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MGoPodcast 8.4: Franklin Takes Timeout

[Eric Upchurch]


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starts at 1:00

Higdon is working out. Penn State’s student body walk-on linebackers caveats, but non-PSUSBWOLB-dependent things also looked good. Clever fullback stuff. Speight makes plays, also found Taco.


starts at 18:04

Highly efficient passing game is shut down. Taco caved edges to steal McSorley’s pocket and that enabled sackfest. Hurst can teleport around guys lined up two gaps away. Losing Clark is a bummer—has a better claim for a 6th year than two-time scout team player of the week Ed Davis. Godwin control went well, despite tempting an itchy PI flag god. Chunk yards from RPS screens.

James Franklin Game Theory Section

starts at 32:55

Peppers 25-yard stumble return taken away from us. Harbaugh classlessly plays football for two and a half quarters after Penn State’s coaches made it amply clear they had no desire to. Runaway Mack Truck Joey Julius was not blocked; sometimes the human mind blanks out things it cannot comprehend. Les Miles finally succumbs to Les Miles Disease. David Shaw after dark: many prospector names have to do with nipples.

Talking Big Ten with Jamie Mac

starts at 49:01

Congratulations to Purdue quarterbacks going 1-2. Wisconsin lucks out over highly respectable Michigan State team, 30-6. Notre Dame loses to Duke, fires Van Gorder, earns honorary Big TENNNN! Colorado win is looking better by proxy.


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“Weep Themselves To Sleep”—Jack White

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 2016-09-26  1h10m