Sedano & Kap

Jorge Sedano and Scott Kaplan keeps you entertained in the afternoons. Jorge’s in-depth knowledge of the NBA and Scott’s unorthodox style is a great fit for your drive home.


HR 1: Let's Reverse The Roles!

Sedano & Kap start off the show with some Crosstalk with Mason & Ireland. Kap asks Jorge about today’s Dodgers game, which he took his son to, to see Blippy. Kap has a lot of questions about Blippy. Kap talks about it being National Flip Flop Day and goes on a rant about his nasty feet. He also complains about how he can’t get into his new ESPN email. Aaron Rodgers did an in-depth interview with The Athletic and is basically trying to rewrite history in regards to his breakup with the Packers. Kap breaks down how it all comes down to having one bar of reception at home.

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 2023-06-01  52m