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episode 14: Maxx Myrick: DC Radio General Manager on Building Successful Stations and the Future of Broadcasting

Join host Rob Lee as he sits down with Maxx Myrick, Marconi and Billboard Award-winning on-air personality and radio programmer, to discuss the challenges and successes of building successful radio stations, the impact of consolidation on the industry, and the future of podcasting. Maxx shares insights into the power of social media and the internet in reaching and engaging with audiences, as well as the importance of authenticity and consistency in content creation. Tune in to gain valuable insights into the radio industry and the future of podcasting from a seasoned industry expert. ????️????????

Episode Highlights:

  • Maxx Myrick's early experiences with radio and his love for music. [00:05:08-00:05:30] ????
  • The challenges and successes of building and managing radio stations. [00:19:19-00:20:53] ????
  • The power of social media and the internet in reaching and engaging with audiences. [00:32:05-00:32:48] ????????
  • The importance of authenticity and consistency in content creation. [00:35:12-00:35:53] ????????
  • The impact of consolidation on the radio industry and the need for independent platforms. [00:43:00-00:44:04] ????????

Key Takeaways:

  • The internet and social media provide opportunities for independent creators to reach and engage with audiences. ????????
  • Authenticity and consistency are key to building and maintaining an audience. ????????
  • Jazz and blues music are the foundation of American music and continue to influence and inspire artists today. ????????

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