A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.


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episode 199: This is a bad one, the worst yet

Creating a case file for Bladerunner RPG, plus WotC shoot themselves in the foot



Informative Feedback

Not sure if Effekt is for you? This snippet from episode 199 lays out the reasons why we might not be your thing.



episode 198: Two Tribes

Vote for us as one of your favourite TTRPG podcasts! Also we talk about an American football Year Zero Engine game.



episode 197: A Million Voices

Some of our patrons and discord members join us for an eclectic review of the year.


 2022-12-25  56m

episode 196: Pushed to the Limit

We talk about Dragonmeet, Bladerunner and Space 1889 and look at the pros and cons of the various ways of paying for your pushed role in Year Zero Engine games


 2022-12-13  1h8m

episode 195: We are the Coriolis Council

It's a big one! Dave and I talk about the World of Gaming, then we clear the decks for our GMs only, spoilerific, roundtable discussion of the Mercy of the Icons campaign.


 2022-11-29  2h19m

episode 194: We are Aha

Matthew rants. Matthew rants about Mercy of Icons 3; he rants about Monty Python, Matthew rants about Paranoia, he rants about Dave's Alien homework. Dave gets a word in edgewise.


 2022-11-14  1h26m

episode 193: We are Fearsome

New YZE game Fearsome Wilderness! Plus what do they play in the cantinas of the Third Horizon?


 2022-10-24  1h20m

episode 192: We are Touched

Another Year Zero Engine game. We talk to Cosy Coven's Kuba Polkowski about Touched by the Gods


 2022-10-09  59m

episode 191: We go camping

The sleeper Year Zero Engine hit of the summer: Psi Camp! We interview creator Millie Lavelle


 2022-09-25  1h27m