House of Bob

House of Bob is a pen and paper role playing game podcast featuring a number of different RPG systems and cycling players. We play one-shot adventures, and ongoing campaigns. If you like what you hear, please rate us on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for more!

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episode 7: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 7 [Pathfinder 2E]

"Mayoral Hat" The party - having conducted themselves heroically - is called upon to meet with the Mayor of Carrion Hill.



episode 6: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 6 [Pathfinder 2E]

"Facie and Chestie" The Wolf has found its next victim, but there’s still time to save them! Can Tom and the Boys fend off his crazed henchman, or will they join the maddened ranks of the deranged serial killer?



episode 5: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 5 [Pathfinder 2E]

"It's a good thing I did not wear pants" The party continues the hunt for The Wolf, all the while Carrion Hill crumbles down around them.


 2021-10-25  47m

episode 4: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 4 [Pathfinder 2E]

"SHOW ME THE LAW WHERE IT SAYS I CAN'T LICK BLOOD!" Bimpkin is awoken by an otherworldly danger. Tom and the Boys bond over breakfast, then snoop around some alleyways. Bimpkin meets a rat. Theobald smells something bad.


 2021-10-11  44m

episode 3: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 3 [Pathfinder 2E]

"Tom and the boys" The heroes witness the Day of Bones: a festival celebrating life and death. The adventurers begin to investigate a mystery and decide on a group name.


 2021-09-27  46m

episode 2: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 2 [Pathfinder 2E]

"I know every spell!" A rampaging threat in a dark alleyway brings four adventurers together. Commander Garrus has a warning and a reward for the newly dubbed heroes.


 2021-09-13  39m

episode 1: House on Carrion Hill Chapter 1 [Pathfinder 2E]

"Why would I be ashamed?" A new adventure begins as four wayward adventurers stumble across a crisis in Carrion Hill.


 2021-08-30  36m

episode 1: Disasteroid [Long Time Listener Last Time Caller]

"I know a thing or two about a 6 out of 10 makeout" Tune in to 96.66FM the KNEE with the House of Bob, Tales From The Glass Guarded World and special guests Vivian, John, and Adam to play this collaborative improv game set in a radio show at the end of the world.


 2021-08-16  1h8m

episode 46: Blackout Chapter 46 (Epilogue) [The Sprawl]

"Bird Retirement" Where are they now? We discuss the aftermath of the final mission and see what's next for the team.


 2021-08-02  53m

episode 45: Blackout Chapter 45 (Finale) [The Sprawl]

"Certified Freak" Can Tiss and Bunk get any useful info out of Anika? Will Garrett and Olivia find the Axiom infiltrator in time? Can they escape the station intact? All this and more in the thrilling conclusion.


 2021-07-19  54m