History Of The Great War

History of the Great War is a weekly podcast that will cover the First World War that occurred from 1914 and 1918. Every week we will be discussing the events that occurred exactly 100 years ago. We will journey from the borders of France in the blistering heat of 1914, to the shores of Gallipoli, to the banks of Somme, to the final knockout attempt by the German army in the spring of 1918.




episode 29: 183: Versailles Pt. 2 - Guests at the Party

The British would play a big role in the negotiations at Versailles, and they would be led by Lloyd George who would be one of the four individuals on the Supreme Council, which would make most of the larger decisions at the Conference. Another of those individuals was President Wilson, and he brought with him the concept of self-determination. This concept would drive many discussions, cause many argues, and create many problems. 

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A Shattered Peace: Versailles 1919 and the Price we Pay Today by David A. Andelman
Anglo-French Negotiations over the Boundaries of Palestine, 1919-1920 by John J. McTague Jr.
The Boundaries of Israel-Palestine Past, Present, and Future: A Critical Geographical View by Gideon Biger
Britain and Airpower at Versailles, 1919-1920 by Peter V. James
The British Military Administration in Palestine 1917-1920 by John J. McTague Jr.
Broken Promises of the Mandate: A Study of the Palestine Mandate Society and its Impact on the Proliferation of Zionism within Palestine and Great Britain by Brendon L. Larimore
Creating Nations, Establishing States: Ethno-Religious Heterogeneity and the British Creation of Iraq in 1919–23 by Guiditta Fontana
On the Economic Consequences of the Peace: Trade and Borders After Versailles by Nikolaus Wolf, Max-Stephan Schulze, and Hans-Christian Heinemeyer
France and the Arab Middle East, 1914-1920 by Jan Karl Tanenbaum
Mistakes and Myths: The Allies, Germany, and the Versailles Treaty, 1918–1921 by Sally Marks
Paris 1919: Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret Macmillan and Richard Holbrooke
Political Economics and the Weimar Disaster by Roger B. Myerson
Russia and the Versailles Conference by George Kennan (1960)
Syria and Mesopotamia in British Middle Eastern Policy in 1919 by John Fisher
The imposed gift of Versailles:the fiscal effects of restricting the size of Germany’s armed forces,1924–9 by Max Hantke and Mark Spoerer
The Myths of Reparations by Sally Marks
The Role of Illusion in the Making of the Versailles Treaty by Bonnie Baker
Unconditional Acceptance of the Treaty of Versailles by the German Government, June 22-28, 1919 by Alma Luckau
Wilsonian Self-Determination and the Versailles Settlement by Anthony Whelan
Woodrow Wilson's Health and the Treaty Fight, 1919-1920 by Lloyd E. Ambrosius
The Zionist Debates on Partition (1919-1947) by Itzhak Galnoor
The Deluge: The Great War, America, and the Remaking of the Global Order by Adam Tooze
A World Remade by G.J. Meyer
Ring of Steel by Alexander Watson
The United States and Germany in the Aftermath of War: I-1918-1929 by Frank Spencer
The Legend of Versailles by Kenneth R. Rossman
Reconstructing the Countryside of the Eastern Somme after the Great War by Hugh Clout 

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 2018-11-28  34m