:50 to get on frameworks or or
    32:54 marketing, or marketing
    07:45 outward facing activity or
    Ep 20: Communications, Reputation, and Being A Responsible Business with Rebecca Snow - Stiff + Trevillion
    2021-06-18 (duration 35m)
    33:50 to get on frameworks or or
    32:54 marketing, or marketing
    07:45 outward facing activity or
    Ep 19: Part III: Clients, Copy and Websites with Nikita Morell, Amy Edwards and Dave Sharp
    2021-06-04 (duration 31m)
    13:30 an avatar or a profile, or
    17:32 meeting or a conversation or if
    03:12 1000 LinkedIn connections or
    Ep 19: Part II: Marketing Channels (LinkedIn, Email, Tik Tok) with Dave Sharp, Nikita Morell and Amy Edwards
    2021-05-28 (duration 34m)
    21:49 ceramic art or, or painters or
    07:10 photographer's you're hiring or
    09:27 to becoming unforgettable or
    Ep 19: Part I: Storytelling, Video and the fall of Instagram with Amy Edwards, Nikita Morell and Dave Sharp
    2021-05-17 (duration 32m)
    19:55 stories or, or feel confident to
    12:46 the big thing or or do you
    19:40 or the the noise or you know,
    Ep 18: We're changing our name - Say hello to Marketing In Times of Recovery
    2021-05-14 (duration 1m)
    00:11 crisis or panic for over a year.
    Ep 17: Focus, Fun and New Ventures with George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten from BVDS
    2021-03-12 (duration 32m)
    21:25 or, or income or anything like
    16:18 particularly eloquent or
    22:26 milestones or completions coming
    Ep 16: Campaigns, Strategy and Winning Work with Emily Binning from WSP
    2021-02-26 (duration 44m)
    03:28 opportunity or something that's
    13:10 A strategic pursuit, or an
    15:06 actually on LinkedIn, or they
    Ep 15: Phones, People and Pancakes!!! with Graham Handley and Susie Lober
    2021-02-12 (duration 30m)
    10:03 or overlooked. Or you say, Oh,
    16:11 Graham? Or
    27:31 your standout campaigns Susie or
    Ep 14: One Tip Special Compilation Episode
    2020-12-15 (duration 20m)
    06:06 the world, or you know, what's
    11:15 approval, or your latest
    11:15 competition win or something,
    Ep 13: Global & Internal Communications and Campaigns with Vanessa Talbot-Brown, Buro Happold
    2020-12-04 (duration 39m)
    20:55 article, or podcast, or social
    11:23 office, or
    18:50 were laughing or, literally,
    Ep 12: Winning Work Through Lockdown with Digital Marketing with Amos Goldreich
    2020-11-12 (duration 37m)
    32:48 architecture world, or it could
    21:12 or tweak it or design
    21:23 Yeah. or changing the image or
    Ep 11: Networking, Social Media and Running for RIBA with Sumita Singha
    2020-11-05 (duration 21m)
    18:55 marketing or certain
    19:02 captured your attention or
    01:48 together, you know, gardening or
    Ep 10: Branding and Marketing as an Investment with Renee O'Dobrinak, Hawkins Brown
    2020-10-22 (duration 31m)
    05:17 brand refresh or assessing your
    08:45 reassessing their brand, or just
    19:07 animation they've done, or a
    Ep 09: Branding, Employee Ownership and Communications with Daire Hearne, Make
    2020-10-08 (duration 40m)
    10:00 replicate or reflect or mirro
    04:34 know, 3D printing, or VR, or,
    31:43 could copy or emulate or you
    Ep 08: Communications, Community & Context with Julia Nicholls, Squire and Partners
    2020-09-29 (duration 37m)
    08:00 But yeah, and you used to have that a big picture of the Thameslink platform in the bar. Yeah. Because I do remember that because like, because I love trains. I am that person, and so is my son. And I guess in terms of your comms approach, as you how has that changed, if you've moved from being a smallish, a small to mid sized practice from, say, 30? To 250? I mean, what stuff? Have you done differently? Or had to try? Or? Or what changed for you? Apart from just having a bigger team.
    32:57 That's so nice. That's brilliant. And on to my final two questions. So what standout marketing campaigns have you seen or admired during this kind of current kind of period?
    31:04 And then we're doing our fourth year of one of my favourite things to do every year, which is called the winter windows collaboration. The illuminations festival that happens every January or didn't happen last year.
    Ep 07: Clients, Business Development and Campaigns with Helen Shea & Christine Baltas
    2020-09-10 (duration 27m)
    24:35 Yeah, definitely, definitely want to, you know, keep focused on your areas of strength and be that markets or practice areas or services or sectors, whatever it is, you know, just just stand firm, you know, certain, you know, just yeah, keep your cool, I think,
    23:51 Some people feel that there's that term busy fools. So everyone sort of runs around. Yeah, doing stuff sending emails and not doing the follow up or just doing a sort of massive campaigns. Just doing really massive campaigns and scatter gunning everything or, or not doing anything. thoroughly. So
    13:51 Yeah. And I guess in terms of have you introduced any kind of new or different things, so you know, when you've been doing your campaign Christine for example, I mean, was it long pieces or other other kind of different ways that you were communicating with your clients?
    Ep 06: Smart Cities, Branding & Digital with Rick Robinson, Jacobs
    2020-09-04 (duration 36m)
    12:57 And then you know, The rest of it would be replying to things or would be just sharing links other people had shared or it happened to see, etc.
    07:18 How did your companies bosses feel about that? Was there any pushback on that? Or was that seen as a positive?
    14:01 So I guess it's how you package it right? Is that is that like anything else in the Facebook vein, or did they do it was wildly different?
    Ep 05: Architecture, Marketing & Communications with Celeste Bolte, Bowerbird UK
    2020-07-31 (duration 30m)
    09:33 Particularly for people with children or who are not leaving sort of in the central area.
    17:53 Absolutely. I think it's interesting that you also sort of mentioned other technologies or podcasts like this. Fantastic one.
    24:42 Yeah. And my onto my final two questions. So in terms of marketing at the moment, are there any particular campaigns during lockdown that you've seen or admired?
    Ep 04: Strategy, Technology & Digital with Pascale Scheurer
    2020-07-07 (duration 34m)
    06:44 they would have to be now but it's been very much assitive. You know, you've got to understand that it's world of architecture is primarily I think 90% or so is, you know, sort of man and his dog. Yeah. Or one woman and her dog which is great, and it's fine and the world of of how, you know, housing extensions are residential extensions of that sort of world. So in a way, do you really need to spend the money to get AutoCAD or something like that? It's not what people need and it's not what plans require. So it's very different from London. And, you know, big firms are hundreds of people. But they're in the minority. That's the thing. You know, firms over 100 people are very much the minority in architecture, I know in engineering, they tend to have bigger firms. But yeah, architects are still very much a small practice as a profession.
    07:43 Do you miss it? The architectural world?
    06:32 People actually use pencils. Absolutely, yeah. Yeah, that's amazing. Are they doing virtual consultations in Marlow at the moment, man or
    Ep 03: Communications, Relationships & Collaboration with Helen Gawor, GKR Scaffolding
    2020-07-03 (duration 32m)
    27:04 Okay, so on to my final two questions. I'm in terms of marketing or communications campaigns during lockdown as or as we transition it out of it. Has there been any standout campaigns that you've seen and really thought were very, very good?
    19:02 I think so yeah, I think until you've actually visited a site, you don't know how they run, you know, you work, they work or whoever's in small, tight, you know, such tight sites, it's, it's a whole different world until you fully appreciate how tough that is, you can't do your job properly. I do completely agree with that.
    15:29 Okay. So in terms of tools that you've been using, and communications tools and marketing tools, what new things have you introduced, or what new things have kind of had to come to prominence during this time?
    Ep 02: Strategy, Agility & Change with Liz Earwaker, AECOM
    2020-07-03 (duration 30m)
    06:05 Is that you're asking directly as a marketing team, or is it more from the people on the ground?
    23:27 What people did people feel confident to pick up the phone, or was it one of those we had to kind of chisel people along?
    21:06 And looking back at two recessions that you've been through because not just that one, and what do you what are any kind of key takeaways or key things that you'd learned man that you apply to what you're doing now?
    Chris Messina talks about Spotify Ads, the history of open formats on the social web and how ActivityPub could impact the future of Podcasting?
    2021-10-07 (duration 1h17m)
    12:50 to, oppress or improve or
    09:54 or something was a break or
    27:16 30 seconds or five minutes or
    Apple: The Internet Explorer of podcast apps? Evo Terra on why podcast apps suck. How's Spotify doing and multiple new ways to discover podcasts.
    2021-08-26 (duration 1h0m)
    12:41 Or anywhere around the world
    38:38 or we're or no, or a
    30:06 lists or groupings or stations,
    What happens to podcast downloads if IP addresses go away? Interview: Bryan Barletta, plus automating YouTube for podcasting.
    2021-08-19 (duration 51m)
    48:13 or questions or you'd like
    47:53 Crisp trivia or
    48:21 or they send
    The Ambies nominees announced, Will Spotify overtake Apple?, Interview with Kal Amin Sounder, Women's History Month
    2021-03-04 (duration 38m)
    37:24 or very cool.
    37:53 Podland or news.
    03:48 or all about technology.
    Spotify StreamOn Analysis, Interview with Spotify's Mike Mignano and Podcast Movement the winners and losers.
    2021-02-25 (duration 48m)
    22:25 like anchor or megaphone or
    27:34 Beck or Ben Shapiro or
    27:51 Uruguay or somewhere.
    iHeartMedia buy Triton Digital, Songs For Podcasters, Interview with Tom Rossi from Buzzsprout
    2021-02-18 (duration 50m)
    02:07 at Podland or news, or you
    30:09 or the egg.
    16:49 thousand pounds or $178,000.
    Clubhouse, SoundClub or Fireside? Music Fair Usage, New Spotify Play Book and Maps.FM
    2021-02-11 (duration 56m)
    30:03 or six or 7% of that.
    03:35 or free licensed music.
    15:19 chairman or something like
    How fast is podcasting growing? Plus: Africa Podfest, Podcast Radio, and news of a new, 24-hour global podcast conference
    2021-01-28 (duration 44m)
    07:06 of podcasting or the
    10:13 or, the neighbor's house
    18:15 podcasting is shared or
    Clubcasting, TwitterSpaces, Dynamic Content Insertion and Interviews with, Buzzsprout, Adelicious.FM and BBC World Service.
    2021-01-14 (duration 42m)
    33:33 or you're a big media house, or you
    25:39 competition or anything else.
    09:26 takes off or Twitter spaces.
    Podcast Predictions for 2021 with Steve Pratt, Partner at Pacific Content.
    2020-12-28 (duration 22m)
    20:25 fun or playful or creative.
    05:34 or Twitter or something like that.
    14:49 prompt or an insight, or just something to
    Podcast Misinformation, Podcast Taxonomy, Interview with Kate Bradley Chernis, CEO Lately.AI about atomizing your podcast into hundreds of mini-movie trailers.
    2020-12-18 (duration 47m)
    40:40 voice on it or enhance it or fix it
    09:38 Whether or not.
    42:30 Click or share those.
    New podcast:location tag, interview with Sam Liang, CEO of Otter.AI, about live notes.
    2020-12-11 (duration 42m)
    34:48 five or six lectures or five or six
    10:25 behalf or you speak Afrikaans or you speak
    38:31 automatically highlighted or identified
    Season 3: Episode 33 - A Midlife Less Ordinary
    2021-09-26 (duration 43m)
    26:42 produced or directed. Or the guy
    38:35 or nay? Richard the greedy or
    29:47 recommendation or non
    Season 3: Episode 32. A Midlife Less Ordinary
    2021-09-19 (duration 41m)
    03:59 news this week. or GB news or
    15:03 exclamation mark or question.
    34:26 commuter in Chicago or
    Season 3: Episode 31 A Midlife Less Ordinary
    2021-09-12 (duration 42m)
    03:22 promoting their album or, or
    02:36 darker cheese or dark or milk.
    11:15 or movie?
    Season 3: Episode 30 The New Season
    2021-09-05 (duration 44m)
    03:22 promoting their album or, or
    02:36 darker cheese or dark or milk.
    11:15 or movie?
    The Secret Love Of Pet Owners
    2021-07-25 (duration 35m)
    33:07 products or service or whatever
    03:31 or St. Trevor Southern rock
    05:28 gear solid game or something.
    Iron Imperium: Strength And Honour
    2021-07-11 (duration 45m)
    19:48 shirts or Metallica, or if they
    03:25 or you draw?
    06:08 ever read or written
    Christopher Shayne - Ten High
    2021-07-04 (duration 47m)
    08:06 that unless you're Motorhead or
    19:08 flashy or the most anything
    27:19 strength? 1967 1968 1969 or
    Learn Boxing: Raging Bulls*%t
    2021-06-20 (duration 41m)
    08:13 this or that or we're you know,
    18:37 weight or featherweight?
    00:47 Yeah, Rocky free or rocky
    All About Cycling - Blazing Saddle Sore
    2021-06-13 (duration 45m)
    43:06 been a born again one or or
    15:47 or poach Mario,
    19:53 Okay, or Yes, it
    Indie Horror Movies - With Dani Thompson
    2021-06-06 (duration 43m)
    26:38 or something
    02:53 independent or a movies no
    13:51 like the location or Bulgaria
    Antique Bottle Collecting - I'm Digging Your Dump!
    2021-05-30 (duration 41m)
    32:38 coking fork, or obiora, or
    29:55 or or angling where you could go
    23:11 1890s 1910s 1920s or
    All About Vaping: A Breath Of Fresh Air
    2021-05-23 (duration 30m)
    21:15 valve or variable voltage?
    20:15 versatile generator or is it
    23:06 build a device differently or
    An Artists Life
    2021-05-16 (duration 42m)
    19:52 a computer game or or or jigsaw
    27:25 Facebook or Instagram or the
    18:40 place, or for too long or
    Playing Chess: Queen Bashes Bishop
    2021-05-02 (duration 38m)
    05:39 poems or problems,
    24:25 or Alexander Pavlov?
    32:04 or why don't
    All About Subbuteo: Flick My Ball
    2021-04-25 (duration 41m)
    09:04 or half time or you know that
    09:55 over or something but
    01:57 sofa or something. But then
    Life of An Actor: Act Richard Act!
    2021-04-18 (duration 49m)
    10:07 college three, three or four
    11:38 maybe, or something that you
    17:18 acted on that or was
    Riding Motorbikes: Show Us Your Helmet
    2021-04-11 (duration 45m)
    10:03 particular school or training
    32:39 1885 1900 or 1915.
    08:31 Or something now I have
    Rock Band Interview: The Hazy Janes
    2021-04-04 (duration 40m)
    14:47 the sixth or seventh or eighth
    06:37 Norwegian, or,
    27:32 or Dallas?
    Making The Most Of Your Life: Who Wants To Live Forever
    2021-03-28 (duration 48m)
    17:32 Thanks for the world. Or
    30:44 just leave or, or just,
    41:59 yes or no? Or how in Russian
    Video Game Consoles: Hands Off My Joystick
    2021-03-21 (duration 39m)
    04:41 or pounds.
    04:14 or something. Come on.
    09:32 computer stations or software
    Vintage Arcade Games: This Game Is Not Over
    2021-03-14 (duration 39m)
    03:05 building society or bank,
    03:59 yes, reading a book or
    07:55 download them or not download
    Movie Nostalgia: Wayne & Trev's Excellent Adventure
    2021-03-07 (duration 40m)
    11:46 or just
    16:31 Connection. Or for some reason
    38:28 Ghostbusters. Or you must read
    TV Nostalgia: Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Nostalgia
    2021-02-28 (duration 39m)
    15:23 animated or puppets or live
    32:23 or Erika eleniak.
    15:01 or Thunderbird. 2086. Yeah.
    UK Music Festivals - Ramblin Middle Aged Man
    2021-02-21 (duration 38m)
    20:46 snoring or a buzzing sound or
    34:52 try and come home or or we stay
    27:09 filth. Joey jordison or Lars
    Midlife Music - Dancing In The Midlife
    2021-02-14 (duration 39m)
    33:17 soccers or something.
    36:18 or linkin park?
    02:04 Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lewis, or
    Bearded Villains - Interview With A Villain
    2021-02-07 (duration 34m)
    09:32 or wears or Jimmy or another
    26:31 window or something.
    09:28 length beard or something
    How To Grow A Beard - A Chin Full of Win
    2021-01-31 (duration 41m)
    19:31 or female male or female. Yeah,
    33:03 or your wife or your partner
    34:08 boyfriends or their husbands
    Male Grooming - To Dye Or Not To Dye!
    2021-01-24 (duration 48m)
    24:03 hair or you smell nice or
    25:46 nice, or they smell nice, or
    26:02 trainers or you've noticed
    Midlife Exercise Guide - Suns Out, Guns Out
    2021-01-17 (duration 41m)
    07:01 shoulders or something like
    10:08 building muscle or wasn't
    27:09 overweight or anything, people
    Help Me Cool Older Dudes, You're My Only Hope
    2021-01-10 (duration 41m)
    35:18 quid or something.
    03:02 another Transformers movie or
    03:02 another Hellboy movie or
    Listen to the Mustn’ts...then Listen Close to Me | EP001
    2021-09-02 (duration 18m)
    02:07 or my favorite lace up those shoes,
    07:12 somewhere in the range of four or five,
    09:03 which means you can avoid or at least limit,
    Priority Number 1 | EP002
    2021-09-02 (duration 16m)
    11:25 or pillars,
    03:48 or I must?
    12:46 or bathing oils.
    Welcome to the No People Pleasing Zone | Trailer
    2021-09-02 (duration 7m)
    03:13 I wasn't showing up in the world as me.
    00:22 People Pleasing Rabbit Hole into a world where you are priority
    06:50 You are enough and you are everything the world needs right
    S3 Episode 5 - Mark Schaefer on Cumulative Advantage
    2021-05-25 (duration 38m)
    30:45 lived in their world, or I
    15:22 work or Regis or something it's
    19:31 every Thursday afternoon or
    S3 Episode 4: Bret Greenstein from Cognizant on Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence
    2021-05-10 (duration 38m)
    18:02 country or around the world. And
    15:51 supply chain, or inventory, or
    23:33 or underwriting or supply chain,
    S3 Episode 3: Sue Walter CEO of family members club, Maggie and Rose
    2021-04-07 (duration 48m)
    06:24 new product or a service or an
    29:40 or that I met this person or I
    22:49 male or female,
    S2 Episode 8: The Future of Podcasting with Podnews Editor James Cridland
    2020-06-10 (duration 48m)
    42:21 The app you use to listen to podcasts is Google podcasts, Apple or Spotify, Google podcasts, favourite length of podcasting minutes.
    44:08 I must look that up as a keynote speaker, I'll put the link in the show notes. Now as this is the practical futures podcast, what are three things that our listeners can be doing this week to either get into podcasting or enhance their own podcasting experience?
    04:50 I don't think so. I mean, and you know, it's interesting I was talking to I was talking to Turkish television last night, and you know, and I was saying, you know, is podcasting growing and I think one of the interesting things around podcasting, it's been going for 15 years. But it's been a slow and steady growth every single year. So every single year, it's been getting bigger. But what podcasting hasn't been is it hasn't been, you know, a my space, or a Bebo or a vine hasn't, you know, dramatically, you know, increased and then all of a sudden, disappeared again. And blogging arguably was a bit like that, you know, there was a tremendous couple of years where everybody had a blog, and then realise that very few people are actually reading them. And so therefore, the amount of blogs in the world have gone down and obviously Facebook has has come around as well. And I think, you know, podcasting is different in that it has just been slowly and steadily growing, and that's probably good news. I think.
    S1 Episode 9: The Future of Open Banking with James Varga
    2019-09-09 (duration 29m)
    01:37 or
    02:58 or
    03:02 or
    S1 Episode 4: The Future of Work with Dom Price from Atlassian
    2019-07-01 (duration 33m)
    02:09 or
    02:10 or
    03:40 or
    S1 Episode 3: The Future of Voice with James Poulter
    2019-06-17 (duration 39m)
    00:53 or
    01:20 or
    01:21 or
    S1 Episode 2: The Future of AI and Ethics with Minter Dial
    2019-06-03 (duration 23m)
    00:47 or
    01:12 or
    03:10 or
    S1 Episode 1: The Future of Communication with Martin Brooks
    2019-05-17 (duration 39m)
    02:13 or
    02:34 or
    02:39 or
    Unemployable Entrepreneur
    2021-04-10 (duration 17m)
    02:52 or
    03:21 or
    04:05 or
    Living Fast, Dying Young or The 27 Club
    2021-01-13 (duration 45m)
    00:05 or
    00:27 or
    00:59 or
    Rendlesham Forest UFO/UAP Incident
    2021-01-06 (duration 42m)
    00:58 or
    01:07 or
    02:35 or
    Terror from the Woods
    2020-12-30 (duration 37m)
    02:23 or
    06:00 Or
    06:53 or
    The Swimmers of Lake Baikal and USOs
    2020-12-23 (duration 45m)
    01:16 or
    08:31 or
    08:37 or
    Yule Monsters and Good Saint Nick
    2020-12-16 (duration 55m)
    03:18 Or
    04:20 or
    04:52 or
    The Pixie Behind the World's Best Known Tarot Deck
    2020-12-09 (duration 35m)
    00:01 or
    00:55 or
    01:21 or
    Pen Pals With A Killer Clown
    2020-12-02 (duration 52m)
    01:02 or
    01:15 or
    01:59 or
    Black Eyed Kids
    2020-11-25 (duration 39m)
    05:54 or
    06:21 or
    06:45 or
    Death Is Optional
    2020-11-18 (duration 41m)
    01:05 or
    01:17 or
    02:54 or
    The Fox Sisters and the Emergence of Spiritualism and Seances
    2020-11-11 (duration 56m)
    01:45 or
    02:37 or
    02:39 or
    The True Story of the Exorcist
    2020-11-04 (duration 1h8m)
    02:59 or
    03:10 or
    04:44 or
    The Human Monster of Halloween
    2020-10-31 (duration 30m)
    01:30 or
    02:59 or
    03:37 Or
    The Mysterious Murder of Oakey "Al" Kite
    2020-10-28 (duration 40m)
    01:25 or
    01:34 or
    02:25 Or
    Flatwoods Monster
    2020-10-27 (duration 45m)
    01:17 or
    02:00 or
    07:06 or
    Mercy Brown and Black Aggie
    2020-10-27 (duration 55m)
    01:04 or
    03:03 or
    04:29 or
    United States: Voting during the Pandemic
    2020-12-20 (duration 31m)
    17:08 right or wrong.
    05:34 Like you don't have to leave the country to get any perspective or, or learn something new.
    03:41 And like, new is not bad or scary.
    Bengaluru: Opening Up
    2020-12-13 (duration 23m)
    07:55 So I can say that there's a small developing habit or a pastime.
    21:25 And it's about vaccinating that targeted group which needs or is suspect to transmit.
    03:03 And we wouldn't have taken up this topic or spoken about it at least for some foreseeable
    Athens: Waiting for Christmas
    2020-11-29 (duration 15m)
    11:37 Really exciting, for these meat flavors, do you use Marmite or Vegemite?
    03:24 We won't have to pay any loans or any bills, they're suspended until March, so that's good.
    12:14 So like most of the non-vegans are coming like once or twice per week in our restaurants.
    Cape Town: Corona Aesthetics and Theater
    2020-11-15 (duration 34m)
    17:42 or there's an interview with a top director or choreographer either from here or from elsewhere, or we'll put a webcam in
    29:07 There's this, sanitation is a problem in that particular country or there's a particular malaria outbreak or whatever.
    34:28 follow us on your favourite podcast provider or find out more about the podcast on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or our website,
    Istanbul: I just want this to be over
    2020-11-01 (duration 22m)
    16:07 the world has offered has to offer to you rather than just hiring the next American writer or publishing the next American book set in Brooklyn.
    04:41 thinking, at least I have a lot to keep me busy and I didn't lose by jobs or lifeline or assignments.
    01:22 I thought this year was supposed to be just about survival and none of my pitches were or story ideas or projects were panning out.
    Bonus: Making a Pandemic Podcast
    2020-10-25 (duration 32m)
    02:38 So you are a bit closer by profession by cultural background or location or so, and then there was this open call by the Bosch alumni network for online activities.
    03:59 Very briefly, because I think it's kind of unique or it's a bit
    06:38 Unfortunately my journalist friends were either too private or not confident in speaking English.
    United States: Graduating into a Pandemic
    2020-10-18 (duration 29m)
    07:30 or look like or, um, be.' That moment, specifically, things sunk in a little bit.
    21:20 Maybe seeing people here or there.
    07:16 But for people who like live in California or they live in China or like in other parts
    Gaza City: Not the Last Crisis
    2020-10-11 (duration 29m)
    22:24 Those who do have studies abroad or do or have, some kind of trainings or, obligated with work contracts abroad.
    15:13 Do you remember any special moments of surprise or, or, for me personally, when I look back to the last four or five months I can see a lot of ups and downs.
    22:32 So, I'm wondering if you follow like news or anything from, let me say the global North, or for example, Europe.
    Bengaluru: Dog Days, Cat Days
    2020-10-04 (duration 28m)
    17:01 too, or even have a one night stand or sex with others so that we don't frustrate and stay in isolation.
    14:59 So I can talk or be myself or be free and do whatever I want to because you're living under their roof.
    27:32 I'll reach out to you in a month or so.
    Cape Town: Still standing home
    2020-09-27 (duration 31m)
    29:40 need to be engaged and you're coughing, or we're thinking that it's contributing somehow to a better world.
    18:17 Stand up comic or a really famous actor or director or whatever, and say to them, can you donate 10,000 Rand?
    26:14 that everybody knows people very close to them who have either died or are in the process of dying or whatever.
    Athens: Go vegan, go local
    2020-09-20 (duration 28m)
    16:56 For me, I didn't use Instagram or Facebook.
    15:15 What was this an app or was it just SMS?
    21:01 But has the situation improved now or is it still…?
    Manila: Cabin Crew Barista
    2020-09-13 (duration 36m)
    15:18 Or would you like to, explore or do some things?"
    26:23 Are your families or your loved ones or your relatives?
    22:39 Or the feeling so strange.
    Hong Kong: New Life, Postponed
    2020-09-13 (duration 28m)
    09:10 after a week or so
    27:24 Are you really doing the, working towards what you value or you're working towards your goal or just letting life getting by?
    00:45 Did you hear that in January or even before that?
    Istanbul: Survival Mode
    2020-09-13 (duration 30m)
    17:07 So we just had a big religious festival Eid, Kurban Bayramı and in the Christian world, this would be the equivalent of Christmas or Easter.
    25:09 contacts are laid off or gone or they are having an election coming up this year, fingers crossed.
    04:38 and suddenly when everyone was talking about the massages and or the weather or the food that they were eating to, suddenly,
    2020-09-05 (duration 2m)
    02:00 Subscribe to Record of Change on your favourite podcast app, and find out more about the stories on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or our website,
    00:45 Athens, Istanbul, Gaza, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Manila and other places around the world.
    Learning assertiveness from Germans, and growing to love a city (Jenna from Canada)
    2020-12-14 (duration 41m)
    20:04 friends or my family or
    25:12 or perhaps the UK or wherever in
    34:19 or take it to the beach or
    Coming to Germany during a pandemic (Cassie from Australia)
    2020-12-07 (duration 36m)
    30:54 Christmas or something like
    02:29 build friendships or learn from
    07:15 either Goethe or Schiller before
    Singing soul in Germany, and BLM from a distance (Alicia from the USA)
    2020-11-30 (duration 47m)
    26:01 tomorrow, or, you know, or
    01:17 podcasters face off, or
    06:34 professional musician? Or is
    Episode 6
    2020-11-01 (duration 35m)
    01:08 or
    04:09 or
    06:13 or
    Episode 5
    2020-10-11 (duration 33m)
    06:16 or
    08:49 or
    10:14 or
    Episode 4
    2020-09-20 (duration 26m)
    01:56 or
    02:42 or
    05:16 or
    Episode 3
    2020-08-30 (duration 38m)
    01:35 or
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    Episode 2
    2020-08-09 (duration 36m)
    01:01 or
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    01:56 or
    2020-07-19 (duration 32m)
    01:23 or,
    05:00 or
    10:53 or
    Leading Your Church Through a Leadership Transition
    2020-10-01 (duration 28m)
    26:16 Or maybe something a little more tangible?
    04:49 Good. So you serve a large church and our historic church and our church body. Get maybe as a as a word of advice to people who are either desire to serve others. large church or are serving one, what advice would you kind of, or insights you can give to them that would help them in that ministry.
    24:46 Well, yeah, one thing that comes to mind is I see a tendency of this in myself, and I especially aware of it because I've seen it in others. Otherwise I think it probably would have snuck up on me or sneaked up on me. And, and that really is, it's so easy, I believe, especially when we were coming towards the end of our ministry to, to have a sense of entitlement and that, you know, I've served the Lord faithfully. I've served this congregation for however many years. And so now I'm kind of old or something. And maybe, maybe I'm, I'm old, a little more relaxed pace of ministry for the last however many months or, or years or, or I don't know what but the, it's, I think it's very easy to lose sight of the fact that I got into ministry to serve. And for that, to kind of flip around to, I've served and I've served faithfully, and well, some of the time anyway. And now to be served a little bit sounds pretty good. And I think, of course, we would never, you know, intentionally, and consciously have those kinds of thoughts. But I think that's something just to be aware of, and on the lookout for.
    How Does The Black Lives Matter Movement Differ from The Dr. King, Jr. Led Civil Rights Movement
    2020-09-29 (duration 38m)
    15:07 So you know, one of the thing I want to kind of cover before we get into kind of what's happening today in our world is those first group of black pastors came out, did not have or received the same benefits, and even salaries as other passions. When I was sharing this with other people. They were shocked that there was a different tier of compensation. Can you cover that?
    27:24 Right? If you if you if you could address qualified immunity, you know, if you could simply address community policing, you could simply address how do you how do you deal with these urban inner city communities, you could probably get further down the road. But what I see often times is basically people on the street, yelling and screaming at each other, or at least coming in ride gear. Now you got you got going back and forth at each other, all of a sudden, now you got an escalation of violence, and then pick buildings and burn down and all of that stuff. I mean, among the civil rights movement, itself, apart from the rioting in the, in the cities, when Dr. King was killing some of the other riots, usually the marches of the Civil Rights Movement never saw in the buildings being burned down. Right.
    00:03 Welcome to this edition of the light breakthrough. I am your host Keith Haney. it is conceivable the systems you are operating under and coach are crushing you, and you need consolation. In this season and time you may be seeking inspiration. The goal of this podcast is to give you inspiration, practical solutions and challenging conversations with a wide variety of guests and relevant topics. If you're not engaged a local church, I pray this podcast will encourage you to seek out a deeper connection with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The world is changing our ministry methods, not our beliefs, you to reflect that. This may stretch you beyond your comfort zone, but you will never lose sight of who sits on the throne. So sit back, put on your seatbelt and get ready for transformation. today's podcast is a conversation about how we're seeing today is different from the civil rights movement. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights are defined as a non political rights of citizens, especially those guaranteed to US citizenship by the 13th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution, and by acts of Congress, according to Webster dictionary, the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, abolish slavery in the US and the 14th amendment issued ensure that African Americans have their legal citizenship and equal protection under the law. The National Archives experience puts it that way. Movement is defined in part as a series of organized activities, working toward objective or an organized effort to promote or attain in. The Civil Rights Movement was an era dedicated to activism with equal rights and treatment of African Americans the United States. During this period, people rally for social, legal, political, and cultural changes to prohibit discrimination and in segregation. My guest today Reverend Roosevelt gray is a director of LCMS black ministry, a long established Missouri senate ministry serving predominantly black communities and ministering to African American immigrants. The Reverend Roosevelt gray Jr, provides a leadership and direction for the LCMS districts, congregations schools, and related organizations as they administered to minority groups in their communities across the country. Also, Dr. Gray is will serve as a liaison to the church wide black clergy caucus and oversee the development and resources to support LC Ms. Black ministry throughout the Senate. Prior to joining the staff and LC ms International Center in St. Louis, Dr. Gray served as Assistant to the President for missions and evangelism in the LC ms ms. Michigan district. He called accepted in 2001. He served as a pastor at faith Lutheran Church and listen to diminishes in Detroit, from 1971 to 2001, Director of Admissions and recruitment and vicars at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from 1994 to 1997. And as a pastor at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas, from 1998 to 1994. He graduated as an eight the master of divinity degree from Korea technical seminary 9970 got a bachelor's degree in printing production and management from Alabama a&m. rival to sell University have mentioned that Dr. Gray receives a doctorate a divinity degree from Concordia seminary St. Louis. It was dated 19 July June 19 1998, at St. Paul's a church in Jacksonville, Florida. His home congregation installed him on June 26 1998, as pastor of Calvary in Houston, Texas, and he's married to later, Vanessa. We're so great to have you. Thank you, Dr. Ray, for joining us on this important discussion. Wonderful being here with us today. So let me start out with an easy question. I like to get my my guests up and kind of warm up. So what's the best advice anybody ever gave you about race?
    Exploring The TileDB Universal Data Engine
    2020-08-17 (duration 1h5m)
    54:07 in terms of your own experience of building and growing the project and the business around tile dB, what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    52:33 And as far as people who are using title DB to build applications on top of it, what have you found to be some of the most interesting or unexpected or innovative ways that it's being used?
    20:11 So can you dig a bit more into the actual on disk format of the multi dimensional arrays and how they're stored by title DB for being able to then query and analyze them. And just some of the ways that users of tile DB need to think about data modeling that might be different than the ways that they're used to using either relational structures or graph databases or some of the custom file formats that they might be coming from.
    Build More Reliable Distributed Systems By Breaking Them With Jepsen
    2020-07-28 (duration 49m)
    45:04 as you continue to work on Jepson, I'm curious what you have planned for the future of that project or other projects or research in terms of distributed systems that you're looking forward to either continue or start a new.
    39:40 as you have been working on building Jepson and evaluating some of these mission critical systems. What have you found to be some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned or outcomes of the work that you've done?
    06:46 and then as far as some of the real world usage of things like databases and other mission critical distributed systems, what are some of the real world impacts that can occur as a result of these failures that aren't properly vetted or properly guarded against,
    Open Source Production Grade Data Integration With Meltano
    1:02:46 this together. Well, for anybody who wants to get in touch with you or follow along with the work that you're doing or contribute to the project. I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the shownotes. And as a final question, I would just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap For the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    1:01:40 of your work on Mel Tano, or the overall space of data integration or some of the challenges in an end to end tool for managing the data lifecycle that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    55:20 And in your experience of taking over this team and working with Mel Tano, and helping to understand the direction to take and actually building out the platform, what have you found to be some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    DataOps For Streaming Systems With
    2020-07-06 (duration 45m)
    32:36 And so in terms of the lenses platform itself, what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or innovative ways that it's being used or insights that you've seen people gain from it as they have adopted it for their streaming architectures?
    38:39 for both in your own work on the lenses platform and using it within your own systems. What have you found to be some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    42:50 Are there any other aspects of the lenses platform itself or data ops principles in general are some of the ways that people are using lenses or fits into the overall workflow of building streaming applications that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover before we close out the show.
    Data Collection And Management For Teaching Machines To Hear At Audio Analytic
    2020-06-30 (duration 57m)
    41:54 not going to be acceptable to their customers. And in terms of the audio that you're working with. What about Some of the most interesting or unusual or strange sounds that you've had to try and collect and categorize.
    07:07 you know, a coffee shop and sort of whether it's a physical scene in that case, or whether it's an acoustic scene, so whether it sounds calm, whether it sounds lively or not, or indeed, whether it sounds like it's inside or outside, those would be examples of acoustic and physical scene detection itself. And both of those sit under what's called sound recognition, which is the field in which the company leads. And it seems that at least the majority of the use cases that you're discussing now are more consumer oriented for people to be able to take advantage of some of this intelligence to enhance their sense of well being or get some sort of feedback about their environment. I'm wondering if you've also experimented at all with use in industrial contexts where particular types of sound might be indicative of some type of imminent failure in terms of structural or issues with manufacture Or, you know, maybe in mining where certain sounds might be indicators of some type of physical risk. I'm wondering if that's something that you've looked at at all or something that you're intending to branch out into
    49:03 And so as you continue to build out the technical and business capacity for the company, what are some of the plans that you have for the future either in terms of new problem spaces or use cases that you're looking to reach into or enhancements to your existing processes of data collection and machine learning?
    Bringing Business Analytics To End Users With GoodData
    2020-06-23 (duration 52m)
    46:20 And what do you have on the roadmap for the future of good data in terms of new capabilities, or just overall improvements or new use cases that you're looking to provide?
    40:44 And in your experience of building the platform and working on it yourselves and working with your customers to ensure that they're having successful outcomes. What are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process,
    29:02 Absolutely. So what you're referring to is what pieces of the good data architecture what the client wants to leverage. So we're talking about the data warehousing piece that Phil was talking about with ADF, where we could potentially get the aggregation of lots of different data sources all in one place. Whether or not that's something that the client wants to leverage from the good data side or own on their side. There's also the loading mechanism, the ATP piece, where we're talking about how the client would be able to load that data, whether or not they want to keep it on their side or actually keep it on the good data side. So the ways we're able to manage that is really the flexibility of the types of sources. We're able to download from whether or not we are doing the transformations or just loading directly into the platform. So with all the connectors that we have with these pre packaged Ruby bricks that are leveraging the good data API's as well as the source API's, were able to integrate their data and load into ADF through those connectors, or if the client wants to own, a lot of the transformations themselves, match the exact metadata output for the semantic layer or the models that are on the workspaces. They're able to load that directly in with their data warehousing source through our automated data distribution or add, especially if they're using things like snowflake, redshift, or BigQuery.
    Accelerate Your Machine Learning With The StreamSQL Feature Store
    2020-06-15 (duration 46m)
    41:08 And then for people who are working on providing data to machine learning teams or working as a machine learning engineer or a data scientist, what are the cases where either using a feature store in general or stream sequel in particular is the wrong choice?
    39:45 And as far as your own experiences, what have been some of the most interesting or challenging or unexpected lessons that you've learned in the process of building stream sequel?
    37:47 and what have you found to be the most challenging or complex aspects of working on or with a feature store as you build out the capabilities of stream sequel and use it for your own work for personal use and Triton
    Data Management Trends From An Investor Perspective
    2020-06-08 (duration 54m)
    02:42 Yeah. Do you remember how you first got involved in the area of data management or working with data companies?
    21:35 And another element that ties into the overall data quality question is the idea of discoverability of the information and being able to track its origin and its lineage to ensure that the processes that are being run on it aren't aligning important information or introducing inaccuracies or older bias data. And that is a big portion of what's covered in the overall concept of data catalogs or metadata management. And I'm wondering what you're seeing as being the main challenges that businesses face in establishing and maintaining those data catalogs and being able to have robust mechanisms for managing all that metadata.
    05:36 From your perspective, as an investor and somebody who's working with these companies, what is it about the overall category of data oriented businesses that you find appealing or attractive?
    Building A Data Lake For The Database Administrator At Upsolver
    2020-06-02 (duration 56m)
    42:00 it. And what are some of the features of your platform or capabilities or ways of using it that are either often overlooked or underutilized by your customers that you think they would benefit from using more frequently?
    08:56 and how do the clouds data warehouses such as snowflake or BigQuery differ from the full fledged data lake in terms of what they're available to offer, and maybe some of the cost issues or performance capabilities compared to using the native data lake technologies, whether that's things like presto and spark or managed platform,
    50:15 of the work that you've done on up solver or using SQL as the interface for data lakes, or just overall data lake technologies and usage that we didn't discuss they'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    Mapping The Customer Journey For B2B Companies At Dreamdata
    2020-05-26 (duration 46m)
    43:57 And are there any other areas of the world work that you're doing at dream data, or the overall space of b2b sales and revenue tracking or any of the other challenges that you're facing in the data landscape that we didn't discuss, they'd like to cover before we close out the show.
    39:19 And in terms of your experience of building and growing both the technical and business elements of dream data, what have you found to be some of the most challenging or interesting or unexpected lessons that you've learned?
    40:59 One of the pieces that you were mentioning before too about the content being one of the strongest drivers of revenue in a particular case, I'm wondering how the overall evolution of the marketing landscape and different types of media or content distribution, how that impacts your overall approach to building out your platform, as well as some of the ways that you're approaching trying to grow your own business or what you found to be some of the most useful mediums or channels for being able to grow revenue or grow the audience.
    Power Up Your PostgreSQL Analytics With Swarm64
    2020-05-18 (duration 52m)
    42:35 in terms of your experience of building this product and growing the business around it. What are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned?
    44:33 And one of the swarm 60 for the wrong choice. And somebody might be better suited either just using vanilla, Postgres or some of the other plugins in the ecosystem or migrating to a different set of database technologies.
    48:47 Are there any other aspects of the work that you're doing at swarm 64, or the Postgres ecosystem or some of the analytical use cases that we've highlighted that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    StreamNative Brings Streaming Data To The Cloud Native Landscape With Pulsar
    43:12 architecture, wondering what you have seen as being some of the most interesting or innovative or unexpected ways that you've seen pulse are used and the applications of streaming data.
    15:23 Am I talking about the kind of streaming capability that influenced the whole deca functionality development or pasa?
    47:07 And for people who are evaluating pulser or considering it as a component of their architectures, what are the cases where a pulsar is the wrong choice and they might be better served with either an entirely different approach or a different set of tooling.
    Enterprise Data Operations And Orchestration At Infoworks
    2020-05-04 (duration 45m)
    42:47 And are there any new features that you have planned for the near to medium term or overall improvements or enhancements to the platform that you'd like to share before we close out the show?
    39:03 And in your experience of building and growing info works as a business and as a technical platform, what are some of the most challenging or interesting or unexpected lessons that you've learned in the process?
    08:12 And the big data technologies that we have now are generally fairly built for purpose, either by the original organization that used it and then open sourced it or by the academic institution that was using it for a particular area of research, which can lead to some sharp edges or difficulties and integrating it into the larger ecosystem. But from your perspective, what have you found to be some of the design or technical limitations of those existing technologies? And how does that contribute to the overall difficulty of using or integrating them effectively into an enterprise organization? Yeah,
    Building Real Time Applications On Streaming Data With Eventador
    2020-04-20 (duration 50m)
    41:43 And what are some of the most interesting or innovative or unexpected ways that you've seen your customers using your platform and building on top of these boundless event streams?
    42:56 and in terms of your experience of building and scaling the event to To our platform and just working in the data management space, what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    38:57 see it heading and is developed uppers are working on building out these streaming workloads and building applications on top of them and trying to schematize the input data, what are some of the sharp edges or design pitfalls or data modeling considerations that they should be aware of?
    Making Data Collection In Your Code Easy With Rookout
    2020-04-14 (duration 26m)
    21:59 and are there Any other aspects of the process of collecting these metrics and information from the software that we're running, or the value that can be obtained from the information that's hiding in those systems, or the overall process of leveraging dark data in an organization that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show or any other aspects of the work that you're doing a workout?
    18:58 and in your experience, so building out this platform for being able to do more ad hoc data collection and bring more people into the process of defining these collection points, what are some of the more interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    23:36 All right. So for anybody who wants to follow along with the work that you're doing the Ron or get in touch, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I would just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    Building A Knowledge Graph Of Commercial Real Estate At Cherre
    2020-04-07 (duration 45m)
    41:09 Are there any other aspects of knowledge graphs in particular, or the work that you're doing at cherry or the challenges that you're facing that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show,
    36:32 And for anybody who is interested in building a knowledge graph of their own, or in the early phases of that process, what are some of the pieces of advice that you have or any useful references that you can point them to?
    34:18 Looking to the near and medium term, what are some of the improvements or enhancements that you have planned to the actual content of the Knowledge Graph itself, or the pipeline and tooling that you have to be able to build and power the graph.
    The Life Of A Non-Profit Data Professional
    2020-03-31 (duration 44m)
    42:02 Well, for anybody who wants to follow along with you, or get in touch or offer their help, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I would just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    40:59 Are there any Other aspects of your work at the NRDC or the tech workers Task Force, or your just overall experience of working in nonprofits as a data professional that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show, I think
    38:00 and going back out to the point of tools and platforms that exist that are available off the shelf, either in terms of open source where you can build to fit or on hosted platforms, what have you found to be some of the most useful or beneficial in the current landscape of data management systems and best practices? And what are the areas that you feel need to be addressed or improved, particularly for workers in the nonprofit sector?
    Behind The Scenes Of The Linode Object Storage Service
    2020-03-23 (duration 35m)
    21:43 right. I mean, in some ways, if you replicate the data across the world, you are creating a CDN, or at least most of it
    31:17 and other any other aspects of object storage or your work on the linode product or anything about your experiences of getting it deployed that we didn't discuss the you'd like to cover before we close out the show. Um,
    30:15 all right. And so as far as your experience of building out this object storage platform and releasing it publicly, what have you found to be some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    Building A New Foundation For CouchDB
    2020-03-17 (duration 55m)
    10:01 Yeah, definitely. Yeah, the CR DT or conflict free replication, or
    44:18 And what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or innovative ways that you've seen couchdb used?
    51:19 Are there any other aspects of the couchdb project and its ecosystem and community or foundation dB, or the work that you're doing to re platform onto the foundation DB engine that we didn't discuss that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show?
    Scaling Data Governance For Global Businesses With A Data Hub Architecture
    2020-03-09 (duration 54m)
    49:57 and are there any other aspects of the data architecture or some of the ways that it's being used or the benefits that it provides that we didn't discuss yet do you think we should cover before we close out the show? I think
    26:22 And then another issue, particularly if you have a deeply layered topology is how you handle the transformations between hubs where they have different rules in terms of how the records should be represented or data quality or cleanliness issues, and being able to handle issues of potential data loss across those different nodes.
    51:14 Well, for anybody who wants to follow along with the work that you're doing or get in touch, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I would just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap in the tooling or technology for data management today.
    Easier Stream Processing On Kafka With ksqlDB
    2020-03-02 (duration 43m)
    38:14 And what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process of working with and on k SQL DB?
    37:38 In terms of the use cases, and usages of K SQL DB, what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or innovative projects that you've seen people build with it?
    36:35 when his case equal dB, the wrong choice, and somebody would be better suited going with just a traditional relational database or a data warehouse or some other type of streaming platform.
    Shining A Light on Shadow IT In Data And Analytics
    2020-02-25 (duration 46m)
    25:49 Or you can't afford to live anywhere there. Right. So, yes,
    20:18 aspect of this is that as we mentioned before the term shadow IT can have this negative connotation, and it can lead to people trying to hide their activities from the central it or just from the organization at large so that they don't get called out on embarking on some maybe unapproved project or incorporating some technology that hasn't been vetted by the powers that be. And so I'm wondering what are some of the ways that we can try and either eliminate that stigma so that people are more willing to be upfront about the fact that, hey, I tried this thing, it's having this useful outcome and then being able to then in incorporate that into the rest of the organization or popularize it or add a way for them to integrate the work that they've been doing into the data sources or data processing systems that are being used throughout the organization.
    29:23 And then shifting gears a bit. We mentioned at the outset that some of the reason that shadow IT projects, particularly in the data and analytics space are starting to become a bit more prevalent is because of the availability of these different cloud tools or, you know, one click provision applications or easy to use databases. So I'm wondering what types of tools or platforms in particular are well suited for being provisioned by people who don't necessarily work in a primarily engineering role or for people who are not necessarily Looking for a end to end integrated solution, they just want something that they can start using in conjunction with existing tools. And some of the potential pitfalls that exist as a result of these tools being so easy to use, and maybe the people who are initially setting them up not having the context or training necessary to be able to foresee some of those potential problems.
    Data Infrastructure Automation For Private SaaS At Snowplow
    2020-02-18 (duration 49m)
    34:04 And in terms of your experience of building out this automation and managing this platform, what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned in the process?
    40:04 And if you were to start over today with all of snowplow and the infrastructure automation that you're using for it, what are some of the things that you would do differently or ways that you would change some of the evolution of either the snowplow pipeline itself or the way that you've approached the infrastructure management?
    19:31 And so in the overall system, which components are the ones that are most subject to variability in traffic or resource pressure, and what are some of the strategies that you use to ensure proper capacity as there might be burstiness and the events that are being ingested or being able to meet some of those latency SLA is that you mentioned so
    Data Modeling That Evolves With Your Business Using Data Vault
    2020-02-09 (duration 1h6m)
    1:01:18 So are there any other aspects of the data vault methodology or data warehouse modeling or anything tangential to what we talked about today that you think we should discuss further.
    56:28 And so, in terms of the foundational skills and experience and knowledge that are necessary for effective data modeling, what have you found to be some of the core elements and for listeners who want to learn more about data modeling in general or data vault specifically what are some of the references or exercises that you recommend? Sure, so I mean,
    50:34 So it's definitely easy to as we talked about this, start thinking that data vault is the solution to all of my problems in terms of being able to handle modeling and accessing and storing all of my data in a very agile fashion to get quick time to value. But what are some of the cases where the data vault approach doesn't really fit the needs of an organization or a use case or it's unnecessarily cumbersome the Because of the size and maturity of the data or the institution that's trying to implement it.
    The Benefits And Challenges Of Building A Data Trust
    2020-02-03 (duration 56m)
    16:35 And for an existing data trust that's already been established. Have you found that there are general approaches to how an individual or an organization might gain access to be either a member of the trust or be able to have some limited access to the data contained there and to be able to do some sort of analysis or build additional products on top of it?
    42:49 And in terms of the types of trust that you've worked with and some of the outcomes of the I'm curious what you have seen as being the most interesting or innovative or inspirational ways that You have seen the bright hive platform used as well as this broader concept of data trust being leveraged,
    13:30 And one of the things that you mentioned there that I'm interested in digging more into is this idea of the ownership of the derivative data sets or aggregate information about the different entities contained within the data owned by the different members of the trust and some of the complications that arise in terms of where the intellectual property would lie as far as any algorithms or derivative data products that come out of the information that's available in this trust.
    Pay Down Technical Debt In Your Data Pipeline With Great Expectations
    2020-01-27 (duration 46m)
    35:24 And I know that we've spoken a bit about some of the interesting or innovative or unexpected ways that Great Expectations is being used within these different contexts of communication and execution. But I'm wondering if there any other areas that or any other interesting examples that we didn't touch on that you think are worth calling out?
    44:02 all right? Well, for anybody who wants to follow along with the work that you're doing or get involved in the Great Expectations project or just get in touch with you, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I'd like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    41:14 And one of the other things that I think is interesting to briefly touch on is the types of data that are usable with great expectations where a lot of times people are going to be defaulting to things that are either in a SQL database or a textual or numeric data. But then there are also potential for things like binary data, or images or videos. And I'm wondering what are some of the ways that Great Expectations works well, with those are some of the limitations to think about what types of data sets are viable for this overall approach to testing?
    Replatforming Production Dataflows
    2020-01-20 (duration 39m)
    20:54 And Sheila, I'm curious if there were any other edge cases that you ran into as you were migrating on to it. And that were easy in that stream based approach, but became either difficult or impractical, or you just needed to think about a different way of approaching it in this declarative model.
    31:46 And are there any other aspects of your experience of migrating the overall data platform either anything specifically about ascend or the process of identifying new platforms or re architecting your systems or from years Side shot, anything that we didn't discuss from your end of bringing Maven on board and working with them to identify the optimal way to take advantage of your platform. any of that, that we didn't discuss yet, either you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    36:06 And Sean, do you have anything to add as far as your perspective on the biggest gap that you see in the tooling or technology that's available for data management today?
    Planet Scale SQL For The New Generation Of Applications
    2020-01-13 (duration 1h1m)
    57:08 And are there any other aspects of yoga by DB or your position in the overall landscape of data management or any of the other aspects of your business or your work on the platform that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show?
    06:44 Yeah, absolutely. And back then you don't realize it right. Like when, like, we were putting this thing together or, like, I mean, open source wasn't that popular back then databases? Definitely not. There was no nothing called NO SEQUEL back then. So it was it was a lot of interesting twists. sentence that the world went through. And it's been pretty rapid, right? The most equals now such a staple, staple thing. But back then it wasn't even a term.
    57:25 Yeah, I'm sure that there are a number of different sub elements that we could probably spend a whole other episode talking about in great detail, but I think we've done a good job of the overview. So for anybody who does want to follow along with the work that you're doing or get in touch, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I'd like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today. Ah,
    Change Data Capture For All Of Your Databases With Debezium
    2020-01-06 (duration 53m)
    44:23 And what are some of the most interesting or unexpected or innovative ways that you've seen DBZ? amused?
    42:14 that every enterprise has, from time to time. And I think it's interesting that you call that the sort of close connection between the design of DBZ and its initial build target of Kafka, and I'm curious if you have explored or what the sort of level of support is for other streaming back end, such as pasar, or per Vega, or if you've looked at other any other architectures or sort of deployment substrates for the DBZ and project itself.
    09:08 And so being able to work across these different systems is definitely valuable. I'm curious if you've seen cases where people are blending events from different data stores to either populate a secondary or tertiary data store or be able to provide some sort of unified logic in terms of the types of events that are coming out of those different systems. Or if you think that the general case is that people are handling those change sets as their own distinct streams for separate purposes.
    Building The DataDog Platform For Processing Timeseries Data At Massive Scale
    2019-12-30 (duration 45m)
    30:59 you've been there for A few years now, I'm curious what you are most proud of, or what have been some of the most interesting projects that you have been engaged with. And out of those any of the lessons that you have found to be particularly valuable or unexpected or just interesting issues that you've had to confront? Oh,
    38:52 Are there any other aspects of your work at data dog or the types of projects that you're building or the platform in general that we didn't discuss yet? You'd like to cover before we close out the show.
    36:25 as you look forward to some of the projects that you've got planned for some of the coming months and years, I'm curious, what are some of the types of technologies or best practices or overall patterns and systems designs that you're trying to keep an eye on or that you're hoping to adopt? And just some of the overall types of challenges that you're anticipating as you move forward?
    Building The Materialize Engine For Interactive Streaming Analytics In SQL
    2019-12-23 (duration 48m)
    42:17 are there any other aspects of your work on materialize or the underlying libraries or the overall space of being able to build a real time analytics engine on streaming data that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    08:06 And in terms of how it fits into the overall life cycle and workflow of data, wondering if you can just give an overview of maybe a typical architecture as to where the data is coming from how it gets loaded into materialize and sort of where it sits on the axis of the sort of transactional workload where it's going into the database to the analytical workload where it may be in a data lake or a data warehouse or any of the other sort of surrounding ecosystem that it might tie into or feed the materialized platform.
    42:11 that it doesn't exactly do what they need. Well, we probably should have fixed that beforehand. So we're doing a bit of that the next next month or two,
    Solving Data Lineage Tracking And Data Discovery At WeWork
    2019-12-16 (duration 1h1m)
    49:53 And what are some of the interesting or unexpected or challenging aspects of building a Maintaining the Marquez project that you have learned in the process of going through it.
    20:31 yeah, being able to identify some of the downstream consumers that are going to be impacted by a job changes I can see as being very valuable because it might inform whether or not you actually want to push that job to production now, or maybe wait until somebody else is done using a particular version of a data set, or at least as you said, having that visibility into what are all the potential impacts. Whereas if you're just focusing on the one job, it can be easy to ignore the fact that there are downstream consumers of the data that you're dealing with and then terms of the inputs to Marquez, we've been talking a lot about some of the sort of discrete jobs and batch oriented workflows. But I'm curious to if there is any capability for being able to record metadata for things like streaming event pipelines, where you have a continuous flow of data into a data lake or a given table, or that might be fed into a batch job that's maybe doing some sort of windowing functions and how the breakdown falls as far as batch versus streaming workloads.
    43:39 So we have some tagging features and in can be used to leverage to you know, to implement privacy or security aspect or encoding SLA s, right. He's my data experimental is my data production, really, those kind of aspects that people can use it for? other aspect is adding data quality metrics in the data set. So we've been experimenting with great expectations to do this. And you then people can decide. Usually it's it's using two ways whether when you're producing the data, and just having some declarative properties and force in your data set and fail, you know, you don't want to let anybody see that data set, if it's the code may run and not declare any errors, but the result is not correct. And so that can be used as a, you know, circuit breaker to not start the downstream jobs and never not publish these data set. All the ways people use it is actually the consumers may have different opinions of what the data quality should be for them to run their job. So they can also use as a pre validation check, like enforcing certain data quality metrics, before consuming a job in preventing you Bad data to percolate through the system, right? Because then it can be expensive or of impacting production, especially if you're doing machine learning or recommendation engine or things like that. If you have beta, bad data going in, then you have bad recommendation coming out, right. And that's has a real impact on the production systems. So those are some of the ways people are using it. So there are always two aspects. Either you have a more January January tagging or flexible type of metadata adding to an existing entity, or if it's something that can benefit that's from being including in the core model, then it can become like an actual attribute or an entity in the model.
    SnowflakeDB: The Data Warehouse Built For The Cloud
    2019-12-09 (duration 58m)
    54:28 Are there any other aspects of the snowflake platform or the ways that it's being used or the use cases that it enables that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    50:12 And what are some of the plans for the future of snowflake DB either from the technical or business side?
    33:10 And then in terms of the overall system architecture and the implementation details, I'm wondering if there are any sort of edge cases or limitations that you're dealing with or any of the specific challenges for being able to design and implement this across multiple different cloud vendors?
    Organizing And Empowering Data Engineers At Citadel
    2019-12-03 (duration 45m)
    36:57 And are there any tools or practices or industry trends that you're keeping an eye on that you're excited to try and incorporate into your workflow?
    38:10 And are there any other aspects of your work at Citadel or the challenges that you're facing or the ways that you're using data that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    34:54 And as you continue to evolve the capabilities requirements of the data organization at Citadel what are some of the challenges, whether technical or business oriented or team oriented that you are facing and that you're interested in tackling in the coming weeks and months?
    Building A Real Time Event Data Warehouse For Sentry
    2019-11-26 (duration 1h1m)
    51:00 Are there any other upcoming new projects or any other major data challenges that you're facing at century that are either causing enough pain that you need to do a major refactor or anything that is forward looking that you're able to spend time and focus on now that you freed yourself from the burden of trying to maintain these multiple different systems? And they're lagging consistency?
    37:55 Yeah, that's a that's a good question. So I think I think this entire process from start to like being at 100% live probably took roughly a year, give a give or take.
    48:20 And the snoozefest system itself, it is an open source project. Is it something that is potentially useful outside of the context of century where somebody might be able to adapt it to different search implementations? Or is it something that's fairly closely linked to the way that the century application is using it? And it wouldn't really be worth spending the time on trying to replicate the functionality for a different back end or for a different consumer?
    Escaping Analysis Paralysis For Your Data Platform With Data Virtualization
    2019-11-18 (duration 55m)
    48:48 Are there any other aspects of the scale platform and the work that you're doing there or the ideas around data virtualization or data engineering automation that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before? close out the show.
    47:15 And what do you have planned for future iterations of the scale platform and business either in terms of feature improvements or new product areas,
    30:44 Ah, alright. Well, that depends. I think on the organization, I think that you would be best served to have your data engineering team, working on building out what some people call the real time enterprise or streaming and figuring out How to Improve the latency and the quality of the data as it pertains to collection in all the ingest stuff, and then potentially, I think that has much higher yield because garbage in garbage out faster data, you know, faster is better. The streaming use cases, nobody's really figured that out yet, at a sort of an enterprise scale. So that's a great place to spend your data engineering time. There are, you know, I read this statistic somewhere in I wish I could remember where so I could attribute it but I went back and checked and it's true. There are 7500 job openings for data engineers in San Francisco. There are 7400 people with the title of a data engineer in LinkedIn for the US. So we have more demand for data engineering skills in San Francisco, then we have supply in the US I'm sure they're going to find something to use those data engineers to do if they don't have to go and get this data element, make it available in Tableau for, you know, for the marketing group that's, that should be automated, I think we can all agree, things that should be automated, or can be automated, probably should be automated. That's an Fs that we really believe in. And it's not about taking away jobs at data engineering. In fact, it's about making data engineers much more happy in the work that they do. Look at what they're doing. If you join data engineering teams that at Facebook or or, or Amazon or Google or any of the big cloud vendors. Those are really interesting challenges. Making a data element available for an end user is super high value from a business perspective, but not a fun engineering challenge. And in terms of challenges that you have been faced with and the process of building growing the at scale platform, I'm curious what have been some of the most interesting or unexpected ones you've had to overcome. And some of the most useful lessons that you've learned in the process. Hire, I think hiring it finding the right people to work on. The types of problems that we work on that are extremely algorithmic in nature. We every single thing needs to be scalable to multi petabytes, you know, on the engine side of things, which is the Scala based software that we develop, it's, it's all about getting the right person in there and then getting them up to speed on, you know, essentially how databases are built. Even though we're not a database. We're kind of doing database like development, but even harder, because we have to support all the databases out there.
    Designing For Data Protection
    2019-11-11 (duration 51m)
    14:00 Yeah, some of the ways that you can determine whether or not the data that you're dealing with is actually subject to these regulations. And I think that the blanket approach that a lot of companies are taking is that it's too hard to identify at a granular level, whether or not somebody is a European citizen or isn't or is in some way related to the European Union or California. And so they just apply the same sets of principles in a blanket sense. And I'm wondering what your thoughts are on some of the sort of best strategies to approach the regulatory environment that we're in now.
    16:44 And then, from the organizational and technical perspective, what are some of the conflicts or constraints that act against some of the efforts that they might try to put in place to implement data protection whether it's because The technical systems design that they have doesn't really allow for proper segregation or tracking or whether it's a matter of policy as far as helping the different people within the organization understand the importance of these different regulations and their enforcement.
    37:51 undertake. And then another layer where this manifests particularly in terms of updating data, or having a custom dumber allied bits of information from their records is how it's being used in downstream use cases, whether it's business analytics or doing some sort of machine learning on aggregate data, and how that plays into the need to either regenerate a model after it's gone through a training regimen once you get the data updated, or how the data is actually being used, or what particular attributes of a record are being used within those analytics and some of the technologies and techniques that are viable for still remaining within compliance of these regulations, especially as far as some of the explain ability requirements that come up.
    Automating Your Production Dataflows On Spark
    2019-11-04 (duration 48m)
    37:54 and what are some of the most interesting or unexpected lessons that you've had to learn in the process or edge cases that you've encountered? Well, building us and both from the technical and business perspective?
    45:26 And are there any other aspects of the work that you're doing at ascend or other aspects of the idea of declarative data pipelines or anything along those lines that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show,
    40:27 And then in terms of the overall capabilities of the system, or business success that you've achieved so far, what are some of the elements that you're most proud of? And in terms of feature sets or capabilities, any that have gained the greatest level of adoption?
    Build Maintainable And Testable Data Applications With Dagster
    2019-10-28 (duration 1h7m)
    1:02:03 Are there any other aspects of Dexter or your work elemental or your thoughts in the space of data applications that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    31:57 and then for somebody who wants to Extended Dexter and either integrate it with other systems that they're running or add new capabilities to it or implement their own scheduler logic. What are the different extension and integration points that Dexter exposes?
    25:39 Yeah, and if there's nothing else, the other thing that I really noticed coming at this industry fresh is just how heterogeneous and fractured it was. Meaning that in when you have teams building these data applications, even in the simplest case of like a kind of a coherent or typical European Crossing three or four technology boundaries with dealing with these
    Data Orchestration For Hybrid Cloud Analytics
    2019-10-22 (duration 42m)
    31:26 and shift approach. And we've highlighted a few different tools in the data orchestration space in the form of Alexia and presto and spark etc. But I'm wondering what you see as being some of the missing pieces or gaps in the landscape where there's an opportunity for either extending some of the existing tools or building a new tool or platform to fill that particular gap and any efforts that you're seeing on those friends?
    39:48 And are there any other aspects of data orchestration or hybrid cloud migration projects that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    14:43 Yeah, definitely. And I'm wondering if you have any specific instances or an example topology of their a customer that you've worked with, or a story that you've heard from people who are either using Alexia or somebody These other tools in the space to give a bit more of a concrete feel for somebody who is maybe still a little uncertain about how they might go about approaching this particular type of problem of having a constraint in terms of the amount of computer storage that they're able to access and then needing to be able to leverage some of these technologies to be able to expand their footprint and expand their capabilities.
    Keeping Your Data Warehouse In Order With DataForm
    2019-10-15 (duration 47m)
    37:50 And then in terms of your experience of building and running the data form project and business, what have you found to be some of the most interesting or Unexpected or challenging lessons that you've learned?
    43:24 Yeah, having the pre packaged data tests, I'm sure would be quite interesting and useful, especially for cases where you're providing validation for some common data sources where somebody might be pulling from Google Analytics, or maybe Twitter or LinkedIn for being able to ensure that there's an appropriate schema or that you have some sort of common needs that are able to be encapsulated in those pre baked tests.
    44:41 Well, for anybody who wants to get in touch with you or follow along with the work that you're doing. I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I'd like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap in the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    Open Source Object Storage For All Of Your Data
    2019-09-23 (duration 1h8m)
    53:20 because of the fact that you have gained this measure of popularity, I'm sure that there have been some interesting use cases that have come about and I'm wondering what you have found to be some of the most interesting or innovative or unexpected ways that you've seen mid IO used.
    1:02:23 Are there any other aspects of the work that you're doing admin IO, or the overall space that you're working in, that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover? Before we close out the show?
    35:28 So can you talk through the overall clustering strategy that you use and some of the way that you actually manage the file metadata, given that you don't have a centralized storage layer or a database for being able to reference that.
    Navigating Boundless Data Streams With The Swim Kernel
    2019-09-18 (duration 57m)
    42:50 object handle or an object
    38:39 let the app application data or let the data build the app, or most of the app can bonus in response
    09:29 And then as far as the primary use cases that you are enabling with the swim platform, and some of the different ways that enterprise organizations are implementing it, what are some of the cases were using something other than swim, either the OS or the Data Fabric layer would be either impractical or intractable if they were trying to use more traditional approaches such as Hadoop, as you mentioned, or data warehouse and more batch oriented workflows?
    Building A Reliable And Performant Router For Observability Data
    2019-09-10 (duration 55m)
    39:19 that they need. Another aspect of the operational characteristics of the system are being able to have visibility into particularly at the aggregate or level, what the current status is of the buffering or any errors that are cropping up, and just the overall system capacity. And I'm curious if there's any current capability for that, or what the future plans are along those lines.
    36:03 And then, in terms of the deployment, apologies that are available, you mentioned one situation where you're forwarding to a Kafka topic. But I'm curious what other options there are for ensuring high availability, and just the overall uptime of the system for being able to deliver messages or events or data from the source to the various destinations.
    51:28 Well, I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this project. And for anybody who wants to follow along with you, or get in touch with either of you and keep track of the work that you're doing, I'll have you each add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, and I would just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    Building A Community For Data Professionals at Data Council
    2019-09-02 (duration 52m)
    49:14 Are there any other aspects of your work on data council or your investment, or your overall efforts in the data space that we didn't discuss yet that you'd like to cover before we close out the show?
    50:09 And for anyone who does want to follow up with you, or keep in touch or follow along with the work that you're doing. I'll have your contact information in the show notes. And as a final question, I just like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    39:47 in terms of the challenges that are often faced for an engineering founder in growing a business and making it viable. What are some of the common points of conflict or misunderstandings or challenges that they encounter? And what are some of the ways that you typically work to help them in establishing the business and setting out on a path to success? Well, I
    Building Tools And Platforms For Data Analytics
    2019-08-26 (duration 48m)
    44:02 So for anybody who wants to get in touch with you or follow along with the work that you're doing, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I'd like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today.
    44:27 but monitor in knowing again, when I have a question and I see something out of place, I can very quickly tied out whether or not it was because I did have changes whether or not it was because some assumption that I made got it validated whether or not it was because a data pipeline didn't work, or a pipeline ran in a way that was an ordering That was unexpected, all those sorts of things, I think are super valuable, and save analysts tons of time, from actually having to dig through kind of the weeds of these problems. There's another place that I think we're starting to see some movement. But we still sort of don't have a real solid four, which is a centralized modeling layer,
    02:29 in the tech world. And do you remember how you first get involved in the area of data management?
    A High Performance Platform For The Full Big Data Lifecycle
    2019-08-19 (duration 1h13m)
    26:01 co I love to so very well let's let's set up something very simple. As an example, you have a number of data sets that are coming from the outside, you need to load those data sets into HPC. So the first operation that happens is something that is known as spray spray is simple process is an spray comes from the concept of spray painting the data across the cluster, right. So this runs on a Windows box or a Linux box and it will take the data set, let's say that your data set is just given number in million records long. It will unusual as it can be in any format, CSV or or any other or fixed length limited or whatever. So it will look at your data total data set, it will look at the size of the four cluster where the data will be saved initially for processing. And let's say that you have a million records in your data set and you have MN nodes on your for let's just make round numbers and the small numbers. So it will a petition the dataset into 10 partitions because you have to note and it will a then just copy transfer each one of those partitions to the corresponding to full node This is done. If it can be better lies in some way, because for example, your latest fix link, it will automatically use pointers and paralyze this if the data is in either no and XML format or in the limited format where it's very hard to find the partition points, you will need to do a pass in the data, find the friction points and eventually do the panel copying to the thought system. So now you will end up with 10 partitions of the data with the data in no particular order, the Netherlands, all of them that you had before, right. So the first 100,000 records will go to the first note the second 100,000 Records, we go to the second node and so on so forth until you go to the end of the data set this put each one of the nodes in a similar amount of records per node, which tends to be a good thing for most processes. Once the data is spread or
    1:09:48 it's great to hear that you have all these outreach opportunities as well for trying to help bring more people into technology as a means of giving back as well as as a means of helping to be your community and contribute to the overall use cases that it empowers. So for anybody who wants to follow along with you or get in touch, I'll have you add your preferred contact information to the show notes. And as a final question, I'd like to get your perspective on what you see as being the biggest gap and the tooling or technology that's available for data management today,
    56:41 that level of abstraction that is pretty high anyway, in ECL, wasn't enough for prolific data linkage. So we created another language we called it sold and we the unrelated language is open source, by the way, it's still providing, but that language is a language that is you're going to consider it a domain specific language for data Liggett productively only get and data integration, so that a compiler for salt, compile salt into CL, and they feel compelled by this EL into c++, c++, clang or GCC compiler into assembler. So you can see how abstraction layers or like layers in an audience, of course, every time you apply an improvement and optimization in the sale compiler, or sometimes the GCC compiler team applies an optimization. And you see everyone else on top of that, of that layer benefits from the optimization, which is quite interesting. We like it so much that eventually we have another problem, which is dealing with graphs. And when I say graphs, I mean social graphs rather than