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Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked “Who Am I Now”? As Baby Boomers, we’ve been so busy ‘adulting’ and keeping up with expectations for decades, it is not surprising that we lose touch with ourselves as we evolve and change over time. Growth, transformation, and reinvention with a purpose and a plan are essential to a fulfilled life. Each Wednesday, Isabel Alexander, self-proclaimed Mistress of Reinvention, unpacks her personal evolution system, Lift As You Climb, and engages guests to share their Ah-Ha moments of recognizing their evolved, authentic selves. Be inspired by others who embrace “This is who I am now!” and choose who they want to become next as they love their life and live their legacy. This podcast celebrates Identity, Influence and Impact at every age and every stage of life!


episode 105: Outsourcing Success: Building a High-Performing Team Beyond Borders | LAYC 105

In this episode, Tobe Brockner, founder of Katuva, shares valuable insights on building a successful virtual team for entrepreneurs. Topics covered include:

1. Managing Differences: Tobe discusses how Katuva addresses timezone, cultural, and currency differences, emphasizing the importance of minimizing fees and optimizing payment platforms.

2. Cultural Nuances: Insights into cultural aspects, including the significance of birthdays, the 13th month, and the strong religious influence in the Philippines.

3. Living Wages: Tobe sheds light on the misconception about VA wages, highlighting how Katuva ensures VAs receive a substantial living wage, significantly impacting their quality of life.

4. Infrastructure Challenges: Tobe explains how Katuva helps VAs overcome challenges like typhoons, power outages, and internet connectivity in the Philippines, showcasing the resilience of the team.

5. Strategic Outsourcing:The episode explores how entrepreneurs can leverage VAs to handle tasks they shouldn't be doing themselves, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth.

6. Flexibility and Support: Tobe emphasizes the flexibility of VAs in handling emergencies, providing a valuable resource for businesses during unexpected events like sick leave or family emergencies.

7. Transitioning Tasks: Tobe shares examples of tasks successfully transitioned to VAs, illustrating the efficiency and support they can provide in critical areas like website migration.

8. Creating Time Freedom: The discussion concludes with Tobe expressing the joy of helping entrepreneurs free up time and live more intentionally, highlighting the positive impact of successful outsourcing.

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 March 2, 2024  25m