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episode 52: Delicious!

Uh huh! More delicious platters without any food theme, for you connoisseurs of melodic meals served on raw wax with spicy crackle.

Go home to your mother, find yourself another...box of records:

Steve Wright - Wild Wild Woman (LIN)
Carol & The Country Rebels - Fire Below (RAYDAR)
Roy Moss - You Don't Know My Mind (MERCURY)
The Shenandoah Trio - Surfin' Man (NEFI)
Sleepy LaBeff - I'm Through (MERCURY)
The Tornadoes - Phantom Surfer (AERTAUN)
Tommy Moreland - The Drifter (MAID)
Little Jimmy Dickens - Hey Ma! Hide The Daughter (COLUMBIA)
The Cutups - She Has Gone (JIM)
The Viceroys - Death Of An Angel (IMPERIAL)
Sonny Knight - If You Want This Love (AURA)
Mike Jarret - Devil's Hand (EXPRESS)
Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted (SUN)
Roy Orbison - You're My Baby (SUN)
Bobby Hamilton - Uh-Huh, Baby (DIANA)
Paul Anka - Uh Huh (COLUMBIA)
Rod Bernard - All Night In Jail (CARL)
Huey Simms - Outlaw (CASTLE)
Earl King - Baby You Can Get Your Gun (ACE)
Alva - The Fastest Gun Alive (KP)
The Saturday Knights - Ticonderoga (SWAN)
Jim Backus and Friend - Delicious! (JUBILEE)

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 July 17, 2023  1h13m