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FOF #2409 – How do You Pronounce Latinx? – 10.25.16

Lola Von Miramar flys through space on a magic rainbow shooting tostón. Illustration: Fausto Fernós, photo: Adál Maldonado.

How we think about gender identity and sexuality is evolving and some people are having a hard time keeping up with all the new language surrounding these new concepts.

Our friend, Professor Larry La Fountain travels all over the world talking about LGBT people and Latin American culture and one of the most common questions he gets asked is: what is Latinx and how do you translate the word “queer” into Spanish?

Today, we take an amazing rainbow filled journey to the cutting edge of gender and sexuality to understand how what may logically work in one language may not translate into another.


A trigger warning on trigger warnings.

The silver lining to Finding Prince Charming.

Sexy muscular trans men and the new reality TV show Strut featuring Laith Ashley de la Cruz.

Rest in peace two very different pioneers: Christian fundamentalist comic book publisher Jack Chick and musician Pete Burns.

Featured Book:

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes – Queer History: Site

Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes and others – Immigrant Voices 21st Century Stories: Amazon


 2016-10-26  58m