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Sam Wood: Celebrity Personal Trainer and award winning author teams up with the NZ Government to tackle obesity statistics

Sam Wood has had quite the journey. 

Coming into public knowledge in 2015 on the Australian version of the Bachelor, Wood was already established as a personal trailer. 

Since then he has gone on to write several award-winning books, ‘28 by Sam Wood’ and ‘7 Minutes to Better Health’.  

He owns Australia’s largest personal training studio, has exclusive supermarket deals, and is now partnering with the New Zealand Government to make kiwis healthier...



Mike Williams: Air New Zealand Chief Transformation and Alliances Officer on the extension to the joint venture with Singapore Airlines

Air New Zealand says travellers will benefit from the latest extension to its joint venture with Singapore Airlines. 

The airlines have received approval to extend their partnership by another five years. 

The partnership has already been underway for a decade, with seat capacity growing by 50% in that time. 

Air New Zealand Chief Transformation and Alliances Officer Mike Williams told Mike Hosking that it allows them to provide more flying options...



Mike's Minute: Newshub's demise is sad, but context is needed

While fully accepting these are difficult days for the media in this country, it is important to put the Newshub news into a little bit of context. 

You can still be successful in this country, and to take one sad case and lump it in with everybody else is to fail to understand the nuance of the landscape. 

For a start, this country, as Adrian Orr pointed out yesterday, has massive economic troubles...



Vittoria Shortt: ASB CEO on the impact of the high interest rates and the OCR remaining at 5.5%

Interest rates may not be going up or down much any time soon. 

The Reserve Bank is keeping the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 5.5%, in line with most economists' expectations. 

Vittoria Shortt, ASB’s CEO, told Mike Hosking that both personal customers and businesses are coping with the higher rates, but are making big sacrifices to do so. 

She said that across the board, their business clients are doing well but not without making trade-offs or sacrifices...



Jon Duffy: Consumer NZ CEO on the retirement villages coming under fire for contract terms

Retirement village operators have come under fire from the Commerce Commission for their contract terms. 

A dozen retirement operators —including Ryman and Arvida— have been put on notice because their conduct risks breaching the Fair Trading Act. 

They run a total of 180 villages across the country. 

Consumer NZ chief executive Jon Duffy told Mike Hosking that there's an imbalance of power between facility operators and residents...



Adrian Orr: Reserve Bank Governor is confident that they almost have inflation under control

The Reserve Bank’s confidence that it almost has inflation under control is increasing. 

The central bank is keeping the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 5.5%. 

Many economists now expect it to remain at that level for some time. 

However, Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr told Mike Hosking, inflation is tracking down, and should be back within the 1-3% target range soon. 

He says it should be back under 3% about the middle of the year...



Mark Jennings: Former Newshub Head of News says the Government could have more of a role in the media market

Questions are rising over the strategy of Warner Brothers Discovery after Newshub’s impending closure was announced. 

Former Newshub Head of News Mark Jennings told Mike Hosking that he thought they'd have a strategy to transition the company to a digital platform and put all their premium HBO series onto ThreeNow. 

He says they've left a lot of their content on SKY and done nothing to combat TVNZ...



Greg Durkin: Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation director on the slowdown in the sector potentially impacting the number of apprentices

The recent slowdown in the construction sector could be reducing the number of people coming into apprenticeships. 

Figures suggest the building industry has eased, with around 50k building consents in a 12-month period now dropping down to under 40k. 

Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation director Greg Durkin told Mike Hosking that there's definitely been a drop, but he isn't concerned for apprentices.  

He says his organisation has more than 16...



Ginny Andersen formally apologies to Mark Mitchell

Ginny Andersen has formally apologised to Mark Mitchell on the Mike Hosking Breakfast, for comments she made on the show last week.

The Labour MP has told the Police Minister she's sorry for accusing him of being paid to kill people when he was a defence contractor overseas.

She says she's always enjoyed the robust debates the pair have, but she's sorry for taking it too far and making it personal.

Mitchell is thanking Andersen for her apology...



Katy Armstrong: NZ Immigration was under 'huge pressure' to introduce new work visa system

There has been a review into the accredited employer work visa.

Owner and principal consultant at into NZ immigration katy Armstrong told Mike Hosking that that the previous government let the goalie out of the box when it opened up the immigration floodgates.

She said there is no 'Huge Pressure' to introduce a whole new work visa system.



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