LeWimLex Show - E-Commerce Movers & Shakers

During this live recording, Alexander Graf (Hamburg), one of the top e-commerce minds in Germany, Dept's own Data & Intelligence Director Willem Blom (Amsterdam) and Lena Hackelöer (Stockholm) will meet with some of our favorite commerce gurus for a discussion on fresh commerce models and innovative growth opportunities. The podcast series is based on the biggest podcasting show about e-commerce and digitization in Germany: kassenzone.de. Started in 2015, it now has thousands of listeners and viewers for each episode, including well-known e-commerce guests. The Podcast name is an homage to the dutch king Willem-Alexander, the real WimLex. The "Le" stands for Lena. Email us for any questions on the podcast: hello@spryker.com.



#15 James Murden, co-founder of AliveLab

With his background in mobile and audio-visual technology and easy on-screen manner, James was a successful presenter for consumer electronics on television shopping channel QVC – which is where he met Sharon, now his business partner, who fronted interior design segments at the time. After Sharon came across augmented reality technology as applied in mobile decorating applications, the two decided to create a business in this area, using AR technology to create a play product for children, Mardles, and using their home shopping experience to sell it on television.


 2019-02-02  46m