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SER078: Catch Him Quick, Kill Him Slow

In which Thom Bowers and Travis J Coleman say goodbye to the Jan Wenner era of Rolling Stone, hello (again) to the JJ Abrams era of Star Wars, and good luck to Margot Robbie in the newly Joker-tastic DCCU. Plus, epic watch purging and a salute to Harry Dean Stanton. 

TRAV's Watch Purging: XXX: Return Of Xander Cage, The Circle, Wind RIver, IT, Brooklyn 99 S4, Big Bang Theory S10, Hawaii 5-0 S3, CSI Miami S3, Criminal Minds S11, Bull S1, Lethal Weapon S1, MST3k Time Travelers

THOM's Watch Purging: Foo Fighters Back & Forth, Led Zeppelin Dazed & Confused, Sahara, Three Outlaw Samurai, Bridge On The River Kwai, The Big Sick, Game Of Thrones S7, The Leftovers S1-2, Westworld S1, Ballers S2-3, Ozark S1, The Crown S1, Bojack Horseman S4

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 2017-09-28  1h26m