A fan podcast celebrating (mostly Swedish) RPGs including, but not limited to: Coriolis; Forbidden Lands; Symbaroum; Tales from the Loop; and, Alien.



episode 226: Into The Great dark


In a change to our planned programming we released the interview with Nils and Kosta in a bonus episode last week. This week, we discuss the news and the interview with our great friend Millie the Gm, who is running her own online play through of Mercy of the Icons on YouTube and our Cairo correspondent Mohamed El Dakak

00.00.40: Introductions
00.03.49: Welcome to our (brief) new patron - Joachim Buchert
00.05.00: Old West News
00.10.55: World of Gaming: Star Trek Adventures 2nd Edition; Laundry Files 2nd edition; new Discworld game announced take part in Modiphious' survey; Dagger in the Heart; Moria alpha out
00.37.24: Panel - Discussing the Coriolis News 
01.28.24: Next time and Goodbye

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 March 4, 2024  1h33m