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episode 235: Daily: Mirai remains a threat; experts expect more IoT-driven DDoS. ISIS, online radicalization, and terror attacks in the US. Snooper's Charter and its alternatives. Gooligan Android malware.

In today's podcast, we hear about Deutsche Telekom's recovery from DDoS, and why there's probably a lot more Mirai where that came from. Omri Iluz from PerimeterX gives us the background on botnets. Germany arrests an alleged mole in the BfV. ISIS claims the Ohio State attacker as its "soldier." The Snooper's Charter becomes law in the UK. San Francisco's Muni hangs tough on ransomware. A new Android malware strain is out in the wild. We welcome Awais Rashid from Lancaster University to the show. And Ross Ulbricht's defense team say they've found a third crooked cop in the Silk Road case.

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 November 30, 2016  16m