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Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked “Who Am I Now”? As Baby Boomers, we’ve been so busy ‘adulting’ and keeping up with expectations for decades, it is not surprising that we lose touch with ourselves as we evolve and change over time. Growth, transformation, and reinvention with a purpose and a plan are essential to a fulfilled life. Each Wednesday, Isabel Alexander, self-proclaimed Mistress of Reinvention, unpacks her personal evolution system, Lift As You Climb, and engages guests to share their Ah-Ha moments of recognizing their evolved, authentic selves. Be inspired by others who embrace “This is who I am now!” and choose who they want to become next as they love their life and live their legacy. This podcast celebrates Identity, Influence and Impact at every age and every stage of life!


episode 95: Rockefeller Taught Me About Strategic Planning | LAYC 95

Isabel Alexander continues the mini-series on strategic planning, spotlighting fundamental elements crucial for SMEs and solopreneurs.

1. Foundational Core Values:

- Your business's cornerstone lies in its core values.

- Aligning decisions with personal values ensures ease and confidence.

- Imperative for fostering loyalty in teams, attracting clients, and selecting dedicated suppliers.

2. Significance of Purpose and Mission:

- Crafting a purposeful mission and vision is paramount.

- Values are the driving force behind the 'Why' and 'Who' of your business.

- Ignite inspiration in teams, partners, customers, and suppliers by aligning actions with values.

3. BHAGs Unveiled (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals):

- BHAGs are audacious, visionary goals deeply rooted in core values.

- Long-term aspirations that both challenge and inspire.

- Vital for constructing a strategic plan encompassing short-term, mid-term, and long-range goals.

4. Actionable Reflections:

- Reflect on core values and their pervasive impact on the organization.

- Develop a purposeful mission and vision intricately aligned with values.

- Embrace BHAGs to set in motion visionary and exhilarating long-term goals.

About the Host:


Isabel Alexander

Your Next Business Strategist and Transformation Catalyst


Dynamic, a self-made entrepreneur who overcame obstacles with an unrelenting positive nature, a farm girl work ethic, and a conscious choice to thrive rather than survive, Isabel Alexander cultivated an award-winning, $10+ million global chemical business and grew it from dining room table to international boardrooms.

Isabel’s strengths include the ability to initiate and nurture strategic relationships, a love of lifelong learning and talents for helping others maximize their potential. An inspiring speaker within both industry and community, she is a driving force behind those with the courage to follow her example of thriving against the odds.

With 50+ years of business experience across diverse industries, Isabel is respected as an advisor, a coach, a mentor, and a role model. She believes in sharing collective wisdom and empowering others to economic independence.



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