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episode 50: Wrinkles

Things gettin rough! Is it ok to get wrinkles at 50? I mean episodes... of this messy radioshow-a-like disaster. Here's another mixed bag of crackly coolness and tough teenagers on 45.

They went round and round and round...

Bobby Smith & Sonny Freeze - Cool Cool Baby (GUITAR)
Rodney & The Blazers - Wrinkles (KAMPUS)
The Emperor - Tough De Times (ARGO)
Bobby Wallin - Voo Doo Drums (WATERFALL)
Akim - Voodoo Drums (PAN WORLD)
Bob Luman - Amarillo Blues (unissued/SLEAZY)
Vernon Taylor - Your Lovin' Man (unissued/SUN)
Ronnie Fuller - Do The Dive (JOLI)
Bobby Allen - Gonna Leave This Town (ARD)
The Marquis - Six Gun (CLASS)
Ollie Shepard - My Baby's Gone (GEE)
Les & Helen Tussey - They Went Round (POOR BOY)
W. Lee O'Daniel - High Falutin' Newton (COLUMBIA)
The Staple Singers - Gambling Man (RIVERSIDE)
Sorrells Pickard - The Gates Of Hell (STOP)
Troy Onteare - Love's Secret Charms (MAXWELL 56)
Art Jones - She Loves Me (RAVEN)
Tiny Tim - I've Gotta Find Someone (TEEN'S CHOICE)
The Krazy Kords - That's My Desire (AMERICAN)

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 May 29, 2023  1h14m