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episode 358: Jig of the Damned: The Dancing Plague of 1518 | 358

This week on Hysteria 51, we're time-traveling back to 1518, and trust us, it's not for the mead or the minstrels! We're diving feet first into one of history's most baffling mysteries – the Dancing Plague of 1518. Imagine this: one day, you're baking bread, and the next, you're busting moves in the streets of Strasbourg without a stop button!

Join us as we shimmy through the theories – from mass hysteria to ergot-fueled rye parties, and even a supernatural dance-off. Was it a curse from St. Vitus? A case of medieval Footloose? Or perhaps, an elaborate 16th-century flash mob gone incredibly wrong? 

We'll explore the eerie, the bizarre, and the (unintentionally) hilarious side of this historical head-scratcher. Did the authorities try to cure it with more dancing? Spoiler alert: Yes, they did, and let's just say, their problem-solving skills were... unique.


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"Anxiety" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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