Sisters Who Scene It

Two sisters from Jersey tackle movies from their childhood with fresh eyes. One is in her 20's, and loves nerdy, sci-fi, horror, and family movies, while the other is in her 30's, and loves rom-coms, dramas, and indie movies. Tune in to listen to Katie and Bridget as they reminisce, theorize, and laugh through all the different movie genres!


episode 144: The Fifth Element

Katie and Bridget podcast in space (on a hijacked space cruise ship) as they re-watch the movie: The Fifth Element! It's a movie all about how Captain Planet was right listing out 5 elements of Earth instead of just 4! ...Look it was written by a teenage boy okay!? Come along as we meet Korben Dallas, a guy who speaks in mumbles, who gets thrust into a random plot about saving the world from an evil planet called Dr. Shadow!(??!?!?) Oh yeah he also falls in love with the supreme being named Leeloo, who can save us all but only if Korben and her make out..... Guys this was written by a teenage boy okay!? They are up against evil aliens and the very charismatic Zorg, in addition to getting to podcast with Ruby Rhod for a little as well! Will they be able to get out of the escape room - er, we mean... Will they be able to save the planet? Does future Earth apparently still have landlines!? Released in 1997, it stars Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, and Chris Tucker.

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 May 3, 2023  1h2m