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Vaughan Couillault: Secondary Principals Association says school-based training model seems to be attractive

A secondary principals leader says new money to recruit teachers is a good move.

Education Minister Erica Stanford's announced a $53 million package to train and recruit 1500 teachers over four years.

It includes establishing 1200 places for aspiring teachers to learn on the job, and funding to recruit overseas...



Wayne Mapp: Former Defence Minister says Rishi Sunak's mandatory national service plan is a misstep

The UK Prime Minister's proposed mandatory national service is being called a misstep.

If re-elected on July 4, the Conservative Party will make 18-year-olds participate for 12 months in a military placement or one weekend a month of community service.

Former New Zealand Defence Minister Wayne Mapp told Mike Hosking the roughly $5 billion plan is the wrong approach...



Faye McCann: First Union national organiser says St John should be fully funded by Government in Budget

A union hopes Thursday's Budget will fix longstanding issues with St John's resourcing.

A Coroner suggests the ambulance service lobby the Government for more funding after an Auckland man watched his wife die despite calling 111 five times.

First Union national organiser Faye McCann told Mike Hosking the crucial service should be fully funded by the Government — and not have to be a charity...



Erica Stanford: Education Minister says pre-Budget education announcement gives flavour where they're heading

The Education Minister says there needs to be more aspiring teachers training in the classroom.

The Government's made a pre-Budget announcement of $53 million to train and recruit 1500 teachers over four years.

It includes 1200 places for aspiring teachers to learn on the job and funding to recruit overseas.

Education Minister Erica Stanford told Mike Hosking she's also doing a bigger piece of work on initial teacher education...



Richard Arnold: US Correspondent on the rising death toll from the wild storms

Tornado season is off to a wild start in the American Midwest. 

Multiple towns in Iowa have been devastated by storms, the small town of Greenfield basically flattened overnight. 

At least 35 are injured and five dead. 

Across the border in Mexico, a political rally was hit by a freak wind, killing nine and injuring 54 when the stage collapsed...



Mark the Week: I reckon Adrian Orr is stuck

At the end of each week, Mike Hosking takes you through the big-ticket items and lets you know what he makes of it all. 


David MacLeod: 2/10 

Aaah paperwork aye? How to cock it up when you are barely out of the blocks. 


Shane Jones: 7/10 

Living his best life on the West Coast, bringing back life to the coast with mining. 


Adrian Orr: 4/10 

I reckon he is stuck...



Mike's Minute: Is AI really the future?

Despite the cost-of-living crisis, one industry seemingly not hit is that of the pollster. 

There are new numbers out this week on AI. 

AI is changing the world, upending the world, taking your job, re-organising your life... or it might do none of that. 

But according to PWC's first global AI jobs survey it will solve our productivity problem...



Pat Kenealy: Partner at Ridge Ventures on the growth of New Zealand's tech industry

New Zealand’s tech industry continues to grow. 

It’s the second fastest growing industry in the country, the tech industry being a quickly growing industry across the world. 

Pat Kenealy, former Global CEO of IDG and Partner at Ridge Ventures, is a venture capitalist...



Full Show Podcast: 24 May 2024

On the Mike Hosking Breakfast Full Show Podcast for Friday 24th of May, former Finance Minister Steven Joyce discussed the bullishness of the Government's speeches ahead of the Budget now that they have the money for tax cuts.   

Mike has found an unusual candidate for the Tauranga mayoralty in the form of Chudleigh Haggett. 

Kate Hawkesby and Tim Wilson Wrapped the Week and survey results for this number one show, and how Mike has tanked Kate's Early Edition...



Wrapping the Week with Tim Wilson and Kate Hawkesby: Cost of living, radio ratings, and the Greens

Kate Hawkesby and Tim Wilson joined Mike Hosking to go through the week that was. 

Today they discussed the radio survey results. Newstalk ZB and Mike Hosking are still on top, but Kate thinks Early Edition has dipped since Mike took over... 


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