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episode 53: Nila and Samura

No, the title doesn't make any sense at all, but these names sound like you should expect the extra extravagant exotica excursion that this show isn't really. However, you can expect a bunch of great 45s - promoting suicide, superstition and smoking cornsilks.

Good giggly wiggly!

Chuck Hix - Loretta (FLARE)
Don Weston - Wildfire (COAST)
Danny & The Del-Airs - Samura (STRIPE)
Don Weston - Superstition Mountain (COAST)
The Mad Lads - Hey Man (MARK-FI)
Danny Richards - You Can't Stop Me From Loving You (FORTUNE)
Nathaniel Mayer - Village Of Love (FORTUNE)
Los Doltons - Nila (SONO RADIO)
The Minitmen - Rolling In Money (RUST)
Clarry Glenn - Gotta Go Tho Work (JAY-LYNN)
Frank Evans - The Ain't Got Blues (STARDAY)
Honey May - Suicide (OAKRIDGE)
Linda Manning - Gotta Run (DOKE)
Terry Fell - Smoking Cornsilks (GILT-EDGE)
Jim Nesbitt - Cry Me A River (CHART)
Bob Fryfogle - Six Feet Under (WEDGE)
Chance Halladay - Deep Sleep (BULL DOG)
Troy Talton - Dreamer In The Night (CREST)
The Del-Tinos - Nightlife (SONIC)
Tommy Duncan - Frankie-Jean (AWARD)

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 August 9, 2023  1h9m