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Why Conservatives Lose Culture Wars. Christian Toto the Film Critic!

Everyone loves Culture. So why doesn't Conservative Media do anything about it? In this episode of CultureScape, Peter Pischke talks to Christian Toto, a conservative film critic and the founder of They discuss why conservative news media often ignores or dismisses culture and entertainment and how this affects their ability to shape public opinion and influence politics. Christian Toto shares his insights on how conservatives can win the culture wars by creating and supporting quality content that reflects their values and worldview. They discuss their mutual love of classic films and what a frustrating experience it is to do cultural reporting and journalism in news media that couldn't care less about it. Toto's Social Media: Christian's Book: Toto's Twitter: Hollywood In Toto: Our Social Media: CultureScape Podcast: Twitter: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsored by Baen Books & Young Voices. Music by FAAS Sounds, Song: Best Time Art by Peter Pischke; help came from ASE Reilly & Mint (thanks, guys) Video Editing by Chris Holowicki t: Interviews were scheduled with the help of Sean Korsgaard. Watch the video now, and don't forget to subscribe to CultureScape for more interviews with artists, writers, and creators. ????????????

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 October 27, 2023  1h9m