A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.


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episode 135: Frostbitten in the Beta Reach

Viruses, cancellations, surprise, Alien colonies and Magus Seter!



episode 134: Planetside

Colonists, cannibals and crazy Coriolis con-games. Plus Tales from the Loop and The Gaslight Club


 2020-02-29  1h24m

episode 125: Song to the Siren: Ascent

Returning to Club Topeka triumphant, the crew find things have progressed


 2020-02-15  1h21m

episode 124: I am become Death

We pump Alien RPG loremeister Andrew Gaska for scoops. And get some!


 2020-02-08  1h29m

episode 123: Song to the Siren: Córdoba

Standing up to Córdoba


 2020-02-01  1h6m

episode 122: Year Zero Roundtable

In a change to our normal programming co-host Matthew joins Andreas of Sweden Rolls and Matt of Mud and Blood (but don't tell Liam) to talk all things Year Zero Engine


 2020-01-23  1h36m

episode 121: The Circle is Complete

Celebrating the return of the Coriolis IP into the hands of its creators, we interview Mattias Johnsson Haake, newly appointed Game Director of Coriolis


 2020-01-17  1h15m

episode 120: Song to the Siren: Persuasion

Yaphet, Salah and Salem finally persuade Qadim and the community leaders at Club Topeka to agree to an audacious escape plan. But first they need to deal with the cannibals of Salvagetown


 2020-01-12  1h8m

episode 119: Song to the Siren: Intervention

The continuation of last year's actual play. Returning from the ancient spaceship, Yaphet, Salah and Salem are frustrated by the attitude of Qadim's followers.


 2020-01-04  1h4m

episode 118: Name your character if you wish. It will not save you.

Writing Alien adventures and attacking synthetics, Dragonmeet, and Mörk Borg.


 2019-12-15  1h26m