Sisters Who Scene It

Two sisters from Jersey tackle movies from their childhood with fresh eyes. One is in her 20's, and loves nerdy, sci-fi, horror, and family movies, while the other is in her 30's, and loves rom-coms, dramas, and indie movies. Tune in to listen to Katie and Bridget as they reminisce, theorize, and laugh through all the different movie genres!


episode 141: The Others

Katie and Bridget eat some ghost soup as they re-watch the movie: The Others! It's a movie all about how when your house becomes covered in fog and all the birds disappear and everybody from your life mysteriously disappears and you hear weird noises and your kids tell you that there's someone living in your house... Welp... You just might be a ghost! Spoiler alert! Come along as we meet Grace, a woman who really just needs some therapy and vitamin D; Ann, an 11 year old who definitely should run for Congress; and Nicholas, a little boy who to no fault of his own - may actually be a wooden puppet come to life. This dysfunctional family wastes time being unnecessarily enabled by their new ghost maids - which seems weird that someone would voluntarily choose to continue being a maid when you're a ghost, doesn't it? Will the family figure out who the others are? Is the bible full of bullshit?! Released in 2001, it stars the one and only Nicole Kidman. 

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 2023-04-12  56m