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episode 17: The SEC's Cybersecurity Law, a New Compliance Era with Jacqueline Wudyka. [Threat Vector]

In honor of Women's History Month, please enjoy this episode of the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42's Threat Vector podcast featuring host David Moulton's discussion with Jacqueline Wudyka about the SEC's Cybersecurity Law.

In this episode of Threat Vector, we dive deep into the new SEC cybersecurity regulations that reshape how public companies handle cyber risks. Legal expert and Unit 42 Consultant Jacqueline Wudyka brings a unique perspective on the challenges of defining 'materiality,' the enforcement hurdles, and the impact on the cybersecurity landscape. 

Whether you're a cybersecurity professional, legal expert, or just keen on understanding the latest in cyber law, this episode is packed with insights and strategies for navigating this new terrain. Tune in to stay ahead in the world of cybersecurity compliance!

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