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Armchair Treasure Hunter
2022-08-05 (duration 55m)
41:40 recording on Friday, this
03:17 Friday, the Buzzsprout crews all
03:57 The best ones we've ever
VUD 014 Begegnung mit der Befangenheit (2x3) We'll always have Tom Paris
2022-08-06 (duration 4h33m)
[from img]
[from img]
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4:24:11 Gleichzeitig so viele Themen halt auch ins Jahr 2021 damit geholt, ne? Also grade auch diese ganze Thematik um Orion und so weiter, ja.
1:53:25 ausgelöscht sein wird, wenn diese beiden jetzt sich auch noch umbringen und hier ist ja quasi genau das äh Black Live Matters Thema drin.
4:09:22 Dann werden Sie wahrscheinlich kurz in der Bar sitzen, hier einen für meinen best buddy hier oder so und dann noch eine kurze Unterschrift und weg.
"Kraut und Rüben (mit Tobi MM)"
2022-08-08 (duration 1h22m)
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52:42 die website ist immer noch in the demo und es kriegt deal zweihundert einfach nicht übers herz ich war of black pride oder das für die kollektion
48:47 super schön so sitzende wunschmaschine stroms topf blog super easy bedienen ist alles ab best aussehenden plugins ich kenne sind die ganze summers fantastisches sein bedienung febi aber design ist
The Royal Society on scientific publishing
2022-08-08 (duration 1h2m)
[from content:encoded] Bernd Chris...
33:53 of deals to make sure that thosejournals and those institutions
33:59 But plan S in recognizing thedifficulties of making these deals
31:58 So nothing is evercompletely black and white.
S4 Episode 18: Sanjay Srivastava Chief Digital Officer at Genpact on their partnership with the Envision Racing Team and the future of electric vehicles
2022-07-24 (duration 47m)
[from description] High-growth, high-performance companies need to do extraordinary things to remain competitive. I rec...
[from content:encoded] High-growth, high-performance companies need to do extraordinary things to remain competitive. I rec...
30:29 The best piece of
32:27 best way to reach me, and I'm
37:04 very best ones can have a peak
Stranger Than Fanfiction
2022-07-22 (duration 56m)
07:09 officially published on Friday.
07:01 feed until Friday when you
23:12 interested in what's best for
EGL003 Encanto: Transgenerationale Weitergabe von Traumata bei Disney+
2022-07-07 (duration 1h10m)
[from description] ... Hasenheide. Wir sprechen über den Disney-Film "Encanto" aus dem Jahr 2021 und entdecken den Horrorfilm hinter der Happy Happy Magie (vgl. The Stepford Wives, 1975). Das...
[from itunes:summary] ...e. Wir sprechen über den Disney-Film "Encanto" aus dem Jahr 2021 und entdecken den Horrorfilm hinter der Happy Happy Magie (vgl. The Stepford Wives, 1975). Das...
[from content:encoded] ... Encanto Shows Disney Is Copying Pixar’s Best Villain Trick The Stepford Wives (1975 film) - Wikipedia Mitwirkende ...
00:54 Encanto der Film den ich bestimmt nicht vorstellen Encanto von Disney kam 2021 raus,
Mike Mansplains, Low Effort Men, Conventional Attractiveness, Fingering
2022-07-14 (duration 1h3m)
00:23 It's it's just not as exciting when like you fully identify that like this smelly thing comes from that body part and so you aren't as interested in it now I can understand that and I'm sure this is a young woman asking the question. Um, you know she's not going to want to do that? um. 1 person I mean a lot of people responding this are saying break up with him that's like the standard response I should mention that yeah for the for the sort of female oriented subreddits. That's often the answer which which fair enough I mean I'm not sure the the thing that's ironic about that is that like. And like maybe you should break up with a guy that's like consistently demanding anal sex like I don't know I mean keep in mind that like he's probably demanding it when he's super horny. Not like you're not just sitting watching Tv or something at three P M while 3 pm you wouldn't be but it's say at six zero Pm or having dinner and he's like hey what about that butthole he's probably not doing that. Probably when he's super horny and so None thing to realize for a woman is like his mentality is pretty different when he's super horny and so probably a topic that's best addressed when he's not super horny. Um I mean to be fair like culture has moved on a little bit here and so you know we've. Discussed lately on the show. The fact that like really analingus is the new anal sex. So you know, maybe it's at the point now when you like really have to have anal sex. Um, here's a nice answer that I see anal is awful and I won't do it I've tried it but was never pressured just thought it was something to try I can't believe people tell women. Quote unquote how to prepare for 15 minutes of pure torture to please quote unquote her man fuck that it's funny because I read and so I read out of what is wrong with me I read like ah another study about this stuff was a study about reasons women trinal sex. There was a huge correlation. It was like. 70% of the time anal sex is correlated with doing drugs or alcohol. So basically it's I think there was some quote it's like get drunk have anal um, and this was from a study like it was a quote from one of the participants or what you know, survey respondents. Um. So yeah I mean that's that's definitely an occupational hazard there. Um, but in in the study. Ah essentially all of the women. It was like ninety plus percent said it was painful when they did it. That's interesting to me because. If you read online and more sex positive things. There's this really strong emphasis placed on. Oh it doesn't have to be painful. You can lubricate a lie you can sort of manage it and it makes me wonder if a there might be like a survivorship bias of.
00:17 So there's a um, there's a thing that american propaganda ah back during the cold war used to do which was they would now maybe it was japanese propaganda in world war two. Anyway, you can look this up but basically the idea was. To start off have a person start off on the radio like saying None point of view and then gradually be convinced by the other point of view and the idea was like people would be like oh yeah I hate america or whatever I hate cuba and then the person would gradually like start telling them. How Cuba is pretty cool and then by the end after like six months they would you know have. Converted some people by like changing the mind and don't worry I'm not trying to convert you to thinking porn is bad. That's not what's going on here. But it's an interesting point of view I thought it was an interesting clip to I think that's really common. Basically I mean there was a sort of well-known series girls. Girls do porn I think which is basically college girls who maybe didn't completely understand what was going on and I think pretty clearly and I think this is common in the industry. Um, and in spite of their best efforts like basically you have women who are sort of compliant agreeable. Just typical and it's ah women are more likely to be sort of agreeable than men. They're just not sure what they want to do and and then it's like oh man like none of all, they sort of dissociate they check out and then now you have this video of yourself having sex. It's on the internet and like sure for Kim Kardashian that worked out great I guess if if you can call that working out great. Um, but ah for many women it doesn't work out as well because that yeah, it's basically just now you've done porn. It's kind of a drag. Um and also like yeah I mean it very much the way sort of I model this mentally. And think it's really It's really hard I think it's actually really really difficult for men to see how sex seems to women and vice versa that um I mean I try but I think it's actually like quite difficult which is yeah I mean it's really really super ultra important to men and that's difficult for women to see. It's like why would this be so important like sure orgasms feel good. But like why? Why are you like orienting your entire life around just like doing this certain activity with your cock like why is that and really and you know why are you risking? Whatever prison losing money doing all these things like just around this one activity and then vice versa like men are just like why don't why aren't women more pleasure seeking. Of course an interesting side. Note here is that like drugs and sort of other kind of pleasure seeking like that I mean the nyhomaniac video that I watches specifically pleasure seeking around sex but like um, a lot of the women who are doing this sort of sex work and so forth have other sort of pleasure seeking things and it makes me wonder if.
00:28 But then there are other men to say hey you can't just assume all men are going to be creeps. It's sexist across the street at night when you see a man just because ah you just assume he's going to hurt you. There's just these wildly different perspectives. It's really crazy how you hear men talk about their impression of other men thoughts of which perspective is more accurate. Well. Ah there's an edit you know what? what made me think of that this earlier today was my brother who's a president of his fraternity. He told me that he has friends who have girlfriends who they hate but they that they say they have to hang out with because otherwise people will think they're weird or rapy since they don't want to have they don't have any female friends. Okay. And then somebody mentions the ah the Trump the Donald Trump video where he said grab grab him by the pussy and then call that locker room talk and then somebody white knighted and said well my what is it um boyfriend or dad or something said oh I've never heard that in a locker. My husband my husband never never said I've never heard that in locker room. Well okay. Here me give you the lowdown like this absolutely does get set in locker room. So somebody's saying they've never heard it in the locker room or like among men is that's yeah I mean there are men who would never talk this way sure like maybe very religious men. Um, yeah, maybe people who are extremely like. Upright upstanding like yes, there are always going to be again exceptions but in general men do talk this way like that's ah, pretty normal. Um I didn't find what Donald Trump said shocking he was bragging about um, having access to a celebrity I think and her kind of. Being flattered by his celebrity I mean look people like famous people. That's the way it goes. Um, that's why I'm doing a podcast frankly like I mean why do a podcast like look the best way to get famous of course is to a podcast. Um, that's not true, but the ah so the. The truth is somewhere in the middle on this It's either both true ah men are all porndicted perverts I don't remember the stats I don't have them offhand on what percentage of men use porn. But it's a really high number really really, really, really truly high number and it's something you can look up I mean these are things that can be surveyed you know pornhub is one of the top websites on the web. Ah, of the top like 50 domain names accessed on the web a substantial percentage of them I don't have it in front of me, but it's surprising you know a lot of them are porn and this is just generally true and and the thing that people say about the vcr the the I mean some of the first films ever recorded were porn. You can actually find them. Online some of them. Ah and the development of the internet look I mean the the fact that this became possible on the internet was certainly um in relation to ah pon. And yeah I mean it's just not It's just sort of.
Free Use, Contraction Counts, Backdoor Flavor, MFF Declined, Gifted Plugs
2022-07-07 (duration 1h0m)
00:11 Yeah, more or less I mean it was the None 2 None of all, she was insistent that it's the None 2 Not the first one and that the None one sometimes is the better one the best 1 like the second is the peak of the curve. Ah, but she also.
00:35 Sort of where school goal you uniform which sounds like something with somebody something somebody would say when they were just like put on the spot and they had to produce a fantasy like but that question itself is a minefield for the man right? like he can't say oh you know I want to fuck your best friend.
00:26 Yeah, yeah, so those are some negatives but but in general it wouldn't matter but I would say that I think that ah it's something like if you drew a curve. Ah you know where the X-axis is like time since last shower and the Y- Axis is hell. Much I appreciate it like it's perfectly linear like the the like if it was right after but most recent shower. That's the best and like it goes down Linearly I'm I'm assuming for you. It's similar.
Failing Upwards with Matt Rideout & Tom Rossi
2022-07-08 (duration 1h3m)
35:01 about 800,000 in 2021.
29:43 was done last year, so 2021. So
34:11 And then it went down for 2021.
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