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Our Frenemies The Machines Chapter 1 [Tales From the Loop] [Christmas Special 2018]

“Pep talks”
Album Art: Join the House of Bob, with special guests Vivian and John, as we explore the Tales From the Loop adventure, Our Friends the Machines Artwork by @cosmicamazing
Audio Production by Astronomic Audio Featuring:
Alex as The Game Master
Special Guest Vivian as Charlie
Special Guest John as John
Dan as T-Rod
Shubert as Paste Etsy: House of Bob Merch
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Instagram: hobcast
Discord: nsB2TsZ “Andrea’s Theme”, “Sauve Standpipe”, “Bummin on Tremolo”, “Universal”, “Super Power Cool Dude”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


 2018-12-24  42m