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Bonus show: Designing Tales of the Old West - part 2

Happy Christmas! There is no normal episode this week, because it's Christmas Eve today and we are with our families, rather than arguing over our mics. To make up for our absence on your feeds, here is a bonus show. People enjoyed the peek into our deign process that we released a month ago and asked if there was more. There is - this second hour of discussion from our very first design meeting follows on from where the last bonus episode finished, as we are talking about talents. We had of course discussed the idea on the phone previously, and by text, but this was the first time we actually sat down at a table together to talk about the games principles and start to get into the nitty gritty of mechanics. At that point it was an adaptation of Forbidden Lands, so you will hear a lot of chat in that context. Over the years (Patrons have just received playtest version 6) it has moved away from its Forbidden Lands roots while remaining a Year Zero Engine game.

We hope to be making a big announcement next year about a kickstarter for our Tales of the Old West TTRPG. We have a number of ducks to get a a row first.

EffektAP is brought to you by Effekt. Music is Old West Game by Stu Venable, used with kind permission of the Angry Folk Media Empire. 

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 December 24, 2023  1h4m