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Susan Powter is Still Trying to Stop the Insanity

Today fitness guru and 90s talk show queen Susan Powter joins us to look at why there is still so much money to be made in keeping people sick. - Susan fills us in on her adventures after being a TV fitness icon,



episode 3106: Make Your Solar Eclipse Viewing Gay

The 2024 Total Solar Eclipse is expected to be totally awesome, due to the event happening during a period of high solar activity. Because it’s promising to be something totally out of this world, millions of people are expected to travel to watch the ...



episode 3104: Beyoncé Is Risen, Again

She is risen! Just in time for Easter, Beyoncé is back in full force with her new album “Cowboy Carter,” which may be her most groundbreaking work yet. - Even though the Queen B herself says “[the new album] ain't a Country album,



episode 3103: John Sturk and the Society of American Magicians

Magician John Sturk, the newly elected President of the Society Of American Magicians joins us to look at his love for turning tricks, playing the organ in comedy shows and what happens when magic tricks go horribly wrong. -


 March 6, 2024  1h5m

episode 3102: Robert Cornelius on Dreamgirls

Dreamgirls, the Broadway musical based on the showbiz aspirations of legends like Little Richard, James Brown, Diana Ross and the Supremes, is about as perfect as a musical can be. It lands running with a wonderful percussive bongo beat and takes us on...


 March 5, 2024  1h1m

episode 3101: Matt Brown on Beyonce’s Texas Hold ‘Em

Beyoncé's latest single, 'Texas Hold ‘Em,' is a number one hit on the Billboard country charts, making her the first black woman to ever achieve such a milestone. Even Dolly Parton is a big fan and congratulated her on social media.


 February 28, 2024  1h34m

episode 3100: Matt Claussen: Coaching Bodybuilders for Success

Today my coach Matt Claussen, powerlifting and bodybuilding legend, joins us to look back on my winning the silver in Classic Physique Masters Division at the NPC Mid American Winter Classic 2023, the contest that had the jacked up Santa Claus mascot w...


 February 20, 2024  1h32m

episode 3099: 20 Years of Fun

Suck it haters! Taylor Swift, Joe Biden and the Kansas City Chiefs win Superbowl LVIII. Everyone in America now has to be trans for a week, sorry NFL rules. - Today we celebrate 20 years of Feast of Fun- the podcast Apple said helped “pave the way to...


 February 13, 2024  1h22m

episode 3098: John Coons and Jonah Wheeler Make Beautiful Music Together

Couples that play together, stay together. Creating something fun and sharing it with the world is a great opportunity to connect with someone you love. - Today we’re having a double date with musical partners and lovers John Coons and Jonah Wheeler....


 February 6, 2024  1h22m

episode 3097: Chris Condren Does the Space Time Warp Again

One of our favorite oddballs we’ve come across in the decades of doing the Feast of Fun podcast is musician Chris Condren, a comedian whose catchy tunes parody time travel, movie trailers and superstardom. - Today musician,


 January 30, 2024  1h12m