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Peter Gordon: Kiwi Chef on his involvement in the new TV3 show 'Food Rescue Kitchen'

A new TV3 show is aiming to highlight New Zealand’s food waste. 

Chefs are coming together in ‘Food Rescue Kitchen’ to challenge viewers’ perceptions of waste and what can be done with ingredients they otherwise might not consider. 

Peter Gordon, one of the country's most iconic chefs, is taking part and told Mike Hosking that he had a really good time on the show and enjoyed the challenge. 

He said that while most will be picturing rotted or expired food when food waste is talked about, that’s only some of it.  

Gordon said that a lot of waste is created when stores or supermarkets have to make room for the next delivery, and that’s often the point it’s at its prime. 

“For my particular challenge, I had some of the most amazing stone fruit,” he told Hosking. 

“I thought I’d never bought it like that from a shop before.” 

'Food Rescue Kitchen' premieres on Three and ThreeNow at 7PM Saturday April 27th.


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