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Rod Liddle: UK Correspondent on the incident between a London Police officer and Gideon Falter

A tense standoff between a London police officer and an antisemitism campaigner has sparked outrage. 

Gideon Falter, CEO of the Campaign Against Antisemitism, was blocked by an officer from crossing a road near to a pro-Palestine march. 

Falter was wearing a yarmulke and according to the officer looked ‘openly Jewish’, and by crossing the road in that area was ‘provoking’ the protestors and risking his safety. 

UK Correspondent Rod Liddle told Mike Hosking that this incident goes against the Police’s word that the marches are peaceable.  

Well, if they’re peaceable, he said, there wouldn’t be a problem with a bloke in a yarmulke crossing the road, would there?  


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 April 23, 2024  5m