Ditch Diggers

Treat your writing like a blue collar job. Doctors don't get doctor block and ditch diggers don't get ditch digger block, and working writers can't get writer's block. Business and humor.



episode 9: [DD] Birthdays and Gail Carriger 2, Electric Boogaloo

This was recorded back in July, but time and things and travel got away with me. 

Actually what happened was the fact that I can't spread podcast production across more than one day. If I do, I will forget it needs to be finished. It's not great spending 4+ hours to produce and upload 2 shows, but if I don't, one will fall by the wayside. ADHD brain for the win. 

We will be back in september, hopefully with lots of amazing ditch digging. 

August 10, 2023 | Season 9 Ep 9 | murverse.com
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