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episode 243: WTKA Roundtable 7/11/2019: The Game Plan wsg Jerry Hanlon and Jim Young

"What happened is we got our kids to block and tackle better than their kids, and that's how you win football games." –Jerry Hanlon This was a special episode: 1/2 where we discuss Hail to the Victors 2019, which is now available from the M...



episode 242: MGoPodcast 10.33: It's Like Twitter

How do you screw up USC recruiting? Hi, five-star, Aunt Becky committed fraud to get her kid in here, wanna come? The Sponsors This show is presented by UGP & The Bo Store, because if it wasn’t you'd be listening to a podcast ...



episode 241: Ace Pod 1.5: Accepting Apologies wsg Alex Cook

A certain player went in a certain round that nobody believed would happen. SEGMENT ONE: MORE WAGNER? We discuss Michigan basketball’s outlook for 2019-2020 with and without Franz Wagner, who as of recording time hasn’t made a decision be...



episode 240: MGoPodcast 10.32: Big As A Grapefruit

Think of all the logo changes Michigan State’s had, and now they have a good one. The Sponsors This show is presented by UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan, MGoBlog would have ceased to exist in 2012, th...



episode 239: The Ace Pod 1.4: Sexy Mailbag Time

SEGMENT ONE: FOOTBALL MAILBAG Which non-obvious freshman could make a mark this year? In what becomes a related question, am I more worried about replacing Devin Bush or shoring up depth at defensive tackle? And why did things go haywire w...



episode 238: WTKA Roundtable 6/20/2019: A Team That Looks Like America

Things discussed: That feeling like it's a team of destiny When you're a Northern team you feel like a rank outsider, but that's not what this team is: 1st and 3rd round picks at the front of the rotation Criswell out of the bullpen? Nwog...



episode 237: The Ace Pod 1.3: Dickie V. and the Plate-Glass Window wsg Joe Stapleton

Give me all the Bo Ryan rage so I can drink it in my coffee COVERING BEILIEIN Reminiscing about the unique experience covering John Beilein as a reporter. Joe took the collegiate approach to beat writing and got a typicall...


 2019-06-15  1h56m

episode 236: WTKA Roundtable 6/13/2019: Since Eighty Four

Things discussed: Baseball: this tournament is set up well for Michigan's three starting pitchers. Handicapping: this game is too random. Can Bakich keep this up? Craig says yea. Start a Northern League! Fisher used to be packed, but the ...


 2019-06-13  43m

episode 235: WTKA Roundtable 6/6/2019: Ask Me If I Know

Things discussed: Martelli upon further review: Unlucky to be as bad as they were. Never recruited a top 100 guy. He is the history of St. Joe's on Kenpom. Craig: he's candid, fills a need. Ed: remember him taking Stanford down to the wir...


 2019-06-07  n/a

episode 234: MGoPodcast 10.31: Six Degrees of Juwan Howard

Were there pictures of Tom Hanks on the water jets? The Sponsors This show is presented by UGP & The Bo Store, and if it wasn’t for Rishi and Ryan, MGoBlog never would have gotten the yellow fixed. Our other sponsors are a...


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