Alumni AudioLab

Alumni AudioLab is a monthly podcast series where alumni of the OeAD talk about themselves and their research. The OeAD brings together researchers from all over the world and from different fields of research who spent part of their research career in Austria – some of them have even stayed here. In the Alumni AudioLab they tell their stories, talk about their scientific ambitions, their motivations and their personal backgrounds. It is an open format for all those who are not only interested in science as such but also in the people behind it.



AAL_20_Alumni AudioLab with Michaela Höller

After completing her teaching studies for English and Spanish, Michaela Höller moved abroad. As a foreign language assistant and for her teaching internship she spent a total of 3 years in England. During this time she became aware of the OeAD lectureship programme and applied for a position in Mexico - her absolute favorite destination. After one year of waiting, her application was successful and in the autumn of 2013 she joined the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) as a lecturer for German language and Austrian culture. Her original plan to stay a maximum of 3 years changed and Michaela Höller stayed the entire period of 5 years – not least because of the motivated students and her very dedicated boss. In addition to teaching, she organized film evenings, invited movie producers, started a pilot project with an app that subtitles Austrian television for the deaf and language learners and dealt a lot with cultural learning.Since the summer of 2018 she is back in Austria and teaches English and Spanish at the Sacre Coeur in Vienna.


 2019-01-02  38m