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episode 114: Daily: Sovereign mafia state? Spearphishing with Pay Commission bait. IoT risks.

In today's podcast we follow developments in the SWIFT-related Bangladesh Bank fraud case—more observers buy into the view that North Korea was involved. Many see anti-racketeering measures being adapted to cyberspace, with businesses improving their security by reducing their attackers' return-on-investment. Pakistani hackers spearphish Indian civil servants and install espionage backdoors. Anti-ISIS measures seem to have heightened ISIS's internal mistrust. Irongate and other IoT threats are discussed, as is a rise in hacker attention to Android. Malek Ben Salem speaks to the challenges of identity in the IoT. Zack Schuler from Ninjio makes the case for entertaining training. And OurMine tweets dadada...

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 2016-06-06  14m