A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.


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episode 143: Kantai Kessen

Dave "polishes his sphere" and leaves it in the edit! (Borg Sphere, you dirty minded people.)



Navigating Game Lore (our UKGE 2020 seminar)

Glorantha, the World of Darkness, Rokugan, the Third Horizon. Are you intrigued by long-established RPGs with well developed settings? Have you been excited by fans sharing their love for the fantastic geographies and incredible histories? Or is the compl



episode 142: Good luck, you're on your own

Whoo this is a long one, but with added Marc Miller for extra crunchiness! Plus UKGE Virtually Expo; Servants of Memory and T2000 kickstarter success; Gorham's Folly in Alien; Tales of the Old West and five new patrons!



episode 141: We won, we won, we bloody won!

The Ennies, Millie the GM, Tales of the Old West and Alien's Three World Empire


 2020-08-04  1h45m

episode 140: Trust your enemy to be your enemy, but never trust your neighbour to be your friend

The Union of Progressive Peoples and the Coriolis Calendar, plus Vaesen, Klingons, Albacon and the Mercy of the Icons


 2020-07-12  1h19m

episode 139: Together, We Are One

We look at just some of the creativity inspired by Free League's games, shining a spotlight on the Free League Workshop, plus an interview with, and an exclusive announcement from, Michael Prescott of Trilemma Adventures!


 2020-06-21  1h46m

episode 138: The End is Near

We talk Twilight 2000, Troubleshooters and The Order of the Pariah


 2020-05-30  1h37m

episode 137: Unity is Strength

We talk Darkness Points, take a look the Third Horizon's Free League and interview Stoo Goff about the Gaslight Club


 2020-05-10  1h34m

episode 136: Expansion is Life

A wide ranging Interview with Tomas and Mattis (JH) of Free League, plus more Alien colony stuff, the Third Horizon’s Consortium and our CovidCon report.


 2020-04-19  1h47m

episode 135: Frostbitten in the Beta Reach

Viruses, cancellations, surprise, Alien colonies and Magus Seter!


 2020-03-24  1h45m