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BattleTech Implosion: Blaine Pardoe on the end of Mech Warrior

Learn about how Mech Warrior Self-Destructed!???? This one is a bit of an insane story gang. In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke interviews Blaine Pardoe, a bestselling author and game designer who has contributed to many BattleTech and MechWarrior sourcebooks and novels. Pardoe shares his insights and experiences on how cancel culture and wokeness have affected the sci-fi and gaming industry and how TOPPS & Catalyst Game Labs fired him for his conservative views and for pointing out the company had hired his stalker. He also talks about his passion for nerd culture, Warhammer, DnD, being a geek, military miniatures, and much more. If you are a fan of BattleTech, MechWarrior, or any other sci-fi or fantasy franchise, you don’t want to miss this fascinating and candid conversation with one of the most influential and controversial creators in the field. Watch the video now and learn from a master of sci-fi! Blaine's Social Media: Author website: X / Twitter: Our Social Media: CultureScape Podcast: Twitter: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsored by Baen Books & Young Voices. Music by FAAS Sounds, Song: Best Time Art by Peter Pischke; help came from ASE Reilly & Mint (thanks, guys) Video Editing by Chris Holowicki t: Interviews were scheduled with the help of Sean Korsgaard. Watch the video now, and don't forget to subscribe to CultureScape for more interviews with artists, writers, and creators. ????????????

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 October 18, 2023  1h6m