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episode 169: Into The Night (1985) V.S. After Hours (1985) W/ @IAMJACSMusings

Not only does THE KING @IAMJACSMusings finally return to podcasting today it’s also #DerekEsoteric’s track release day!!! https://t.co/42KrgLZtEj As #JohnLandis squares up to #MartinScorsese JAC & I compare their equally Screwball Film Noirs! #IntoTheNight & #AfterHours!! Join us as as we discuss director cameos, S&M and #DavidBowie #PrepareForPrattle 

Listen to JAC’s #BackToTheFilmography Podcast here! anchor.fm/back-to-the-fi…

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Want to the know the directors who cameo in Into The Night? Watch this! https://youtu.be/0TF_nGCeGak 

Want to hear me & Angry Andy list our favourite Nic Cage characters in Paul’s Super Draft? Listen here! https://tinyurl.com/ywdufcpm 

Want to know how the Internet invented a Scorsese hidden gem? Go here! https://collider.com/goncharov-fake-martin-scorsese-film/ 

Who is the Mystery Man at the End of "After Hours"? 

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