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episode 16: IoT 2017 – Securing the Things: A CyberWire Special Edition [Special Edition]

The IoT, or Internet of Things, broadly defined is the collection of physical objects with IP addresses, connected to the internet. From consumer devices like security cameras, DVRs, and smart thermostats to industrial control systems and autonomous cars, the IoT offers potential for both opportunity and vulnerability. 

In the first half of this CyberWire Special Edition, we speak with IoT experts Katie Curtin, director of IoT cyber security product management for AT&T, and Chris Poulin, Principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he leads internet of things security strategy for their strategic innovation group, as well as their industrial control group. 

They provide their take on the current state of the internet of things for consumers, enterprise, industrial control and even self-driving cars.

In the second part of our program, we examine third party risk. Ponemon Institute recently released an independent research report titled, “The Internet of Things - a New Era of Third Party Risk.” Dr. Larry Ponemon is the chairman and founder of Ponemon Institute, and he’s going to take us through some of the report’s findings, but first we’ll hear from Gary Roboff, a senior advisor at Shared Assessments and their Santa Fey group, who were the sponsors of the report.


 2017-06-29  34m