It was one of those warm early nights in spring as it happened. Again. I was browsing a podcast's websites, searching for the link to the feed. Or at least the Podlove-Subscribe-Button. I didn't find it. Not the first time, not the last time, I fear. What did I do? I opened fyyd, put the podcast's title into the search form and found, what I was looking for.

Yet, this is too... much. Too much trouble, too much work. Copy, paste, klick... What, if I take the URL to the podcast, since I have it in the browsers adressbar, throw it at the fyyd and see, what it has to say? Great idea! I took the original search algorithm and let it check, if the keyword looks like an URL. If it does, it redirects to its own result page, searching for URLs inside the feeds addresses, the episodes links and of course the podcast website's URLs.

The result was good. Good enough to let it live. Just take the URL, put it into fyyd and let the database do the rest for you. But yet the bang was to come. It took me ten minutes to realize, what great idea it was, that Simon Waldherr had:

(to my excuse: I had a long day, it was around midnight, had a beer or two and just decided to buy a caravan that evening. I had a lot of thoughts inside my head, podcasts being not the first and only ;-))

The Tweet

roughly translated: what about a bookmarklet?

You're talking too much!

In the end it's easy. Here's a link: fyyd the feed. Don't open it, just drag it to where your bookmarks live.

In case you are lost searching for a feed on a podcast's website, just click the bookmarklet and wait for fyyd to do the searching for you. That's it. No more magic. Just finding.

Did I forget something? I think not, except: thanks, Simon. Great idea!

One more...!

There's one more thing you can do with this: Having an episode's page open in the browser, there's a good chance, that fyyd knows this URL. So why not automatically call fyyd to add this episode to your personal feed or any other curation? The snippet for this function is this: fyydify me!. Please add this one to your bookmarksbar as well.

For any other than your personal curation/feed, just add the curation's slug to the end of the URL:

So on any page with a podcast's episode, just click the bookmarklet and fyyd will add the episode to your feed. Of course the podcast and the episode must be in my database. You'll have to login into fyyd, if not already done :)

Thanks to Stefan Trauth, the creator of the Funkenstrahlen-Podcast :)

It doesn't work with my iPhone!

It does, but it's a bit clunky. Open your mobile Safari and then click the following link: fyyd the feed for the URL search or fyydify me! for the fyydify function. Create a bookmark for this page, maybe give it a good name for the list: "fyyd the feed". Now just save it.

Now open the bookmarks list again and edit this new bookmark. Remove the part until 'javascript...' (means: remove '') and then save it again: done!

You could also save a random page to the bookmarks and edit it with the following contents:

URL search:

fyydify me:

I do not know how to do that with other mobile browsers found on Android. You could donate some devices or just send me instructions :) I'll publish them here. Thanks!

Of course you can just send me devices. That's ok ;-))