House of Bob

House of Bob is a pen and paper role playing game podcast featuring a number of different RPG systems and cycling players. We play one-shot adventures, and ongoing campaigns. If you like what you hear, please rate us on Apple Podcasts and subscribe for more!

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episode 26: Blackout Chapter 26 [The Sprawl]

"Just a cute little uzi" The team confront debtor, axiom member, and alleged murderer Lex, but they quickly discover she has the home-field advantage. [Countdown Clocks](https: //



episode 25: Blackout Chapter 25 [The Sprawl]

"Mealies on Heelies" Garret and Bunk have a lovely day in the park while gathering information about their quarries: BBB, Lex and Dandelion. However, they're not the only ones enjoying lunch al fresco: the team butts heads with Blunderbuss Bailey. **CONTENT WARNING: Disability, Addiction** [Countdown Clocks:](



episode 24: Blackout Chapter 24 [The Sprawl]

"Baby's First Hack" The team meet with their new client Idira, head south to Puget Sound to hit the streets for information on their new targets, all before running into an old friend.[Countdown Clocks](


 2020-09-28  48m

episode 23: Blackout Chapter 23 [The Sprawl]

"Twinabego" Back together at last, the old gang take stock and make plans. A potential client reaches out looking for a team of investigators... [Countdown Clocks] (


 2020-09-14  43m

episode 22: Blackout Chapter 22 [The Sprawl]

"Like an EpiPen, if you were allergic to bullets." With the evidence they need secured, Jin, Tiss, Cass and Bunk must escape the complex as security begins to lock the facility down.


 2020-08-31  41m

episode 21: Blackout Chapter 21 [The Sprawl]

"Who knew hacking would be so important?" The group must overcome the security of the Exhale warehouse as they try to push further into the facility, hoping to uncover the truth before MasKorp can cover it up.


 2020-08-17  47m

episode 20: Blackout Chapter 20 [The Sprawl]

"You need to climax a bit later." The gang sneak into the Exhale warehouse and begin their investigation. However, they quickly discover that the facility will not give up its secrets so easily.


 2020-08-03  42m

episode 19: Blackout Chapter 19 [The Sprawl]

"Secret Hot Tub." STAKE OUT! ???? The group finalizes their preparations and plans and leave for Exhale. Olivia discovers she and Mimi Moji have a common history.


 2020-07-20  44m

episode 18: Blackout Chapter 18 [The Sprawl]

"First things first, we gotta stalk him on social media." Cass, Bunk, Tiss, and Jin continue to pull at the tangled web of corruption behind MasKorp, revealing the truth goes way deeper than they initially thought... Meanwhile, we check back in with Olivia.


 2020-07-06  50m

episode 17: Blackout Chapter 17 [The Sprawl]

"Tactical Sandals" Cass, Bunk and Tiss discuss the details of the new mission with Redshift and Jin, then begin their research of the MasKorp Exhale warehouse and key personnel. [Countdown Clocks]( [Exhale Layout]( Get 10% off your digital solution at


 2020-06-22  45m