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MGoRadio 2.2: We Are Over It

This was recorded (and broadcast) LIVE at Moe Sport Shops on North University. Come by every Friday before a game to partake. For Homecoming we’re going to do it at the new Bo Store!

A big thanks to our sponsors. The show is presented by UGP& Moe's and if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have a kingdom let alone an empire; Rishi and company have been on board here from almost the beginning. Shopping with them helps us and supports good dudes. Check out their new Bo Store on Main Street if you haven’t already.

Our other sponsors are also key in the expanding empire: thanks to Homesure Lending, Ann Arbor Elder Law,Liz Crowe, the Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown, the University of Michigan Alumni Association, and Michigan Law Grad.

1. Getting Over UCF

starts at 1:00

We are finally disagreeing with PFF, whose quarterback rankings make no sense. For example, Speight has looked consistently good, especially on the short stuff. Left guard is a sore spot, but contain issues might go away when Taco returns.

2. Colorado is Better at Football, Not So Good at Under the Radar

starts at 26:00

Brian taketh then returneth the title of chief enunciator. We really like Awuzie, Colorado’s Peppers-like object. Prepare thineself for screens and breakneck tempo.

3. Gimmicky Top Five: Things We Are Over

starts at 53:00

Last week was Scott Frost grudges. This week is a Hail Mary 22 years ago that was avenged 20 years ago, and again 19 years ago. Some of these things we are actually over.

4. The Big Ten’s Interesting Non Conference Week

starts at 1:15:15

Michigan State vs. Notre Dame is saved for last. Ohio State at Oklahoma shouldn’t be at the same time, should be a good time. Looking for a 5th string QB for a call-out.


"Who's Got It Better Than Us"—Joe Escobar
"Booger Bear"—The Floozies
"Don't Poke the Bear"—The Swear
“Across 110th Street”


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 2016-09-17  1h35m