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episode 8: [DD] Data Wonking with Podmother Gail Carriger

Streamed live, July 10, 2023
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S9 Ep8
Horny chaotic god energy is what we're all about in today's Ditch Diggers, "Data Wonking with Podmother Gail Carriger" where Gail joins us to talk about sifting through data in self publishing. It is some heady stuff, and we discuss tying your self worth to "bad" data and more!

Gail Carriger: 30:30 (ish): My sense of failure will kick in when a reader says I love Gail Carriger. And I didn't know she had a new book out, that's when I feel like I failed at my job. I am an author, that's the one job I had is to make sure that people who liked me can read my new books, right? That's it.


  • Let's Get Weedy
  • Twitter doesn't kiss well
  • When you have a new book out, your main job is to make sure your existing fans know.
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