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Hysteria 51 is your offbeat weekly podcast destination for all things weird and wonderful! We navigate the cosmic highways of UFOs, the alien-infested landscapes, and the enigmatic frontiers of the paranormal. With your hosts, Brent Hand and David Flora, alongside our cantankerous tin man, Conspiracy Bot (with a not-so-subtle desire to rule the world, doubling as our chief inquisitor into the unknown), we delve into unique mysteries, the inexplicable, and the downright unusual. Each week, we explore a fresh topic, making one thing crystal clear... the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.



episode 360: 51 Bottles of Beer on The Hull (A 'Hysteria-cal' Reunion) | 360

In a cosmic rendezvous of epic proportions, Joeba, Ripley, and Zero Frux embark on yet another interdimensional adventure as they find themselves ensnared by the enigmatic Lower 4th Dimension once again! But they are not alone in this cosmic caper! Joined by the equally intrepid Brent Hand and David Flora from the acclaimed Hysteria 51 podcast, the group takes a deep dive into the Hyperspace Headlines. From peculiar A-list abduction claims, malfunctioning restroom mishaps, semi-aquatic misadventures, unethical playground shenanigans, and more - you'll be "Hysteria-cal" by the end of the hour! Buckle up for another whirlwind ride inside Close Encounters of the 51st Kind - Wait...I mean The Slurred Kind!

Hyperspace Headlines

Huff Post - http://tinyurl.com/37nxvmf4

Huff Post - http://tinyurl.com/yc6aejuf

KIRO7 - http://tinyurl.com/y65jedys

ABC7 Chicago- http://tinyurl.com/3y5kj6ht

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