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episode 232: Daily: ISIS shows a slightly different face in cyberspace. BITAG issues advice to the IoT industry. Jackpotting and carding investigated.

In  today's podcast, we hear about how ISIS is making its way, quietly, back into the cyber news (and how the Australian Signals Directorate is on the case). The Broadband Internet Technology Advisory Group wants the IoT industry to face some unpleasant facts, and the security industry calls for standards. Europol finishes its second sweep of money mules. ATM jackpotting spreads in Europe and Asia. India suffers a wave of carding. Joe Carrigan from the Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute reports back from the NICE Conference. BBC Journalist and Author Gordon Corera is our guest, discussing his latest book, "Cyber Spies - The secret history of surveillance, hacking and digital espionage." And security experts warn us all to be cyber savvy on Black Friday.

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 November 23, 2016  20m