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Episode 22: How To Get More PR For Your Pet Business

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella spends time with Susie Timm,  President of Knife & Fork Media Group. Susie specializes in comprehensive public relations and marketing strategy in the gourmet food, restaurant and retail industries.
Gaining PR for your pet business can be wildly useful during the upcoming holidays, but if you get copies, you can also use it on your website and social media for months to come!
Bella and Susie discuss:

The importance of having a marketing and PR plan.
Creating interesting and useful event-based PR that then drive traffic and interest in your business.
How the “soft sell” approach works best when trying to get to exposure in mass media.
Some great ways to get yourself promoted on mass media.
Positioning yourself as an expert.
How great content drives traffic to your website.

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 2016-11-03  19m